Jeff Kipnis to Premier Lightning Squirrel #3 at Clifton Expo

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Press Release:

Issue #3 of The Adventures of Lightning Squirrel premieres at the November 8, Clifton, NJ Comic Book Expo with a special appearance by creator Jeffrey F. Kipnis.

It continues the explosive 6-issue miniseries written by Mr. Kipnis, a Clifton, NJ native and is drawn by an international team of artists including penciler Victor Cabanelas. The series takes place almost entirely in Clifton, and stars the superpowered squirrel, his arch-nemesis Swimming Lady, and her genius boyfriend Comic Man. In this issue, our hero battles an evil ice cream vendor and a slimy sewer monster, while Comic Man aids his lady-love’s efforts to destroy her furry enemy forever. This leads into the epic Issue #4 battle between Lightning Squirrel and the cosmically-powered Airhead android, coming soon!

Lightning Squirrel #3

Lightning Squirrel #3

The Adventures of Lightning Squirrel is published by Jeffrey F. Kipnis in conjunction with Ronin Studios, and has received heavy promotion in the NJ press as well as online at such sites as Ain’t It Cool News (which have given thumbs-up to the first two issues) and the ComicOn Pulse. The November Expo appearance marks the 1 year anniversary of the series’ convention debut. Lightning Squirrel also appears in the charity anthology Hope: New Orleans (benefiting Hurricane Katrina survivors and two prose novels, and will appear in the upcoming Hope: The Hero Initiative charity anthology (benefiting out of work comic book creators).

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