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Hero InitiativePress Release:

Legendary comic book creator and Hero Initiative spokesperson Denny O’Neil is coming to The Dragon on May 21st!

The purpose of this special event is to raise money for the Hero Initiative, which provides a financial safety net for yesterdays’ creators who may need emergency medical aid, financial support for essentials of life, and an avenue back into paying work.

Starting at 2:00 PM, Denny will participate in an in-store signing event, with special guest Ty Templeton. CGC signature series is an option for this event. Autograph fee of $20 for CGC purposes. $10 for all other signatures, and Ty will be sketching. We will have lots of stories that Denny worked on available, and anything bought from The Dragon that day we will provide 10% to Hero Initiative.

In the evening we really kick it up a notch! We will be hosting a party with Denny! Denny will be interviewed by Ty about his long history in comics, and afterwards we will have a meet & greet with the pros. Limited capacity for this event! Tickets will be available at The Dragon.

Seriously, you need to be here and help us raise money for a hugely important cause.

Denny O’Neil wrote or worked as editor on some of the most famous books in comic history!

Denny wrote the Green Lantern / Green Arrow ‘Hard Luck Heroes’ stories that pushed the boundaries of comics in the 70’s. He wrote some of the most famous Batman stories of the 70’s, including The Laughing Fish. He wrote Iron Man when Tony Stark gave up being Iron Man. He had Superman face the greatest of all time in ‘Superman vs Muhammad Ali’.

He created the characters Ra’s Al Ghul, Talia Al Ghul, Azrael, Green Lantern John Stewart, The Iron Monger (the villain in the first Iron Man movie), and put James “Rhodey” Rhodes in the Iron Man armour.

As editor of the Batman universe he oversaw some of the most famous or important Batman stories of all time, such as: ‘The Dark Knight Returns’, ‘Batman Year 1’, ‘Batman Year 2’, ‘KnightFall’, ‘No Man’s Land’, ‘The Killing Joke’, ’10 Nights of the Beast’, ‘Batman/Grendel’, and he even edited Daredevil issues 163-200, the Frank Miller run which is basically Season 1 & 2 of the Netflix show.

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The Dragon
Old Quebec Street Mall, 55 Wyndham St. N., Guelph, Ontario N1H7T8

SF – Green Tie Gala

Press Release:

Just in time for Green Lantern’s theatrical debut, the Cartoon Art Museum is presenting the first museum exhibition celebrating 70 years of DC Comics’ emerald knight!  Over 60 pieces of original artwork will be on display, including works by Gil Kane, Neal Adams, Joe Staton, Mike Mignola, George Perez, Brian Bolland, Brent Anderson and Green Lantern co-creator Martin Nodell, with more artists to be announced!

To celebrate the exhibition, the Cartoon Art Museum is hosting a once-in-a-lifetime “Green Tie” gala with original artwork and popular Green Lantern creators.  This celebration takes place Thursday, June 9, 2011 starting at 7:00 pm at San Francisco’s Cartoon Art Museum at 655 Mission Street.  Tickets to The Green Tie Event are only $30, or $15 for current Cartoon Art Museum members.  Each purchased ticket includes an optional guest ticket.

At this special event, visitors will be treated to a private viewing of the exhibition with the Cartoon Art Museum’s curatorial staff while enjoying wine and hors d’oeuvres.  Best of all, you will mingle with some of the most talented Green Lantern writers from the past four decades, along with other comic book creators.  Tickets for this fundraising event can be purchased through Guestlist Ticketing: Green Tie Tickets

Guests of Honor for the Green Tie event include:

Steve Englehart (Green Lantern Corps, Detective Comics)
Mike Friedrich (Green Lantern, Justice League of America)
Gerard Jones (Green Lantern: Emerald Dawn, Justice League International)
Judd Winick (Green Lantern, Batman)

Stay tuned for additional creators as they confirm.

For those super-fans who want the full Green Lantern experience we have additional levels for the event.

For only $50, in addition to  admission for two to The Green Tie event, you will also receive a one-year individual CAM membership which entitles you to discounted tickets for CAM events, a member’s discount at the CAM bookstore, and free admission to the museum for you and a guest throughout the year. This ticket is just $5 more than the cost of a CAM membership, so there’s never been a better time to join!

For just $75, you’ll get everything above AND a signed Green Lantern graphic novel from one of The Green Tie event’s Guests of Honor!

For $100, you and three additional guests can attend the event as well as the Individual CAM membership and a signed Green Lantern graphic novel signed by one of our Guests of Honor!

And for the ultimate Green Lantern fan experience, CAM will acknowledge $500 level ticket buyers with Sponsorship Recognition in our Green Lantern exhibition and on our website.  Exhibition sponsors will receive four tickets to the Green Tie event, a One Year Friend-level membership and a Green Lantern graphic novel signed by one of our Guests of Honor!

And if that weren’t enough, all proceeds from this event will be matched dollar for dollar by The Sparky Challenge, as part of the Charles M. Schulz estate’s continued support of the Cartoon Art Museum’s ongoing programs and exhibitions.  Your $50 ticket package will provide a total of $100 in funding for the Cartoon Art Museum!

Partial sponsorship has been provided by Guestlist Ticketing, which is facilitating advance ticket sales for this event.  For more information about Guestlist, please visit guestlistapp.com

Kilowog Level:  $15: Admission for Two for the Green Tie Event for current CAM Members

Guy Gardner Level:  $30: Admission for Two for the Green Tie Event

Kyle Rayner Level:  $50: Admission for Two for the Green Tie Event and a One Year Individual Membership to CAM

Alan Scott Level:  $75: Admission for Two for the Green Tie Event, a One Year Individual Membership to CAM, and a Graphic Novel Signed by a Guest of Honor

John Stewart Level:  $100: Admission for Four for the Green Tie Event, a One Year Family Membership to CAM, and a Graphic Novel Signed by a Guest of Honor

Hal Jordan Level:  $500: Sponsorship Recognition in Green Lantern exhibition, Four Green Tie Event Tickets, a One Year Friend Membership to CAM, a Graphic Novel Signed by a Guest of Honor

Cartoon Art Museum
655 Mission Street, San Francisco, CA 94105