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Kubert School Comic Con on July 23rd


The inaugural Kubert School Comic Con (KubieCon!) will be held this Sunday, July 23rd! Doors open at 10AM!

Dozens of comics vendors and artists!

Admission is $5 with half the proceeds going towards a special scholarship!

Special Guest Artists:

  • Nick Caponi
  • Michael Kraiger
  • Len Danovich
  • Fernando Ruiz
  • Anthony Marques
  • Tom Mandrake
  • Jan Duursema
  • JP Buzio
  • Taylor Esposito
  • Kim DeMulder
  • Chris Campana
  • Mariano Benitez Chapo
  • Ray Negron
  • Sean Mendoza
  • Francesco Crivelli
  • Sian Mandrake
  • Tim Grant
  • Buddy Scalera
  • Tom Ricotta
  • Lorenzo Jiles
  • Jack Mandrake
  • Marlin Shoop
  • Andre Symanowicz
  • Josh Maikis

Joe Kubert School of Cartoon and Graphic Art
37B Myrtle Avenue, Dover, New Jersey 07801
(973) 361-1327

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