Horns Tour

Joe Hill, co-creator of Locke & Key, goes on tour for his new novel Horns and writes on his blog:

(Photo Credit: Shane Leonard 2009)

HORNS is out in just over a month, which means I’m on tour, which means your chance to see my adorable smiling face (pictured above) is right around the corner. My current tour schedule is below, but keep in mind that it is subject to change, and that dates may be added, removed, or shifted around. You can trust me to update this post as more information comes in. I don’t, for example, have any UK dates, but I know a brief UK tour is under discussion. So stay tuned.

On a related HORNS note, before the week is out, I’m going to put up another post, fielding some of the more common questions I’ve had about the book. If you’ve got a question for me about HORNS, ask it in the comments thread, and maybe I’ll get to it (I’m collecting questions on Twitter as well).

Now I won’t be saying too much about the plot – this will be a spoiler free Q&A – but I’m glad to address stuff about release dates, or how the book got written, or why it took so long, or whatever you might have for me. You can also ask about L&K, H-SB or 20TH CENTURY GHOSTS, as long as you can tie it into HORNS in some way. If you did have a good question, you’d actually be doing me a favor by asking it. I have to do a mini-web-video-thing about the book and I don’t have a lot of practice talking about it yet, and so this will help me get my thoughts in order.


February 16th (Tues) – PORTSMOUTH, NH • River Run Books. 7:00 PM.

February 17th (Wed)  – MANCHESTER, NH • Barnes & Noble. 7:00 PM

February 18th (Thurs) – CONCORD, NH • Gibson’s Bookstore. 7:00 PM.

February 19th (Fri) – MILFORD, NH • Toadstool Bookshop. 6:30 PM.

February 21st (Sun) – SALEM, MA • Cornerstone Books. 3:00 PM.

February 22nd (Mon) – CAMBRIDGE, MA • Porter Square Books. 7:00 PM.

February 23rd (Tues) – SOUTH HADLEY, MA • Odyssey Bookshop. 7:00 PM.

February 24th (Wed) – NEW CANAAN, CT • New Canaan Library. 7:30 PM.

February 25th (Thurs) – NYC, NY • Barnes & Noble (82nd & Broadway). 7:00 PM.

February 26th (Fri) – HUNTINGTON, NY • Book Revue. 7:00 PM.

March 1st (Mon) – PITTSBURGH, PA • Joseph-Beth Booksellers. 7:00 PM. (with an inevitable unscheduled side trip to my personal mecca, the Monroeville Mall, where I’ll probably just wander around, you know, like all the other zombies)

March 2nd (Tues) – SEATTLE, WA • University Bookstore. 7:00 PM.

March 3rd (Wed) – PORTLAND, OR • Powell’s Books. 7:30 PM.

March 4th (Thurs) – SAN FRANCISCO, CA • Booksmith. 7:30 PM.

March 5th (Fri) – CORTE MADERA, CA • Book Passage. 7:00 PM.

March 8 (Mon) – EXETER, NH • Water Street Books. 7:00 PM.

March 9 (Tues) – SOUTH PORTLAND, ME • Borders. 7:00 PM.

March 10 (Wed) – BANGOR, ME • Borders. 6:00 PM.

WA – Solomon Kane Signing

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Scott Allie and Dave Stewart sign on January 23rd at Comic Book Ink

 Tacoma, Washington’s COMIC BOOK INK, celebrates the release of the SECOND VOLUME of the ongoing Saga of SOLOMON KANE with its Writer, and Dark Horse Comics Editor, SCOTT ALLIE, and Multiple Eisner Award Winning Colorist, DAVE STEWART on SATURDAY, JANUARY 23rd from 2:00pm – 4:00pm at COMIC BOOK INK (1625 East 72nd, Suite 800, Tacoma, Washington 98404).

“To have an event like this, during the month of January, is rare,” said store owner JOHN MUNN, “The fact that these two gentlemen would come up to our shop in the middle of winter… just to meet comic book fans and to talk about creating comics… Well, it really speaks to their character, how wonderful they are and how much they love being in comics.  We can’t wait for them to meet our community of comic book lovers!”


Started his comics career as a self-publisher and is best know as the editor of some of the most notable comics in recent years, including CONAN, The UMBRELLA ACADEMY, The GOON  BUFFY the VAMPIRE SLAYER and HELLBOY, all from DARK HORSE COMICS. His writing includes contributions to licensed properties including STAR WARS at Dark Horse Comics and BUFFY at POCKET BOOKS, but his focus has always been horror comics, most notably his creator-owned series, The DEVIL’S FOOTPRINTS, a sequel to which is underway. Dark Horse debuted the SOLOMON KANE series in 2008, written by Allie and based on the character created by ROBERT E. HOWARD.   His newest work, EXURBIA, has been described as “A complex juggling act of dystopic science fiction, romance gone awry, and murder-mystery chase scene, Exurbia keeps a lot of balls in the air at all times, but brings them together in an effective, dramatic, and satisfying climax.” — Kurt Busiek


Is best known as an artist who has worked as a colorist in the comics book industry for a number of years and is a Three Time recipient of the Eisner Award.   He is known for his work at Dark Horse Comics (Hellboy, The Umbrella Academy and The Goon), DC COMICS and MARVEL COMICS as well as coloring TIM SALE’s art in HEROES.  He is currently working on SOLOMON KANE, with Scott Allie, and BPRD: KING of FEAR at Dark Horse Comics, MARVELS PROJECT at Marvel Comics as well as DAYTRIPPER  and JOE THE BARBARIAN at DC Comics/Vertigo.

About Comic Book Ink:

COMIC BOOK INK (located at 1625 East 72nd and Portland Avenue, Suite 800, Tacoma, WA 98404) was established in 2002 as a store that was community oriented with the hopes of establishing the shop as a public meeting place, as well as cultural center, for those who love, or want to learn more, about comic books.  The shop is a FIVE TIME NOMINEE for the WILL EISNER SPIRIT of RETAILING AWARD (2004-2009). 

For more information about SCOTT ALLIE / DAVE STEWART SIGNING, on Saturday, January 23rd at 2:00pm, please contact John Munn at (253) 761-4641 or at the shop located at 1625 East 72nd and Portland Avenue, Suite 800, Tacoma, Washington 98404.