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Akron Comicon (November 2024)


The logo for the akron comic con.

Convention Name
Akron Comicon
Convention Website Address
This convention will take place:
  • Over Multiple Days
Start Date
End Date
About This Convention
An affordable family event featuring nationally recognized comic book creators and media guests. This show has an emphasis on comic books and local Northeast Ohio talent.
Venue Name
Emidio’s Expo Center
48 E. Bath Rd., STE 804, Akron, Ohio, 44223, United States (US)
Number of Dealer/Exhibitor Tables
Projected Attendance
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Comic Books
Additional Categories
  • Anime
  • Collectibles
  • Horror
  • Science Fiction and Fantasy
Guests (Enter a list of names with a comma after each name. Ex.: Stan Lee, Jack Kirby)
Ted Sikora, Mike W. Barr, Matt Horak, Tom Batiuk, Craig Boldman, David Hayes, Dan Gorman, Son of Ghoul, Drac and Carrita.

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