Inkwell Awards 2016 Winners Announced at HeroesCon

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Inkwell Awards 2016 Winners Announced

Inkwell Awards(New Bedford, MA/USA—June 22, 2016) The Inkwell Awards has released the names of the winners of its ninth annual awards for excellence in the art form of comic book inking. As before, nominees were chosen by a separate and independent nomination committee. Voting via live ballot at the non-profit advocacy’s website ran from April 15-30. One winner was chosen in each of five categories based on American-based interior comic-book work cover-dated 2015.

Separately, the Inkwells selected internally the two recipients of the annual Joe Sinnott Hall of Fame Award and the Special Recognition Award (SRA) category. Winners were contacted and some invited guests were present to receive their trophies at North Carolina’s Heroes Con, the host show for the Inkwells, for the sixth live ceremony on Friday, June 17. Winners and nominees are listed below, along with the percentage of vote received, where applicable.

FAVORITE INKER: Joe Prado (24.5%)
(Batman ’66 The Lost Episode; Cyborg [DC Comics]). Other nominees: Wade von Grawbadger (23.7), Scott Hanna (22%), Danny Miki (20.4%) and Karl Kesel (9.4%).

MOST-ADAPTABLE INKER: Walden Wong (26.8%)
(Earth 2: World’s End; Justice League Dark [DC]; Wolverines; A-Force [Marvel]).Other nominees: Norm Rapmund (20.2%), Scott Hanna (18.3%), Jonathan Glapion (14.4%), Wade von Grawbadger (12.8%) and Jay Leisten (7.5%).

PROPS (inker deserving of more attention): Wade Von Grawbadger (22.6%)
(All-New Captain America; Spider-Man [Marvel]; Justice League of America; Legends of the Dark Knight [DC]; Astro City [Vertigo/DC]).
Other nominees: Eber Ferreira (20.5%), Danny Miki (13.5%), Juan Vlasco (10.8%), Mark Irwin (9.8%), Jonathan Glapion (9.4%), Stefano Gaudiano (8.4%) and Sean Parsons (5.1%).

S.P.A.M.I. (Small Press and Mainstream Independent): Stefano Gaudiano (37%)
(The Walking Dead, Manifest Destiny [Image]). Other nominees: Jordi Tarragona (17.6%), Cliff Rathburn (16.6%), Ryan Winn (16.6%) and Rich Koslowski (12.2%).

ALL-IN-ONE (pencilling and inking together): Jason Fabok (37%)
(Justice League[DC]). Other nominees: Fiona Staples (17.7%), Erik Larsen (13.7%), Franchesco Francavilla (9.6%), Terry Moore (8.2%), Paul Gulacy (8.0%) and Ben Dewey (5.8%).

THE SPECIAL RECOGNITION AWARD: Vince Colletta. Other nominees: Allen Milgrom, Jack Abel (tie for runner-up), Violet Barclay (aka Valerie Smith), Gary Martin and Dave Simons.

THE JOE SINNOTT HALL OF FAME: Frank Giacoia and Josef Rubenstein. Other nominees: Bob McLeod and Jerry Ordway (tie for runner-up), Dan Adkins, John Beatty and Ernie Chan (aka Chua).

Joe Sinnott, the award’s namesake and first recipient, made a statement in April regarding this year’s inductees:

“I was quite pleased to hear that the Inkwell Awards has selected two very deserving inkers into the Hall of Fame class of 2016: Frank Giacoia and Jose Rubinstein.

Frank was a fabulous inker and a good friend of mine, who left us much too soon. It was always a pleasure meeting up with Frank at shows and spending time with him. Frank’s smooth, thick line graced the pages of virtually every Marvel title. I really enjoyed Frank’s inking over Jack Kirby on Captain America. Like myself, we pretty much inked the Marvel Universe.

Joe is an outstanding inker and portrait artist as well.
I absolutely am honored by the great job he did in capturing my likeness for the cover of the 2nd Annual Joe Sinnott Inking Challenge. I once pencilled a piece that Joe inked for The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Index collection. At that time Joe was doing all these Marvel Universe books and he told me that he had actually worked on more Marvel characters than I had. Joe also did some great background inks on the Superman Vs. Spider-Man Treasury Edition that I inked over John Buscema.

