OR – Excalibur Books & Comics 40th Anniversary


Steve Lieber, Mike Murphy, Celina Hernandez, and Ron Randall sign at Excalibur Books & Comics on Wednesday, August 20th, 2014 from 6:00 till 8:00 pm as part of Excalibur’s 40th anniversary celebration!

Excalibur Books & Comics
2444 SE Hawthorne Blvd, Portland, OR 97214-3969
(503) 231-7351

OR – Trekker Release Party


Press Release:

Bridge City Comics is proud to announce our TREKKER: TRAIN TO AVALON BAY Release Party with Ron Randall on Friday, April 11, 2014 from 6:00 pm till 8:00 pm! This event is free to the public.

Bridge City Comics will have copies of Trekker: Train to Avalon Bay available for purchase at this event! Trekker writer/artist (and comics legend) Ron Randall is a local Portlander and will be in attendance to sign your copy of Trekker!! Also in attendance will be Trekker colorist Jeremy Colwell!

Refreshments will be served free of charge. Sketches will be at the discretion of the artist.

New Gelaph’s baddest bounty hunter, Mercy St. Clair, is in desperate need of a vacation, and her friend Molly isn’t going to take no for an answer. But when their train to the Avalon Bay resort is attacked by armed men, Mercy has to ditch her evening wear in exchange for a pair of high-powered guns. Collects installments from Dark Horse Presents #24–#29.

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Bridge City Comics
3725 N Mississippi Ave, Portland, OR 97227
(503) 282-5484

Dark Horse Booth Schedule for NYCC 2013


Press Release:

It’s here! New York Comic-Con 2013 is upon us, and Dark Horse Comics is delivering a full slate of signings from your favorite creators!





3:30 p.m. ELFQUEST: Richard and Wendy Pini


5:00 p.m. HALO: Frank O’Connor, Christopher Schlerf


6:00 p.m. MASS EFFECT: Mac Walters


7:00 p.m. EVE ONLINE: B. Börkur Eiríksson


8:00 p.m. Tommy Lee EdwardsProject TBA





10:00 a.m. SCIENCE FICTION COMICS: Ron Randall (Trekker), Michael Dialynas (Amala’s Blade), Ulises Farinas and Erick Freitas (Gamma)


11:00 a.m. MASS EFFECT: Mac Walters


12:00 p.m. THE FIFTH BEATLE: Vivek J. Tiwary, Andrew C. Robinson


1:00 p.m. NEW SUPERHEROES FROM GREAT CREATORS: Mike Norton and Dennis Hopeless (The Answer!), Bryan J. L. Glass (Furious), Donny Cates (BuzzkillHunter Quaid), Eliot Rahal (Hunter Quaid)


2:00 p.m. HORROR COMICS: Alex de Campi (Grindhouse, Smoke/Ashes), Chris Peterson (Grindhouse), Tim Seeley (Ex Sanguine), Tom Mandrake (To Hell You Ride), Jonathan Maberry (Project TBA)


3:00 p.m. HUSBANDS: Brad Bell, Jane Espenson, Sean Hemeon


4:00 p.m. ELFQUEST: Richard and Wendy Pini


4:00 p.m. CONAN, STAR WARS, THE MASSIVE: Brian Wood



5:00 p.m. THE STAR WARS, STAR WARS: DAWN OF THE JEDI: Jonathan Rinzler, Jan Duursema


6:00 p.m. DARK HORSE SUPERHEROES: Frank Barbiere (Blackout), Joshua Hale Fialkov (Skyman), Fred Van Lente and Freddie Williams II (Brain Boy), Josh Williamson (Captain Midnight)




10:00 a.m. LONE WOLF & CUB: Kazuo Koike (Courtesy of Wikia: Masters of Animanga)


11:00 a.m. THE SHAOLIN COWBOY: Geof Darrow


12:00 p.m. WHEDONVERSE COMICS: Dan Dos Santos, Jane Espenson, Scott Fischer, Victor Gischler, Rebekah Isaacs, Georges Jeanty, Steve Morris (Angel & FaithBuffy the Vampire SlayerSerenity)


1:00 p.m. GRENDEL 30TH ANNIVERSARY: Matt Wagner


1:00 p.m. Greg Rucka:  Project TBA


1:00 p.m. BUZZKILL:  Donny Cates, Geoff Shaw


2:00 p.m. THE LEGEND OF KORRA: Bryan Konietzko, Joaquim Dos Santos, P.J. Byrne (voice actor for Bolin)

*Ticketed event. Come to the Dark Horse booth when NYCC opens on Friday and Saturday mornings for the chance to draw a signing ticket while supplies last. Learn the latest about The Legend of Korra by signing up for Korra Nation at the link!


