CA – Animals Real & Imagined Signing

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Star Wars creature designer Terryl Whitlatch signs on Saturday, March 19, 2011 from  2:00 – 4:00 PM.

Please join us for this rare opportunity to meet and talk to this amazing artist.  She will be signing her new art book Animals Real And Imagined published by Design Studio Press.  As time permits, Terryl may be able to render a small sketch as well as autographing her book.  Arrive early for your chance to get a sketch in your book!

Stuart Ng Books
20655 S Western Ave, Suite 104, Torrance, CA 90501
(310) 909-1929

CA – Tikitis Signing

Fabien M and Jerry Frissen and William Stout sign at Stuart Ng Books next Saturday, December 11th, from 1pm to 3pm.

Both artists will be signing, inscribing and drawing in their books for our mail-order customers as well as those coming to the signing in person.
Direct from his home in Paris, bande dessinée artist Fabien M is making a rare trip to Los Angeles and will be signing and drawing in copies of THE TIKITIS for our customers.  THE TIKITIS is a brand-new English language comic collection of the French series Les Tikitis (appearing in the Lucha Libre books as well as stand-alone Les Tikitis albums in France). 

Jerry Frissen, writer of Les Tikitis, Lucha Libre, and other French comics, and the graphic designer of the Humanoids US line, will be joining Fabien to sign THE TIKITIS.

Considering Fabien lives in France and Jerry in California, this is a rare opportunity to have a copy of this book signed by both creators!

Fabien M and Jerry Frissen will also be debuting and signing the new designer vinyl KING KATCH from Muttpop.  This is the latest vinyl figure based upon the Lucha Libre characters (Tequila, El Panda, Dr. Destruction, Red Demon, Gobi) and the first based upon a Tikitis character.  All of the Muttpop Lucha Libre vinyl figures look great and this one is no exception.

We will be taking orders for signed copies of THE TIKITIS and/or KING KATCH through December 10.  You can request your copy simply signed with a drawing or personalized (inscribed to yourself or a friend). 

Learn about Fabien and see his work on his blog:
William Stout (illustrator, underground cartoonist, movie poster and album cover artist, visual development artist, production designer, muralist, paleo-artist, wildlife painter, and Antarctic explorer) will be signing and drawing in copies of his new full-color art book INSPIRATIONS.  This is a companion to his last collection of fantasy illustrations, Hallucinations.  The theme of INSPIRATIONS is women of the fantasy realm and it is one of Bill’s strongest books chock full of beautiful color pieces.  Flesk publications is already sold out of the hardcover edition (limited to 500 S&N copies): order your copy from us now and get an original drawing in the book at no extra cost!

We will be taking orders through December 10 for signed copies of INSPIRATIONS, HALLUCINATIONS, or any other of Bill’s books we have in stock.  You can request your copy simply signed with a drawing or personalized (inscribed to yourself or a friend).  You can also request/suggest a particular subject for your drawing (subject to the artist’s approval, of course).

If you can attend in person, you’ll be able to meet and talk to these creators, have them sign books you bring in, and hang out at the most dangerous book store in Southern California.

Date:      Saturday, Dec. 11
Time:     1:00pm-3:00pm
Place:     Stuart Ng Books, 20655 Western Ave, Suite 104, Torrance CA 90501

CA – Moonshine Signing

Devin Crane, Christopher Lautrette, Marcos Mateu-Mestre, Nicolas Weis and other Dreamworks artists sign at Stuart Ng Books in Torrance, CA on November 13th from 3-5pm!

This is such a great opportunity to meet the talent and creators of the book, as well as get a look at some other personal publications from featured Moonshine artists.

Meet the visual development artists of DreamWorks Animation Studio.  These artists create the characters and worlds of Megamind, How to Train Your Dragon, Monsters vs. Aliens, Kung Fu Panda, Madagascar, Shrek, and other animated films.  49 talented and prolific DreamWorks Animation Art Directors, Character Designers, Production Designers, and Visual Development Artists have collected their best personal works in the amazing full-color art book Moonshine.  Meet the artists who work on these films, see their artwork, and have them sign your personal copy of Moonshine

Stuart Ng Books
20655 S. Western Ave., Suite 104, Torrance, CA 90501

(Where the 405 and 101 freeways meet. Halfway between LAX and Long Beach)

CA – Freshly Squeezed Signing

Sean Galloway (aka Cheeks), Ryan Benjamin, Ryan Odagawa and Jonboy Meyers appear on Saturday, September 18, from 2:00pm to 4:00pm, to discuss art, comics, animation, video game visual design, character design, sketchbooks, and other topics.  They have all self-published sketchbooks and will signing and drawing in their books.

Sean “Cheeks” Galloway is an animation character designer (Spectacular Spider-Man, Hellboy Animated) and comics artist (Wednesday Comics).

Ryan Benjamin is a comic book artist (Marvel, DC, and Wildstorm) and concept artist for Sony.

Ryan Odagawa is a comic book artist (Aspen/NBC Heroes online graphic novels, Marvel, Wildstorm, Sony).

Jonboy Meyers is a comic book artist, trading card illustrator, and video game concept artist.

This is a great opportunity to ask a group of artists about how to break in to comics, animation or gaming, or for tips on producing your own sketchbook.

They will be doing head sketches in their books of the character(s) of your choice (if it is not a character they normally draw, you should supply reference).

 Stuart Ng Books
20655 S. Western Ave, Suite 104, Torrance, CA 90501

CA – Mandy Artist Signing

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Animator and Playboy cartoonist Dean Yeagle will be in our showroom this Saturday, January 23, to meet and talk to his fans.  He will be signing and drawing in his ever-popular sketchbooks. 

The latest collection of Dean’s work is beautifully designed & produced by the French outfit Comix Buro. Dean is the first American artist to be selected for their popular sketchbook series which has included Europeans Olivier Vatine, Didier Cassegrain, Didier Crisse, Juanjo Guarnido, and others. 

Books available for signing & sketches: 

Dean Yeagle. YEAGLE SKETCHBOOK. [SN27881X] $30

Paris: Comix Buro, 2009. 1st. 8vo (8-9″), 48pp, color, wraps. VF. An excellent sampling of new work by this animation artist. While there is plenty of the ever-popular Mandy, this full-color collection has more animals, character design, and figure work than his other books.

MANDY GODIVA. [SN26580X] $25

MANDY’S SHORTS. [SN22671X] $25


SCRIBBLINGS 3. [SN22156X] $15

SCRIBBLINGS 2. [SN22155X] $15

SCRIBBLINGS. [SN22154X] $15 

To see the books, go to 

Whether you are placing an order by phone or via our website, please tell us whether you want your book personalized to you (or a friend) and if you have a specific request for your drawing/dedicace. 

Stuart Ng Books, 20655 Western Ave., Suite 104, Torrance, CA 90501

(310) 909-1929

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