It is wonderful that Frank and Joe are the recipients of the 2016 Joe Sinnott Hall of Fame Award. These two superb artists make the already great list of Hall of Famers even more elite.

Thank you to the Inkwell’s committee for electing them, and thanks to everyone for their continued support of the Inkwell Awards.

Joe Sinnott

In cooperation with Special Inkwell Ambassador and award-winning author J. David Spurlock, the ceremony kicked off with a special appearance by industry legend Jim Steranko who discussed the artform of comic-book inking, his related experiences in the medium, and its artists, including Joe Sinnott and Frank Giacoia. Inkwell Awards founder and director Bob Almond acted as both ceremony host and presenter, joined by hostess “Ms. Inkwell,” as portrayed by Holly Black. Artist Breno Tamura accepted Joe Prado’s award as a pre-recorded video of Prado’s acceptance speech was played. Guest speaker, artist-writer Mike Grell, spoke for Rubinstein. Writer Todd Dezago spoke for Giacoia, and statements from their respective families, including for Vince Colletta, were read. Silver Inkwell trophies were presented to three nomination committee members who served five years: Michele Witchipoo, Bob Bretall and Johnny B. Gerardy. All acceptance statements from the winners can be found in the “Results” section of the Inkwell Awards’ website in the near future.

The Inkwell Awards is the only existing, official 501(c)3 non-profit organization whose mission is to educate and promote the art form of comic-book inking, as well as annually recognize and award the best ink artists and their work. The organization is overseen by a committee of industry professionals and assisted by various professional ambassadors and contributors. They sponsor the Dave Simons Inkwell Memorial Scholarship Fund for the Kubert School and host the Joe Sinnott Hall of Fame Award.

DMC Appears at HeroesCon 2016


Darryl “DMC” McDaniels of the legendary hip-hop group Run-DMC appears at Heroes Convention this weekend to sign copies of his debut comic DMC from his own publishing company Darryl Makes Comics! DMC will also perform some of his hit songs live on Friday June 17th and participate in a panel on Saturday June 18th at 1:00 PM alongside comic creators Ed Piskor (Hip Hop Family Tree) and Sanford Greene (Marvel’s Power Man & Iron Fist) to discuss comics and Hip Hop.

Darryl “DMC” McDaniels is a legendary musician. For more than 30 years he’s been an undeniable influence on pop culture. He remains at the forefront of hip hop history. As a founding member of Run DMC, he is used to being an innovator. From being the first rap group to grace the cover of Rolling Stone to the first to appear on MTV, the Grammy nominated artist has changed music, culture, fashion and language. An Emmy Award winner for the VH1 documentary about his life changing discovery, DMC: My Adoption Journey he is the co-founder of the nonprofit, Felix Organization. DMC has been invited to the White House by President Obama to address youth groups on responsibility and he’s appeared before Congress in support of adoptees and foster children. A Rock N Roll Hall of Fame inductee as well as a celebrated author with his novel, King of Rock; Respect, Responsibility and My Life With Run-DMC he’s also a philanthropist. Even with this long lists of accomplishments and 30 million record sales later DMC is still releasing new music as he continues to create, inspire and motivate.

RSVP on Facebook!

HEROES CONVENTION was founded in 1982 by Shelton Drum, owner of Charlotte’s Heroes Aren’t Hard To Find comics shop. Since then the convention has become famous for its comics-first and family-friendly atmosphere, where fans can mingle directly with professionals and exhibitors. Boasting an incredible guest list built mainly on reputation and goodwill, HeroesCon is known nationwide as a “must” on the summer schedule, drawing fans, exhibitors, and creators from all over the world to the Charlotte Convention Center.

HeroesCon 2016 Announces Panel Schedule


HeroesCon has released their panel schedule for this weekend’s convention:


Kick-Off Party with Milkfed Criminal Masterminds
Decade of Casanova Art Exhibition

7PM Buffalo Wild Wings NASCAR Hall of Fame


2:00 pm
Room 201/202

SCAD PROFESSOR TOM LYLE gives you a rousing workshop that highlights the basics of comic book storytelling. He’ll help you find your own voice through pictures. Just like the big guys.

2:00 pm
Room 203A

What’s MATT KINDT been up to? Quite a lot and Adam Daughhetee (Dollar Bin Productions) talks to this busy creator about Dept H, Mind MGMT and much, much more!

