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Zorro: The Daring Escapades Update


Press Release:

Zorro: The Daring Escapades Update

Edited by Audrey Parente and Daryl McCullough

Zorro returns in 16 all-new thrilling adventures from multiple authors, based on the legendary character created by Johnston McCulley!

The big release date is getting closer! Thanks to everyone for their preorders! While you’re patiently awaiting the big book to arrive, roll down to the bottom of the email for more Zorro-related material available at our Bold Venture Press online store!

Zorro Daring Escapades Cover
Zorro Daring Escapades Cover

Zorro: The Daring Escapades brings you … Action … Adventure … Comedy … Romance … Horror … Swashbuckling excitement in stories influenced by Johnston McCulley and the various interpretations of Zorro — such as the Walt Disney television series, the New World series, and others.

  • “Zorro: Death of a Grandee” by John L. French
  • “España Nueva — Ano 1620” by Richard A. Lupoff
  • “The Fox and Hound” by Joseph A. Lovece
  • “Zorro’s “Z” Lesson for a Little Girl” by Francisco Silva
  • “Zorro’s Showdown in El Camino Real” by Francisco Silva
  • “Zorro Under Fire” by Linda Bindner
  • “Zorro and the Gypsy” Gold by Susan Kite
  • “Sins of the Past” by Diana Barkley
  • “The Cat and the Fox” by Bret Bouriseau
  • “Zorro: Stranger Than Fiction” by Daryl McCullough
  • “Jewels for The King” by Mari K. Ross
  • “Brand of El Lobo” by Robert Scott Cranford
  • “Zorro’s Quest for Justice” by Eugene Craig
  • “Zorro’s Midnight Mission” by Will Murray
  • “The Scourge of Capistrano” by William Patrick Maynard
  • “Of a Rebellious Nature” by Pamela Elbert Poland

Looks like Zorro: The Daring Escapades is going to be another winner — but we’d expect nothing less from that masked rascal!
Stay tuned for more about the illustrators on the project!

Cover by Daniel Horne

Illustrated by Francisco Silva, Bret Bouriseau, Phil Latter, Aleena Valentine, Stuart Hopen, Perego, and Sara Light-Waller

Introductions: “Quest for McCulley’s Zorro” by Lee Weinstein; “Editors’ Notes” by Daryl McCullough and Audrey Parente; and “Zorro to Batman” by Michael Uslan


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