Tinley Park Comic Book Show – Halloween Edition (October 2009)

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Convention Website: http://www.shotthirty.com

Date(s): October 24, 2009

Location: Tinley Park Holiday Inn Convention

Description: Comic Book Show featuring thousands of Golden age, Silver age, Modern age comics, posters, art, toys, & related merchandise.
FREE Giveaways!

When: October 24, 2009

Hours: 9am to 4pm

Admission: $1.00 (Come in Costume and Get in FREE!!!)
kids 12 and under FREE!

Where: Holiday Inn Select

For More Info Please contact:
Kyle Vargas


Come Meet Artist Terry Huddleston

Terry Huddleston is a Comic Book Artist and Founder of Imaginary Concepts Printing Studio http://thuddleston.deviantart.com/. Terry has a great love for the Alex Toth 70’s and 80’s cartoons. Terry travel to conventions all over the country bringing kid friendly old school artwork to a new audience. Terry is also the Co-Creator of the exciting new book P.O.W. (Protectors of Worlds) due to release early 2008.

Come Meet Editor/Writer/Publisher John M. Metych, III

A Chicagoland native, John Metych, III serves as founder, writer, editor, and publisher of Beta 3 Comics. 2009 marks their 10th publishing anniversary of their premier title – Sniper and Rook. John will have issues of Sniper and Rook available for purchase at his table along with their newest sketchbook, featuring a Tinley Park convention exclusive cover. He will also be available to discuss self-publishing trials and tribulations, perform portfolio reviews, and maybe even give new talent their FIRST opportunity to get published (as he did for Tony Moore in the late 1990’s. Yes. THAT Tony Moore.)

Of course, the web link is www.beta3comics.com. There’s also www.comicspace.com/cylon0011

Come Meet Artist Dodie Mondero

Diosdado “Dodie” Mondero is a well know international muralist turned Comic book illustrator. Originally from Manila, Philippines, he arrived in the States in 1979 at the age of 13 to begin a new life and pursue a career in art. He discovered the fantastic art of legendary artist Alberto Vargas, Frank Frazetta, Boris Vallejo and Olivia to name a few, firing up his passion to polish his skills to its highest level, mastering techniques in all media and styles, both traditional and digital art.

He is now the lead art director and comic book artist for the up coming tv cartoon in production called, The Baritonios. He joined his long time friend and writer, Steve Sprovieri to develop a wacky crime drama surrounding a gang known as The Baritonios. It’s legendary mystery stories with crime and exploitation from this group of street thugs.

Also visit to view more of Dodie Mondero’s work at www.awtew.deviantart.com
and www.myspace.com/monderostudios.

More Updates Coming Soon!!!

Number of Dealers/Exhibitors Tables: 0

Projected Attendance: 0


Kids Read Comics! Convention Friday and Saturday

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Kids Read Comics! Convention

Kids Read Comics! Convention

The kids and teens-oriented Kids Read Comics! Convention taking place in Chelsea, Michigan, tomorrow and Saturday. Guests include:

# Mark Crilley, writer/artist of the Akiko books and comics
# Voice actors Tara Platt and Yuri Lowenthal
# Arvell Jones, artist of Iron Fist and All-Star Squadron
# Ruth Barshaw, writer/artist of the Ellie McDoodle books
# Marc Sumerak, writer of Marvel Adventures: Spider-Man
# Ryan Stegman, artist of The Incredible Hercules
# Chris Yambar, writer of Bongo Comics’ Bart Simpson Comics
# Jim Ottaviani, writer of GT Labs’ T-Minus
# Dan Mishkin, writer/co-creator of Blue Devil and Amethyst, Princess of Gemworld
# Gary Cohn, writer/co-creator of Blue Devil and Amethyst, Princess of Gemworld
# William Messner-Loebs, writer of The Flash, Thor, and Wonder Woman
# Michelangelo Cicerone, creator of Ozone Jones
# Corey Barba, creator of Yam
# Jason Howard, artist of The Astounding Wolfman
# Matt Feazell, creator of The Amazing Cynicalman
# Jane Irwin, writer/artist of the Vögelein graphic novel
# Paul Sizer, writer/artist of the Little White Mouse and Moped Army graphic novels
# Katie Cook, artist of Star Wars comics and sketch cards
# Fred Gallagher, writer/artist of the MegaTokyo webcomic
# Tara Tallan, writer/artist of the Galaxion webcomic
# Jwan Jordan, writer/artist of The Circular World
# Ray Friesen, writer/artist of Cupcakes of Doom
# Brian Germain, creator of Dark Elf Designs
# Erik Hodson, creator of Melby Comics
# Jim Mackey, writer for Disney Adventures Magazine
# Eric Wilmoth, artist for Archetypal Images
# Tony Miello, writer/artist of Gapo the Clown
# Michael Easton, artist and co-creator of Paradox City
# Scott McMahon, writer/artist of Sami
# Diana Harlan Stein, freelance illustrator
# Chris Houghton, writer/artist of Station 8
# Sara Turner, writer/artist of File 49 and The Boys of the Den
# Jerzy Drozd, writer/artist of The Front , and co-host of the Art & Story comics podcast
# Mark Rudolph, creator of CV Comics and co-host of the Art & Story comics podcast.
# Ryan Dow, writer/artist of Jack and Zack
# Mike Bocianowski, writer/artist of the Yets! comic
# Duane Abel, writer/artist of the Zed comic
# Paul Storrie, writer of Gotham Girls comic for DC Comics
# Layne and Peri Toth, twelve- and eight-year-old published artists from Sisters Comics
# Levi Krause, creator of Scribble Monster
# Alan Schell, cartoonist and freelance illustrator
# Shawn Amberger, illustrator and cartoonist
# Terry Huddleston, cartoonist and freelance illustrator
# Stephanie Mannheim, creator of Nate the Non-Conformist
# Lauren Houser, creator of The Innocent
# Erin Ebbitt, cartoonist

Dan Mishkin provided Newsarama with more details. Follow the link.

For more on the convention, visit: http://mlatcomics.com/krc/