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sign on Oct. 17th

J. Barton Mitchell & Dean Kotzsign on Oct. 17th

Poe Creators Sign at GEM on October 17 
As the city of Baltimore continues its celebration of author Edgar Allan Poe and with Halloween right around the corner, what better time to spotlight the efforts of writer J. Barton Mitchell and artist Dean Kotz, creators of Boom! Studios’ mini-series Poe?

The creative duo will appear at Geppi’s Entertainment Museum on Saturday, October 17, 2009, from 12 noon to 4:00 PM.

Poe is a compelling, must-read comic book story set in the least likely of places and weaving it from the least likely of fabrics. It is certainly not as if Poe’s life hasn’t been the fodder for other stories, both truthful and fictionalized. Mitchell and Kotz, though, capture the mood and spirit of that earlier, post-Colonial time (Poe died in 1849) and season it with the visual styles of the era and Poe’s own work.

For those who have yet to discover their riveting new tale, it goes like this: Edgar Allan Poe, after the death of his wife, teeters on the precipice of complete madness. Visions of those who met untimely ends torture him, as does the memory of his deceased bride. His brother, a Baltimore police officer, struggles with what to do with him.

Then the third in a suspicious string of killings pulls Poe out of his despair by giving him focus. Detecting a supernatural component to the crimes, the author of the world’s first detective story, “The Murders in the Rue Morgue,” turns his considerable mind to solving them alongside his brother. Can he crack the case and save his own sanity as well?

A limited number of copies of all four issues of the Poe mini-series will be on sale at GEM during the signing.

Geppi’s Entertainment Museum, 301 W. Camden Street, Baltimore, MD 21201

TX – Boom Studios Signing

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on August 19th

Alan J. Porter, Paul Benjamin, and J. Barton Mitchell sign on August 19th

Join us Wednesday, August 19th from 4:30pm – 7pm, to meet Paul Benjamin, writer of Boom!’s new Monsters, Inc. series.  Writer J. Barton Mitchell will also be here to sign copies of his Boom! series Poe (of which there is a second issue this week).  Fellow writer  Alan J. Porter will be joining us again to sign issues of Cars.

Join us to get your books signed, and for a chance to ask published creators about their work, the industry, or what their favorite sandwich is!

Austin Books & Comics, 5002 N. Lamar Blvd, Austin, TX 78751