2:00 pm
Room 207AB
Comic Book Women Presents: STRESS AND THE FREELANCER

Being your own boss can be great, but the responsibilities and stress can be enough to send you hightailing back to the office. Never fear–you can be a successful freelancer and learn how to manage whatever comes your way. Join Comic Book Women’s panel of savvy pros for tips on everything from scheduling to ergonomics to building a community of other freelancers. Featuring MONICA GALLAGHER, MARISA LOUISE, KATA KANE, JESSI JORDAN, and more!

2:00 pm
Room 206

CHRIS BRENNAMAN (Owner/Operator of sits down with a group of creators who really walk-the-walk and have gone into business for themselves: JIM RUGG (Supermag), JASON GONZALEZ (La Mano Del Destino), RYAN CECIL SMITH (Style and Fashion Zine), and RICHIE POPE (Newdini).

2:00 pm
Cosplay and Charity

A discussion of the various ways cosplayers are giving back to the community, and proving that heroes sometimes really do wear capes.
Panelists: Cherlyn Lambeth, Michael Cox, DJ Spider

2:30 pm
Room 208

Come celebrate the Golden Anniversary of one of the best comics of the past decade. Moderator CHRIS SCHWEIZER (Crogan Adventures) sits down with creative team supreme CULLEN BUNN and BRIAN HURTT.

3:00 pm
Room 203B
QuickDraw—A HeroesCon tradition

We give you #2 pencils and Bristol board; you give us 20 minutes and your feverish inspiration. Then we have an Art Instructor judge the results and we, in turn, give the winner some fabulous prizes. It’s a win-win. Prizes are awarded for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place in the following age categories: 0-10, 11-15, and 16 to 99. The Quick-draw is held on all three days, so we need those pencils back!! Be there!

3:00 pm
Room 209/210
Let’s Make a Hero!

Everybody loves a hero – they’re the characters you root for and the people you want to be. Award nominated duo COMFORT and ADAM, with special guests panelists RON MARZ and BRIAN SCHIRMER lead this panel in two parts: first, you’ll learn what makes great heroes in both writing and in art. Then, the panelists will invite the audience to participate in creating a new hero which will be designed and
drawn live.

3:30 pm
Room 203A

Featuring ERICA HENDERSON, BRIDGIT CONNELL, MONICA GALLAGHER, KATA KANE. Creators can lead a solitary life so what’s it like when they jump into the big comic convention scene or start promoting their work? Hear tales of their struggle and ultimate success as they wade through the comic landscape. Presented by JIMMY AQUINO of COMIC BOOK INSIDER

3:30 pm
Room 206

MIGHTY YOUNG JOE RAUCH sits down with legendary animator BOB CAMP to celebrate the cartooning genius that is REN AND STIMPY. Hard to believe ol’ Stinky is 25 years old and still missing!

3:30 pm
Room 207AB

Greg Matiasevich (Multiversity Comics) and (Artist Proof with) Adrian Johnson land the primo gig of sitting down with three of the greatest Cover Illustrators around: BILL SIENKIEWICZ, SCOTT HAMPTON, and BASIL GOGOS. WOW!!!!

4:00 pm
Room 201

If you’ve ever wondered what makes us love our favorite superheroes, sci-fi rogues, and anime champions this workshop will delve into the process of what makes them so effective. Using examples from Star Wars to Adventure Time we will explore just how important it is to have a clear story/concept when you’re creating these heroes and villains. Everything from color choice, to posture, and powers should reinforce this storytelling foundation. This workshop will analyze what works and teach how to create or enhance your own characters. Instructed By Professor Rashad Doucet (Oni Press, USA Today, Invader Zim, Alabaster Shadows).

4:00 pm
Room 203B
SUPERHERO PSYCHOLOGY: How Weakness, Trauma, and Loss is Turned into Strength, Service, and Resiliency

A group of psychologists from the staff of SOUTHEAST PSYCH explore common psychological issues that arise from superheroes and the relevance that superheroes can have on the lives of everyday people. From the staff of: JONATHAN ANSLOW, Psy. D, FRANK GASKILL, Ph.D., CRAIG POHLMAN, Ph.D., DAVE VERHAAGEN, PhD, ABPP

4:00 pm
Room 207CD

CAP BLACKARD (Nerdy Show) sits down with some of today’s most exciting comic’s talents BROOKE ALLEN, PAULINA GANUCHEAU, KEVIN WADA, KRIS ANKA, TAMRA BONVILLAIN to discuss the state of LGBTQ Culture in comics today and where it is headed in the years to come!

