ConCarolinas 2011 Adds Emilie Ullerup and Other Guests

Sanctuary Emilie Ullerup

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CHARLOTTE, NC – February 9, 2011 – ConCarolinas officially announced the following:

Actor Emilie Ullerup will appear as one of the Media Special Guests for ConCarolinas 2011. Best known for her role as Ashley Magnus on SyFy’s Sanctuary, Emilie Ullerup has also appeared on Smallville and the new Battlestar Galacatica. Emilie Ullerup was born in Denmark, where her father holds the title of Lord Chamberlain for the Danish Royal Family.

Comical singer-songwriter and guitarist Carla Ulbrich will appear as the Music Guest of Honor for ConCarolinas 2011. Carla Ulbrich is a comical singer-songwriter and guitarist from Clemson, South Carolina and currently living in New Jersey. Carla’s love of wordplay and keen observational eye has lead her to be known for her humorous songs about such topics as wedgies, Waffle House, Klingons, and how rich she would be if she had the copyright on the ‘F’ Word. She also dabbles in fingerstyle guitar. Something of a mix between Phoebe and Jeff Foxworthy, she cites her biggest musical influences as Sesame Street, camp songs, and commercial jingles for beer and breakfast cereal.

Professional illustrator and sketch card artist Justin Chung will appear as the Artist Guest of Honor for ConCarolinas 2011. Justin has worked on such popular properties as Marvel Comics, DC Comics, Star Wars, Star Trek, Indiana Jones, Lord of the Rings, Bench Warmers, Classic Sci-Fi & Horror Collector Series, Voltron and more.

Professional game designer and writer Jamie Chambers will appear as the Gaming Guest of Honor for ConCarolinas 2011. Jamie Chambers is a writer and tabletop game designer whose creations have taken him to outer space, other worlds, and beyond the reaches of space and time. He is best known for his work on the Serenity role playing game by Margaret Weis Productions, including principle work on the now popular Cortex System. He also has worked on role playing game properties such as Sovereign Stone, Dragonlance, and Exalted.

Award-winning author Harry Turtledove has previously been announced as the 2011 Writer Guest of Honor. Other media guests appearing at ConCarolinas 2011 include John Billingsley (Enterprise’s Dr. Phlox), Bonita Friedericy (Chuck’s General Diane Beckman), “Scream Queen” Brinke Stephens and Heroes’ David H. Lawrence.

2011 marks the tenth year of ConCarolinas, a family-friendly multi-genre, multi-media convention in Charlotte, NC. This annual event includes 3 full days of activities and plays host to over 100 authors, artists, media guests, musicians and entertainers. ConCarolinas 2011 is June 3-5, 2011 at the Charlotte Hilton University Place in Charlotte, NC. For more details and ticket information, visit

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