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  • PalmCon 2014 Photos from WPTV News

    PalmCon 2014

    Here are some photos as posted by West Palm Beach’s Channel 5 News WPTV.

    For more about PalmCon check out their website HERE!

    PalmCon adds the Floor Layout

    PalmCon 2014PalmCon

    The Palm Beach County Comic Book & Collectibles Show

    PalmCon is Palm Beach County’s Largest Comic Event! Now in its fourth year PalmCon is expanding from a one day event to a TWO DAY celebration!

    PalmCon 2014 is taking place on September 27th and 28th at the Palm Beach County Convention Center, located at 650 Okeechobee Boulevard West Palm Beach, FL 33401


    palmcon floor 2014

    Artist Alley/Fan Tables
    1 PBC Library System
    2 Erick Marquez
    3 Keke Illustrations
    4 Joe Fauvel
    5 George Moss

    6 Art by Sabina
    7 Rolf Dorisca Art Studio
    8 KJC Images
    9 Usri’s art
    10 LocoDuck Studios

    11 Danielle Gransaull
    12 Hot Damn Arts
    13 Erika Taguchi-Newton
    14 Ginger Anne London

    16 South Florida Brown Coats
    17 1701st Fleet
    18 Mandel Public Library
    19 On A planet Named Up in the Sky
    20 Time and Tide Publishing

    Vendor Tables
    21 Doctor Rob
    22 Doctor Rob
    23 Doctor Rob
    24 Doctor Rob
    25 Doctor Rob
    26 Doctor Rob
    27 Doctor Rob

    28 Hanami Sakura
    29 Mark Who 42
    30 Klassic Komix
    31 Sean’s Comics

    32 Glen Cohen Books
    33 Glen Cohen Books

    34 CJs Comics
    35 CJs Comics
    36 CJs Comics

    37 Irving Santiago
    38 Irving Santiago
    39 Irving Santiago

    100 Block
    101 NEHS
    102 NEHS
    103 NEHS
    104 NEHS
    105 Ella Kate Boutique
    106 A Friend Shawls
    107 A Design Geek
    108 Share Local Art

    200 Block
    201 Past Present Future Comics
    202 Past Present Future Comics
    203 Past Present Future Comics
    206 Past Present Future Comics
    207 Past Present Future Comics
    208 Past Present Future Comics

    300 Block
    301 Charm Creativity
    302 Toy Guyz
    303 Pixel Armor
    304 Like A Cat
    305 Past & Present Comics
    306 Past & Present Comics
    307 Funky Dead Trees
    308 Wicked Toys & Collectibles

    400 Block
    401 Cosplay for Jedi
    402 Nathan Szerdy
    403 Jennifer Crumpler
    404 Rob Reep Art
    405 Inverse Press
    406 The Art of Abbazia
    407 Think Alike
    408 Oops Comic Adventure
    409 Hooligans
    410 The Pocket Shop

    500 Block
    501 DMAC Digital Media Arts College
    502 JD Netto
    503 JD Netto
    504 Fuenmayor Art
    505 KP Sparkle Boutique
    506 Dno’s Collectibles
    507 Humphrey Ching
    508 Zipper Tan
    509 Mervyn McKoy
    510 LASIK Vision Institute

    600 Block
    601 Ransom Designs
    602 Idea Storm
    604 One-Stop-Comic-Shop
    605 The Dragon’s Treasure Chest
    606 Mike’s Comics
    607 Video Game Planet
    608 Steve-O’s Collectibles
    609 J & Mel’s Comics and
    Action Figures
    610 Pop Culture Playground

    700 Quad
    701 Kechal Comics (Kevin Joseph)
    702 Creature Entertainment
    703 Resistance Entertainment
    704 Super Conventions

    800 Quad
    801 Heroes & Villains
    802 Sign Zeppelin
    803 Minimeki
    804 Heroes & Villains

    900 Block
    901 Mario’s Comics
    902 Rebel Imprint
    903 Klassic Komix
    904 Rat’s Toys
    905 Lisa’s Mom
    906 Personally Yours
    907 Plastic U Like
    908 Zoltan’s Comics

    1000 GuestBlock

    1100 Block
    1101 3D Me
    1102 Theresa Dawn
    1003 JDT Productions
    1004 JDT Productions
    1105 A Flawless Image
    1007 Tusk

    Other Locations

    Georgette Pressler – Face Painter

    The 501st

    The Mandalorian Mercs

    The TARDIS

    The Batmobile

    Setallth Mobile Gaming

    The Time & Tide Car

    Pow Wow Radio (in Loby)

    PalmCon is this Saturday September 21st!


