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CA – Peck n’ Paw Exhibition



Some of the fantastic talent from Disney’s visual development team has joined together to release an independent art book. This collection of personal work features the unique illustrated visions of over 20 artists.

Meet the artists and get your book signed. Original art from the book and other new work will be on display and available for sale at extremely affordable prices. Free admission, come meet the artists!

Peck n’ Paw Raffle Contest:
During the event, enter our raffle contest to win this original artwork by Scott Watanabe valued at $100. Each raffle ticket is $5 and you can purchase as many as you’d like to increase your odds of winning.  Prizes also include a signed book or exclusive art print. 

Learn more about the project on the official blog here

Opening on August 7th from 7-10pm

Artists expected to attend:

Bill Schwab
David Wormersley
Doug Rogers
Justin Cram
Jeff Turley
James Finch
Kevin Nelson
Lorelay Bove
Mac George
Scott Watanabe
Shiyoon Kim
Victoria Ying
Bill Perkins
Britney Lee
Jin Kim

Gallery Nucleus
210 East Main St, Alhambra, CA 91801

art by Britney Lee


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