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  • Cincinnati Comic Expo (September 2012)

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    Cincinnati Comic Expo
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    • over multiple days.
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    Duke Energy Convention Center
    525 Elm Street
    Cincinnati, OH 45202
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    • Comic Books
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    George Perez, Stephen R. Bissette, John Totleben, Thomas Yeates, Rick Veitch, Tony Moore, Whilce Portacio, Renato Guedes, Steve Englehart, P. Craig Russell, Katie Cook, Georges Jeanty, Dave Dorman, Stephanie Buscema, Robert Atkins, Mike Royer, Chandler Riggs, Nick Gillard, Ian Petrella

    Cincinnati Comic Expo flyer

    Cincinnati Comic Expo Announces Four Legendary Swamp Thing Artists as 2012 Guests of Honor

    June 14, 2012 by  
    Filed under Comic Books, Convention News, Ohio, Top Stories

    Swamp Thing

    Press Release:

    Cincinnati Comic Expo Announces Four Legendary Swamp Thing Artists as Guests of Honor

    The Cincinnati Comic Expo is thrilled to announce that four legendary Swamp Thing artists—Tom Yeates, Rick Veitch, John Totleben, and Stephen R. Bissette—will appear, together for the first time, as the Expo’s 2012 Guests of Honor.

    The Director of the Cincinnati Comic Expo, Andrew Satterfield, said, “I am always looking for opportunities for our fans to meet extraordinary creators. The chance to meet even one of these hugely talented gentlemen is an extremely rare treat. All four in one room is like winning the lottery.”

    Long-time collaborators Yeates, Veitch, Totleben, and Bissette were part of the 1980s team (along with writer Alan Moore) chosen by DC Comics to revive the comic series, Swamp Thing. Bringing them together as Guests of Honor at the Cincinnati Comics Expo is a reunion of epic proportions—a once in a lifetime opportunity for fans to meet these award-winning artists at the same time.

    Their spectacular run on Swamp Thing is historic for several reasons. One, their 1980s run of Saga of the Swamp Thing was the first mainstream comic to write directly for adults. Another history making moment occurred with issue 37, published in 1985, when the well-known character of John Constantine made his first appearance, drawn by Rick Veitch and John Totleben.

    The collaborative creativity of Yeates, Veitch, Totleben, and Bissette was so close that they often worked on the same issue of the comic, with one creating the cover art, another doing the pencil work and another the inking. At times, on every other issue, they would swap duties and this really made the comic a group effort.

    All 4 will be available to meet fans and sign books at the show. The Cincinnati Comic Expo will also host a panel with all of them on stage to have a collective gathering and discussion on their work and Swamp Thing. More details will come out about that before the show.

    Tom Yeates

    Tom Yeates has previous work on Prince Valiant and Zorro. Most recently, he also completed work on John Carter of Mars. He has not attended a Midwest convention in over a decade. The Tom Yeates official website is: http://www.thomasyeates.com. Tom will be publicly announced on Monday, June 11, 2012.

    Rick Veitch

    Rick Veitch has done some work on the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and on the re-launch of Aquaman. The Cincinnati Comic Expo is Rick’s first convention appearance in the United States in 10 years. Rick’s website is: http://www.rickveitch.com. Rick will be publicly announced on Tuesday, June 12, 2012.

    John Totleben

    John Totleben is a multi-Kirby Award winner. He was also awarded the Inkpot Award. John also worked on the comic Miracleman and the graphic novel From Hell. John is attending his first major show in nearly 10 years. John will be publicly announced on Wednesday, June 13, 2012.

    Stephen R. Bissette

    Stephen R. Bissette is also a multi-Kirby Award winner. Stephen is currently best known for his horror work. He was also a member of the first graduating class from the Kubert School along with Yeates and Veitch. Stephen has not appeared at a convention is 15 years. More on Bissette can be found at: http://srbissette.com. Stephen will be publicly announced on Thursday, June 14, 2012.

    The Cincinnati Comic Expo was established in 2010 to provide an annual show celebrating all periods and genres of pop culture with an emphasis on comics. The 2012 Cincinnati Comic Expo will be held from Friday, September 21, through Sunday, September 23, at the Duke Energy Convention Center. Tickets vary in price and can be purchased online. More information on events and other artists attending the show can be found at www.cincinnaticomicexpo.com.

    MA – The New Dead Signing

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    Christopher Golden, Stephen R. Bissette, Rick Hautala, Holly Newstein sign The New Dead

    Author Event
    Meet Christopher Golden (editor), Stephen R. Bissette, Rick Hautala, and Holly Newstein (contributors) as they introduce this remarkable zombie anthology of 19 provocative, haunting and genuinely unsettling original stories of the undead.

