Thursday, October 1, 2020
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For the past few months, Tyrese Gibson has been on a marketing rampage. At Comic Con, he was a constant presence all over the...

CA – ‘Mayhem’ Unleashed

TYRESE GIBSON'S MAYHEM, the most anticipated and talked about comic book of the summer is finally arriving to Meltdown on August 5,...

My SDCC 2009 Recap!

My SDCC was unlike any other. My previous 5 years were focused mainly on getting as much sketches as possible. After 5 years of...

Tyrese Gibson Signing for Hasbro at SDCC

According to, Hasbro let them know the following: Sorry for the late notice, but we just learned tonight that Tyrese Gibson, star of Transformers:...

Comic-Con International Programming: Friday

The programming schedule for Friday is up, but how do you choose? This is a day that brings us Hayao Miyazaki with John Lasseter,...