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Month of MICE Streaming Schedule Now Live


Massachusetts Independent Comics Expo (MICE) is taking their convention online for the entire month of October!  The first two weeks are up on their website and ready for you to check out!

As always, all of MICE is completely free to attend, but registration is required to view the panels and workshops live.

Speakers include:

  • A. David Lewis: Kismet, Man of Fate: Boston Strong
  • Alison Wilgus: The Mars Challenge
  • Ally Shwed: Fault Lines in the Constitution: The Graphic Novel
  • Andy Runton: Owly
  • Barrington Edwards: A Come Up
  • Ben Passmore: Your Black Friend
  • Bianca Xunise: Six Chix
  • Cagen Luse: Lunch Time Comix
  • Cara Bean: Let’s Talk About It, A Graphic Guide to Mental Health
  • Charlot Kristensen: What We Don’t Talk About
  • Chris Lanier: An Anatomy of Institutional Racism
  • Colleen AF Venable: Kiss Number 8
  • Dan Nott: This Is What Democracy Looks Like, A Graphic Guide to Governance
  • Ebony Flowers: Hot Comb
  • Emei Burrell: We Served the People
  • Gale Galligan: The Baby-Sitters Club #8
  • Georgia Webber: Dancing After TEN
  • Gregory Anderson Elysée: Is’nana: The Were-Spider
  • Hillary Chute: Why Comics?
  • Jesse Lonergan: Hedra
  • Joel Christian Gill: Fights: One Boy’s Triumph Over Violence
  • John Vasquez Mejias: The Puerto Rican War
  • Katie Langlois: Have A Nice Day
  • Linette Moore: The Prisoner of Shiverstone
  • Lucy Knisley: Stepping Stones (Peapod Farm #1)
  • Mad Rupert: Sakana
  • Malaka Gharib: I Was Their American Dream
  • Matt Lubchansky: The Nib
  • Ming Doyle: Anatomy of a Metahuman
  • Olivia Li: Boundless Vol. 1
  • Olivia Stephens: Artie and the Wolf Moon
  • Oriana Leckert: Kickstarter
  • R. Sikoryak: Constitution Illustrated
  • Shannon Wright: Twins
  • Silvia Hidalgo: How to Be an American: A Field Guide to Citizenship
  • Sophie Yanow: The Contradictions
  • Spike Trotman: Yes, Roya
  • Steenz: Archival Quality
  • Taneka Stotts: ELEMENTS: Earth
  • TJ Sterling: Okemus
  • Trung Le Nguyen: The Magic Fish
  • Varian Johnson: Twins
  • Zack Giallongo: Polar Bears: Survival on the Ice