4:00 pm
Room 208

BRIAN STELFREEZE, CHRIS VISIONS & SANFORD GREENE always defy expectations and categorization with their art and lately they’ve been bringing their unique gifts of style and storytelling to Marvel fans with brilliant work on books like Black Panther, Power Man and Iron Fist, Runaways, Spider-Gwen, and Scarlet Witch. Spend an hour with them and moderator Chris Arrant and hear how they got here!

5:00 pm
Room 206

Join Referee CHRIS BRENNAMAN (Owner/Operator of for a Battle Royal with wrestling comics’ pros JASON GONZALEZ, ROBERT NEWSOME, KYLE STARKS, JB ROE, and EVAN DORKIN (better check him for foreign objects!). Brace yourself and watch that turnbuckle!!

5:00 pm
Room 209/210

Celebrate 6 years of recognizing and awarding comic’s finest inkers at HeroesCon
Joining our host BOB ALMOND and spokes-model MS. INKWELL:
A SPECIAL APPEARANCE BY JIM STERANKO! And guest speakers: creator MIKE GRELL and award-winning author J. DAVID SPURLOCK!  Surprise creator guests!  See the live results of who was chosen on last April’s ballot as your favorite 2015 comic book ink artists! Who will enter the Joe Sinnott Hall of Fame? And the FIRST 20 non-member ATTENDEES will win a DOORPRIZE in a post-ceremony giveaway! Please join us!

5:15 pm
Room 208
Tickets available in lobby

5:30 pm
Room 201/202
COMIC REPRINTS– an In-depth look

This is Golden Age of Comic Reprints, but there is so much material published with more every Wednesday. ANDY MANSELL moderates an all-star panel CRAIG YOE (YOE! Books), CRAIG FISCHER (TCJ), MICHAEL EURY (Back Issue) and TOM HEINTJES (Hogan’s Alley). We will look at this topic at length and discuss the following topics: Complete runs vs. BEST OF Collections, Paper vs. PDA, the importance of introductory materials, what deserves to be reprinted (and perhaps what doesn’t) A MUST FOR ALL CLASSIC COMICS FANS!!!!

5:30 pm
Room 203A

Join Aaron Haaland (A Comic Show, Nerdy Show) as he talks craft with some of the best Horror comics’ creators around. FRANK BARBIERE (Five Ghosts), JEREMY HAUN (The Beauty), DREW MOSS (Terrible Lizard), KYLE STRAHM (Haunt), DAVE WACHTER (Breath of Bones), and JOHN LEES (And then Emily was Gone).

5:30 pm
Room 203B

to have six great colorists on one panel LAUREN AFFE, LAURA MARTIN, CHARLIE KIRCHOFF, BRIAN REBER, MATTHEW WILSON, NOLAN WOODARD. Moderator Greg Matiasevich (Multiversity Comics) will keep order and keep the colorists within the lines.

5:30 pm
Room 207AB

Adam Daughhetee (Dollar Bin Productions) talks to BABS TARR, RAFAEL ALBUQUERQUE, and BRENDEN FLETCHER with about the changing of the guard on everyone’s favorite Batgirl.
I wanted to call it YvonneCraigslist, but cooler heads prevailed.

5:30 pm
Room 207CD

Find out about this incredible Comics Collective: Shawn Daughhetee (Dollar Bin Productions) meets THE BERGEN STREET IRREGULARS: MICHEL FIFFE (Copra), TOM ADAMS (Bergen Street Comic Press), and CHARLES FORSMAN (Revenger).


7:30 PM



11:00 AM
Room 203A

Join ROY THOMAS, FRANK BRUNNER, GEOF ISHERWOOD, and RICHARD CASE as they look back on four decades of the Sorcerer Supreme!

11:00 am
Room 203B

Graphic novels and comics are an important and popular literacy tool for the modern library. This panel will share the history of graphic novels at Charlotte Mecklenburg Library, the importance of the format with regard to literacy development and programs and materials offered for free at the library. We’ll also discuss challenges aiming to remove graphic novels from library collections.

