Saturday, December 4, 2021
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Last Minute Guest Additions for This Weekend’s Cincinnati Comic Expo 2021

Irene Bedard and David Fielding have been announced as guests for Cincinnati Comic Expo 2021! It starts TODAY! Get tickets at the link... Irene Bedard is...

Even More Guests Coming to Cincinnati Comic Expo 2021

Alan Oppenheimer, Tom Cavanagh, Ross Marquand, Morgan Lofting, Sean Schemmel, Art Baltazar, K Lynn Smith, Thom Zahler, Paul D Storrie, Mark Kidwell, Scott Beaderstadt, and...

More Guests for Cincinnati Comic Expo 2021

Jim Shooter, Matthew Wood, Jodi Benson, David Acord, Stephen Costantino, Douglas Paszkiewicz, Chris Campana, Alejandro Rosado, Jeff Shultz, Johnny Desjardins, Uko Smith, Enrique Lopez,...

More Guests Added to Cincinnati Comic Expo 2021

Katie Cassidy, John Barrowman, Sam Witwer, David Michael Beck, Dave Aikins, Gavin Smith, Stuart Sayger, Scoot McMahon, Keone Young, Francois Chau, Gregg Berger, Austin...

Guest Announcements Continue for the 2021 Cincinnati Comic Expo 2021 Lineup

Felicia Day, Tim Sale, Brett Breeding, Chris Sabat, Mike Zeck, Michael Golden, Tracy Lynn Cruz, John Beatty, Matt Lanter, and Timothy Zahn are the first guests to...

2021 Cincinnati Comic Expo Welcomes Matt Lanter

"If I am getting into trouble for this, you're gonna take some of the blame." Matt Lanter is joining us at the 2021 Cincinnati Comic...

2021 Cincinnati Comic Expo Welcomes Timothy Zahn

Author Timothy Zahn will be a guest this year at the 2021 Cincinnati Comic Expo on September 17-19th! Timothy Zahn is well known for his...

Katee Sackhoff Appears at 2021 Cincinnati Comic Expo

Katee Sackhoff will be attending Saturday of the 2021 Cincinnati Comic Expo! Katee's career to this point already involves numerous characters across many fandoms and...