    PalmCon: The Palm Beach County Comic Book and Collectibles Show

    When: September 21st 2013 from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM

    Where: The Palm Beach County Convention Center – 650 Okeechobee Boulevard West Palm Beach, FL 33401

     Admission: $9.00 for Adults at the door – $7.00 in advance (on-line), $5.00 for kids 4-13 at the door – $4.00 in advance (on-line), FREE for children 3 and under.


    PalmCon: The Palm Beach Comic Book and Collectibles Show is Palm Beach County’s only comic convention of its kind. This is the third year for PalmCon and for the first year we are moving to the Palm Beach County Convention Center occupying over 50,000 square feet of convention space. As with years past, we strive to bring Palm Beach County the best in comics, animation, and pop-culture while providing a fun and safe family friendly atmosphere.

    We are pleased to have film and television actor Deep Roy as one of our guests. Most know him for his role as all of the Oompa Loompas in Tim Burton’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Deep Roy also holds the honor of being the only actor to appear on screen in all three major science-fiction franchises – Doctor Who, Star Trek and Star Wars. He has also appeared in Transformers, The NeverEnding Story, Flash Gordon, Return to Oz, and he had a recurring role in the HBO series Eastbound and Down. Other media guests include Jim Decker and Robert Z’Dar who is known for his B-movie roles but has also appeared in mainstream films such as Tango and Cash.

     PalmCon will also play host to some top names in comics including Ethan Van Sciver who is know for his work at DC Comics on Green Lantern, the Flash and most recently Batman. Returning this year will be comic book legend Jose Delbo who has been in the industry for years working on such titles as Wonder Woman, The Transformers, The Twilight Zone and The ThunderCats. Joining us for the first time will be Allen Bellman who is best known for his work on Captain America back in the 1940s at the start of the “golden age of comic books”. Also making a rare convention appearance will be Carlos Castellanos the cocreator of the wildly popular nationally syndicated comic strip Baldo.

    Other attractions at PalmCon will include an appearance by the 501st Legion and the Mandalorian Mercs known for their movie accurate Star Wars costumes and community involvement. Also arriving in time for the show will be a replica of the Ghostbusters’s car Ecto-1 along with the Carolina and Miami Ghostbusters fan groups. As an added bonus to PalmCon this year we are bringing in the Art of Akira Exhibit that features original hand panted cells and production art from Japan’s most famous animated film – Akira. PalmCon continues to receive an amazing amount of support from the local comic scene. Most of the major comic shops in South Florida will be represented at PalmCon along with over 100 vendors, artists, publishers and filmmakers. There will be a raffle, a costume contest, and the Indie-Film Screening Room showing short films created by local filmmakers.

     This event grew out of Martin T. Pierro’s love for the small hotel and mall comic shows that were a staple of his childhood days in West Palm Beach. In recent years there has been a resurgence of interest in comic book characters (as evident by the recent blockbuster films The Avengers, Iron Man 3 and The Dark Knight Rises), so it seemed a perfect time to bring these types of shows back to Palm Beach County.

     More information and a complete guest/vendor list can be found here:


    Feel free to contact Martin with any questions or comments here:

    561.601.4137 – PalmCon@CosmicTimes.net

    1st Ever PalmCon is Getting Closer

    Comments Off on 1st Ever PalmCon is Getting Closer

    Cosmic Times Publisher Martin Pierro has put together his own one day show called the PalmCon. Held at the Polish American Club in Lake Worth, Florida, on September 17th from 10:00am to 6:00pm.

    List of guests so are are:

    Amy Vitale: Model, Actress & Comic Book Hero
    Creature Entertainment: Independent Comic Publisher and Film Makers
    Danielle Soloud: Web Comic Illustrator and Cartoonist
    FacePalm Comic Independent Comic Publisher, Publisher of Entity
    Joe Fauvel: Illustrator, Graphic Designer and Author, Publisher of CRY
    Knighty Knight: Independent Comic Publisher, Publisher of SleepRunners
    Manny Aguilera: Illustrator, Cartoonist and Graphic Designer
    Scrapped Clothing: Producer of Wearable Geekery
    SO FL Browncoats: FireFly/Serenity Fanclub

    For more info on the show check out their website and also if your a Vendor or an artist and would like to join in on PalmCon see the show’s site HERE!