11:00 AM
Room 206

Moderator JOE RAUCH sit down with EVAN DORKIN and SARAH DYER as they update us on BEASTS OF BURDEN, CALLA CTHULU, an upcoming episode of BEN 10(!) and lots more! Don’t miss it!

11:00 AM
Room 208

Legendary Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. co-creator JIM STERANKO is interviewed by his partner in crime, award-winning author, J.DAVID SPURLOCK. Controversial topics include: The true Father of the graphic novel; why Captain America Winter Soldier is dedicated to Steranko who, has been called one of the 10 Toughest Guys in Comics; followed by the Flamingo Bar fight, motorcycles, death-defying escapes, redheads, Marvel, Spielberg and more. Don’t you miss it, Pal.

11:30 AM
Room 201/202

Cartoonist and SCAD professor David Allan Duncan leads students young and old through the process of drawing, producing, and distributing mini-comics! Learn about the planning, storytelling, and drawing that goes into making a mini-comic. Create a mini-comic and a little sketchbook during the workshop. Materials provided, so come join the fun!

11:30 AM
Room 207AB

Adam Daughhetee (Dollar Bin Productions) discusses the process of editorial illustration with four of the best: RICHIE POPE, REBECCA MOCK, NATALIE ANDREWSON, and CHRIS KINDRED.

11:30 AM
Room 209/210

Creating great villains is essential for making great stories, whether you love their every appearance or just love to hate them. Award nominated duo COMFORT AND ADAM joined by DAVID PETERSEN and CHRIS SIMS lead this seminar in two parts: first, you’ll learn what makes great villains in both writing and in art. Then, Comfort & Adam will invite the audience to participate in creating a new villain which will be designed and drawn live.

12:00 pm
Room 203B
Comic Book Women Present: COLORISTS-WHAT WE DO!

Join moderator ANDREA PURCELL as she talks to TAMRA BONVILLAIN (Wayward, Moongirl and Devil Dinosaur), MARISSA LOUISE (Escape from New York, Robocop), MARIA VICTORIA ROBADO (Jem and the Holograms, Littlest Pet Shop), and CHRISTINE BRUNSON.

12:00 pm
Room 207CD

CAP BLACKARD (Nerdy Show) holds court with some of Mutant MARVEL’s best. RAMON VILLALOBOS (E Is For Extinction), MARK BAGLEY (All New X-Men), CHAD BOWERS (X-Men ’92), and MARCIO TAKARA (All New Wolverine).

12:30 pm
Room 203A

Several of today’s most erudite comic creators tackle a challenging subject: the fine line between sexy and sexist in comic art. Join moderator MARGUERITE BENNETT and panelists KRIS ANKA, BABS TARR, KEVIN WADA, and JEN BARTEL for a provocative, mature discussion.

12:30 pm

NOTE: If you plan to be in the picture, please be at the STAGING AREA ON THE CONVENTION FLOOR no later than 12:30pm

12:30 pm
Room 206

These talented cartoonists work by their own rules and make fabulous comics. JOE RAUCH talks with JIM RUGG (Street Angel), TOM NEELY & KEENAN KELLER (The Humans), ALEXIS ZIRITT (Space Riders), AARON CONLEY (Sabertooth Swordsman) and RICH TOMMASO (Dark Corridor) to see what makes their work special.

1:00 pm
Room 201/202

KEVIN COLDEN, MISS LASKO-GROSS, BOBBY TIMONY. Come join these great cartoonists as they draw YOUR story. Moderator Jimmy Aquino of Comics Insider will take story ideas from the audience and the artists will draw it live! Help create your own comic!

1:00 pm
Room 208

CHRIS BRENNAMAN (Owner/Operator of talks comics and Hip Hop with the music legend DMC, ED PISKOR (Hip Hop Family Tree), and SANFORD GREENE (Hip Hop Variant Sampler). This will be the one everybody is talking about all weekend. Come and enjoy!!

Room 203B

Join Owly creator ANDY RUNTON and his friends for an amazing hour of fun! We’ll sing, craft, learn how to draw Owly, and listen to an Owly story. You don’t have to be a kid to join, just young at heart!

Room 207CD

It’s CULLEN BUNN, REILLY BROWN, and DOMO STANTON and it’s moderated by – Aaron Haaland (A Comic Show, Nerdy Show). Stop reading and get over here now.