3:30 p.m. THE TRUE LIVES OF THE FABULOUS KILLJOYS: Becky Cloonan, Shaun Simon

4:30 p.m. HORROR COMICS: Victor Gischler (Kiss Me, Satan!, Clown Fatale), James Harren (Abe SapienB.P.R.D.), Cameron Stewart (Sin Titulo, B.P.R.D.), Evan Dorkin (Beasts of Burden)


5:30 p.m. THE MASSIVE: Brian Wood, Garry Brown


5:30 p.m. MIND MGMT: Matt Kindt


6:30 p.m. ELFQUEST: Richard and Wendy Pini




10:00 a.m. BLOODHOUND: Dan Jolley, Robin Riggs


10:00 a.m. THE WHITE SUITS: Frank Barbiere, Toby Cypress


10:00 a.m. AMALA’S BLADE:  Michael Dialynas


11:00 a.m. ITTY BITTY HELLBOY: Art Baltazar, Franco


12:00 p.m. MASS EFFECT: Mac Walters


12:00 p.m. Tommy Lee EdwardsProject TBA


12:00 p.m. S.H.O.O.T. FIRST: Justin Aclin, Nicolás Daniel Selma


1:00 p.m. ELFQUEST: Richard and Wendy Pini


2:00 p.m. MONSTERS! & OTHER STORIES: Gustavo Duarte


2:00 p.m. HALLOWEEN LEGION: Diana Leto


3:00 p.m. STAR WARS: SHADOWS OF ENDOR: Zack Giallongo

IMPORTANT:  All giveaway, limited edition, and exclusive items are available while supplies last.  Free prints, comics, or posters are provided for each signing while supplies last. You may bring items to sign or purchase them at the Dark Horse Store. We reserve the right to restrict the nature and/or limit the number of items to be signed, at our discretion.

Please note that lines may be capped or tickets issued for any signing as needed. Inquire about your favorite signings as early as possible. Some restrictions apply. All events are subject to change.

OR – Trekker Omnibus Release Party

Ron Randall signs at TFAW on Wednesday, August 7th, 2013 from 7:00PM till 10:00PM.rr080713

Press Release:

One of Dark Horse Comics’ premier sci-fi adventure epics returns August 7 with the release of Ron Randall’s Trekker Omnibus, collecting the complete adventures of bounty hunter Mercy St. Clair and featuring more than 60 pages of brand-new color material! Come to the Portland TFAW August 7 from 7:00 to 10:00 p.m. for a signing and release party with creator Ron Randall (Supergirl, Silence & Co.). Complimentary food and beer (for those 21+ with valid ID) provided.

Trekker debuted in 1986 at the dawn of Dark Horse Comics, setting the standard for fresh, innovative comics that reached outside the mainstream. Centering on the exploits of Mercy St. Clair, a tough-as-nails bounty hunter navigating a violent society, Randall introduced a groundbreaking female character who electrified fans of all ages.

“It’s of stuff like Trekker that revolutions are begun,” said Gail Simone (Batgirl, Wonder Woman), who wrote the foreword for the Trekker Omnibus. “A female character that is sexy but not sexualized, that is tough but not without flaws and doubts, and that is dangerous but not without compassion.”

“Trekker is the most demanding and rewarding project I’ve worked on in my career,” said creator Ron Randall, a member of Portland’s Periscope Studio. “I’m very proud of the work Dark Horse and I have done to make this collection definitive for the long-time Trekker fan, and also the perfect introduction to the character. Getting the chance to present all these original stories in one unified work is absolutely the highlight of my professional life.”

Celebrate the triumphant return of Mercy St. Clair at the Portland TFAW August 7: meet Ron Randall, enjoy complimentary refreshments, and pick up your copy of the Trekker Omnibus!

RSVP on Facebook!

Things From Another World
2916 NE Broadway, Portland, OR 97232

OR – Wonder Woman Day

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Matt Wagner, Ron Randall, Anne Timmons, and many more sign and sketch at Excalibur Comics on Sunday October 24, 2010 in honor of Wonder Woman Day and to raise money for domestic violence shelters.

Matt Wagner (1-6, signing and sketching)
Ron Randall (12-5, signing and sketching)
Anne Timmons (12-6, signing and sketching)
Rich Ellis (12-6, signing and sketching)
Natalie Nourigat (12-6, signing and sketching)
Dane Ault (12-6, signing and sketching)
Emi Lenox (12-6, signing and sketching)
Steve Dorris (12-6, onsite caricatures of YOU as a super-hero)!

Excalibur Comics, 2444 SE Hawthorne Blvd, Portland, Oregon

OR – Wonder Woman Day IV Portland

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Sunday, October 25, 2009 — 12noon-6pm — FREE
Excalibur Comics, 2444 SE Hawthorne Blvd, Portland, Oregon
A part of national Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

An ALL AGES benefit and celebration for Domestic Violence shelters and Crisis Line!
Raphael House of PortlandBradley AnglePortland Womens Crisis Line


Wonder Woman Day IV - PortlandPORTLAND SPECIAL GUESTS SIGNING (with FREE Prints):
Gilbert Hernandez from noon-6pm (Love & Rockets, Luba, Palomar)!
Jaime Hernandez from noon-6pm (Love & Rockets, Penny Century, Locas I & II)!

