NY – Girls with Lazers

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Danielle Corsetto posts:

So Jess Fink of Chester 5000 fame (NSFW!) has done some fabulous work getting us a reservation at Zero Gravity for LASER TAG this Friday night in Albany!

From 7:00 to whenever (it closes at midnight) we’ll be SHOOTING LASERS AT EACH OTHER for the reduced rate of $5 per game, and selling stuff in between! I’ll have all four GWS books ($20 per or $35 for two; free personalization!) and Jess will be bringing stuff too!

To save on the party price we will NOT have refreshments, so please feed yourselves beforehand!

Can’t wait to see y’all there and ZAP YOU WITH EFFING LASERS!!

NY – WTF Am I Doing This Far North Tour

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Danielle Corsetto writes on her blog:

On my 2010 WTF Am I Doing This Far North In February Tour I’ll be stopping by both Rochester and Albany in upstate NY on my way elswhere. If you can make it then I would love to meet you!

As per usual, we’ll be holding a meet-and-greet at Boulder Coffee in Rochester (on Genesee), and that will take place sometime the night of Wednesday, Feb. 10th (5:00pm). I’ll have books and other goodies to sell, but I’ll also bring a sketchbook and you should do the same! Assuming it’s empty, we’ll be in front of the comfy fireplace downstairs.

In Albany, I’m seriously considering laser tag. Seriously guys, LASER TAG!! And maybe a signing afterwards? I’m still ironing out the details and should have all the phonecalls made by tomorrow.

Whatever I decide to do, I’ll be there with the most phenomenal ink-washer in the world, Jess Fink, whose comic Chester 5000 is NSFW but is basically the most beautiful *ahem* robot porn? *cough* you will ever, ever see. No joke, UHMAZING.