    Tuesday February 16, 2010 7:00 PM

    Barnes and Nobles, 1 Worcester Rd, Framingham, MA 01701


    The New Dead Nationwide Signings

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    Max Brooks, Christopher Golden, Joe Hill, and many more sign on February 16th

    The New Dead


    The hungry dead have risen. They shamble down the street. They hide in back yards, car lots, shopping malls. They devour neighbors, dogs and police officers. And they are here to stay. The real question is, what are you going to do about it? How will you survive?

    How will the world change when the dead begin to rise?

    Stoker-award-winning author Christopher Golden has assembled an original anthology of never-before-published zombie stories from an eclectic array of today’s hottest writers. Inside there are stories about military might in the wake of an outbreak, survival in a wasted wasteland, the ardor of falling in love with a zombie, and a family outing at the circus. Here is a collection of new views on death and resurrection.

    With stories from Joe Hill, John Connolly, Max Brooks, Kelley Armstrong, Tad Williams, David Wellington, David Liss, Aimee Bender, Jonathan Maberry, and many others, this is a wildly diverse and entertaining collection…the Last Word on the New Dead.
    “The 19 provocative, haunting, and genuinely unsettling original stories in this zombie anthology move the genre beyond its usual apocalyptic wastelands. David Liss’s novelette What Maisie Knew is a stunning and gruesome meditation on the banality of capitalism and evil. Mike Carey’s Second Wind is a haunting tale of an undead stockbroker who comes to question whether he ever truly lived. Lovers of more traditional zombie fare will also not be disappointed. Joe Hill’s ingenious Twittering from the Circus of the Dead tells a classic slasher film story through Twitter posts, while Jonathan Maberry’s heartbreaking Family Business describes a ruined America populated by kindly monks and zombie hunters. This powerful anthology shines a bright and unflinching light on the fears of death, decay, and loss that underpin America’s longstanding obsession with the undead.”
    – Publishers Weekly Starred Review

    Table of Contents
    “Lazarus” by John Connolly
    “What Maisie Knew” by David Liss
    “Copper” by Stephen R. Bissette
    “In the Dust” by Tim Lebbon
    “Life Sentence” by Kelley Armstrong
    “Delice” by Holly Newstein
    “Closure, LTD” by Max Brooks
    “The Wind Cries Mary” by Brian Keene
    “Family Business” by Jonathan Maberry
    “The Zombie Who Fell From the Sky” by M.B. Homler
    “My Dolly” by Derek Nikitas
    “Second Wind” by Mike Carey
    “Among Us” by Aimee Bender
    “Ghost Trap” by Rick Hautala
    “The Storm Door” by Tad Williams
    “Kids and Their Toys” by James A. Moore
    “Shooting Pool” by Joe R. Lansdale
    “Weaponized” by David Wellington
    “Twittering from the Circus of the Dead” by Joe Hill

    Nationwide Signing Event

    On February 16th, 2010, the day The New Dead is released, the majority of the authors who have written stories for the book will be signing in various locations around the country.

    Los Angeles, CA: Max Brooks and Aimee Bender
    6:30-8:30 PM
    Dark Delicacies, 4213 W. Burbank Blvd, Burbank, CA 91505
    (818) 556-6660

    Lexington, KY: Derek Nikitas
    7 PM
    Morris Book Shop, 408 Southland Drive, Lexington, KY 40503
    (859) 276-0494

    Atlanta, GA: James A. Moore
    7:15 PM
    Blue Elephant Book Shop, 2091 N. Decatur Rd, Decatur, GA 30033
    (404) 728-8955

    Baltimore, MD: Brian Keene
    7 PM
    Barnes & Noble, 1819 Reisterstown Rd, Baltimore, MD 21208
    (410) 415-5758

    New York, NY: Jonathan Maberry, David Wellington, MB Homler
    7 PM
    Borders, 10 Columbus Circle, New York, NY 10019

    Boston, MA (Framingham): John Connolly, Christopher Golden, Stephen R. Bissette, Rick Hautala, and Holly Newstein 7 PM
    Barnes & Noble, 1 Worcester Rd, Framingham, MA 01701

    San Antonio, TX: David Liss
    7 PM
    Barnes & Noble, 15900 La Cantera Pkwy, San Antonio, TX 78256

    Please note that Joe Hill will be kicking off his signing tour for his new novel, Horns, on the same night. He’ll be signing at River Run Bookstore in Portsmouth, NH, and will be happy to sign copies of The New Dead as well.