Paul Gulacy from noon-3pm (Batman, Catwoman, Star Wars, 007, Master of Kung Fu)
Anne Timmons from noon-3pm (Go Girl!, Graphic Classics, Star Trek)!
Steve Dorris from noon-3pm (onsite caricatures of YOU as a super-hero)!

Gail Simone from 3-6pm (Wonder Woman, Birds of Prey, Welcome To Tranquility)!
Aaron Lopresti from 3-6pm (Wonder Woman, Spider-Man, Excalibur, Ms Marvel)!
Ron Randall from 3-6pm (Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Outsiders, Star Wars, Trekker)!

PORTLAND SILENT ART AUCTION: (see more details below)
original Wonder Woman illustrations created and donated by top Comic Book, Comic Strip, and Animation Artists including
Past Wonder Woman Artists: Aaron Lopresti — Alex Ross — Ed Hannigan — Gary Frank — Karl Waller — Nicola Scott — Ramona Fradon

Plus A Host Of Superstar Artists: Aaron Felizmenio — Aaron McConnell — Alexandre Tso — Al Milgrom — Al Rio — Amy Pronovost — Andy Perez — Anne Timmons — Anthony Hochrein — Anthony Lee — Anthony Rizzo — Arie Monroe — Ariel Guzman — Arthur Reis — Beck Kramer — Ben Dunn — Bennett Pisek — Bob Prodor — Braulio Gregorio — Britton Walters — Carrie Cartwright — Cat Staggs — Celina Hernandez — Chris Giarrusso — Christian N. St. Pierre — Christopher Chamberlain — Claudio Pozas — Colleen Coover — Dan Schoening — Dan Thompson — Dane Ault — Daniel HDR — David Burton — David Newbold — Dennis Hart — Denise Vasquez — DJ Jackson — Diane Carroll — Don Perlin — Duanne Barbour — Dylan Williams — Ed Bickford — Elvis Moura — Emi Lenox — Erik Burnham — Ernest Jocson — Francisco Paronzini — Fred Hembeck — Gilbert Hernandez — Greg Moutafis — Guy Davis — Henrique Bittencourt — Heubert Khan Michael — Howard Bender — Ian Walker — Ibrahim Moustafa — J.A. Fludd — Jaime Hernandez — Jamal Igle — Janet Hetherington — Jay Leisten — Jeremy Alva — Jeremy Treece — Jesse Hamm — Jessica Hickman — Jonathan Lau — Jonathan Racimo — Jon Riggle — Jose Weingartner Jr — Josh Heusinkveld — Juan Fontanez Jr — Judith Hunt — Karen Krajenbrink — Karlton Hahn — Katie Cook — Keith Perkins — Keith Tucker — Kelly Everaert — Kevenn T Smith — Kevin Karstens — Knate Carter — Kristen McCabe — Lance Sawyer — Linda Chartier — Lynne Anderson — Mark Bloodworth — Mary Bellamy — Matt Grigsby — Maureen Gubia — Mauricio Dias — Max Bretschneider — Michael Duron — Michael T. Gilbert — Michael Troy — Mike Collins — Mike Murphy — Mike Pascale — Natalie Nourigat — Nathan Ohlendorf — Neil Vokes — Nicole Falk — Paul Gould — Paul Gulacy — Paul Taylor — Phil Nibbelink — Ray Caspio — Ray Johnson — Richard Howell — Rich Ellis — Rob Jones — Rob Kramer — Rock Barcellos — Rodney Buchemi — Rogerio DeSouza — Ron Chan — Ryan Kelly — Ryan Odagawa — Sarah Wilkinson — Scott Barnett — Scott Christian Sava — Scott Koblish — Scott Morse — Sean Chen — Sergio Calvet — Sina Grace — Stefano — Steve Dorris — Steve Howard — Terry Blas — Tim Fish — Todd Moniz of Thunder Road Laser Graphics — Tom Hodges — Tram Ngo — Tyler Richlen — Wattana — Wayne Moraghan !

* Fans can take photos with Real Live Super-Heroes & Heroines On-Site!
* See an exhibit of top Wonder Woman collectibles!
* Come dressed in a super-hero costume!

* Kid Friendly!

Door prizes and drawings (for charity) include items from:
Diamond Distributors / Diamond Select (limited and signed toys & action figures)
Hallmark Cards (artist-signed Wonder Woman Keepsake ornaments)
Tonner Dolls (Deluxe Wonder Woman doll)
Arby’s (Justice League “Paper Heroes” bobblehead toys)
Fantagraphics Books (Love & Rockets hardcovers)
Dark Horse Comics (miscellaneous trades and comics)

* Fliers and Poster designed by Richard J. Fowlks
* Scanning and Catalogue printing donated by Documart Printing
* Poster printing donated by John Trachtenberg at AdPrint
* Postcard printing partially donated by ColorMation
* 4×7 Store Banner donated by Sign Wizards
* matting and framing donated by Jason Jones and Lara Sydney Framing Gallery
* Wonder costume donated by Don Hood
* Wonder wig styling donated by Allen Fortuna of The Little Beauty Shop
* online PR help by Richard Caldwell

* Wonder Woman Day was created and is produced by best-selling author Andy Mangels