Room 203A

Find out what summer 2016 and beyond hold for the most celebrated publisher in comics today as an all-star panel of Valiant creators and staff detail a brand-new wave of must-read titles! Featuring news and artwork from upcoming blockbusters like FAITH, GENERATION ZERO, BRITANNIA, HARBINGER RENEGADES, and SAVAGE, alongside 4001 A.D., DIVINITY, NINJAK, and more, join panelists MATT KINDT, LEWIS LAROSA, RAFER ROBERTS, and BRIAN REBER right here to find out what’s coming next for Valiant.

2:00 pm
Room 206

Editor/Publisher extraordinaire CRAIG YOE! And his special panelists–comics’ historians MICHELLE NOLAN, JACQUE NODELL and contemporary Romance practitioners JUNE BRIGMAN (Brenda Starr, Mary Worth) and MEGAN LEVENS (Ares & Aphrodite) — examine one of the richest and underrated genre in comics! Bring a lot of tissues or better yet—a squeegee!

2:30 pm
Room 201/202
SCAD WORKSHOP IV Drawing Dynamic Anatomy for Comics

Figure drawing is the single most important aspect of visual storytelling in cartooning and comics. Whether you are drawing super stylized images of fantasy characters, crime fiction detectives or superheroes, the ability to communicate through your figures is critical. Professor Dove will talk about and show you the different approaches to inventing dynamic figures based in correct anatomy for comics’ application through several drawing demos. There will also be a Q and A period at the end of the demos to answer and demonstrate solutions to your specific figure drawing and anatomy questions.

Room 207AB

CHRIS BRENNAMAN (Owner/Operator of sits down with RON MARZ and DARRYL BANKS to discuss one of the most celebrated and entertaining eras for the Emerald Warrior(s).

Room 208

Last year’s HeroesCon marked the very first-ever Milkfed Criminal Masterminds Panel. Masterminds KELLY SUE DECONNICK and MATT FRACTION return with beloved collaborators including but not limited to VALENTINE DE LANDRO, GABRIEL BÁ & FÁBIO MOON — plus Milkfed managing editor LAUREN SANKOVITCH and Lt. Trouble, KIT COX. We’ll talk current projects, what’s new and what’s upcoming for Milkfed. There will be giveaways

Room 203B
QuickDraw—A HeroesCon tradition.

We give you #2 pencils and Bristol board; you give us 20 minutes and your feverish inspiration. Then we have an Art Instructor judge the results and we, in turn, give the winner some fabulous prizes. It’s a win-win. Prizes are awarded for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place in the following age categories 0-10, 11-15, and 16 to 99. The Quickdraw is held on all three days, so we need those pencils back!! It’s just like the 3D glasses.

Room 203A

Digital comics are changing every day, and Stela is leading the digital revolution! Join the Stela team, along with superstar creators JEN BARTEL (Crystal Fighters), FABIAN RANGEL JR. (Santos), JASON COPELAND (Santos), and SARAH DYER (Calla Cthulhu) as they discuss the advantages of an infinite vertical scrolling digital format, and why comics optimized for your smartphone is the revolution that comics’ fans have been waiting for.

Room 206

Comics, television, video games, and movies all have original novels being set in their rich and exciting worlds. For example, CLAY AND SUSAN GRIFFITH have written the first original FLASH novel that intimately ties in with the TV show, and crosses-over into their upcoming ARROW novel. Join them and their editor, STEVE SAFFEL of Titan Books, as they reveal the secrets of tying in with such exciting properties as ALIEN, INDEPENDENCE DAY, DISHONORED, PREDATOR, PLANET OF THE APES, MASS EFFECT, and more.

Room 207CD

Oh, what a talented web they weave. Luckiest moderator ever JOE RAUCH gets to sit down with JASON LATOUR, ROBBI RODRIGUEZ, CHRIS VISIONS, VANESA DEL REY and STACEY LEE. There is talk of a RICO RENZI sighting too.

Building a Superhero

Our panel of experts will tackle all aspects of a single cosplay costume, from planning to fabrics to props and the final reveal. If you’ve ever wondered how much work can go into a build, this is the panel for you!
Panelists: Riki LeCotey, Chris Donio, Sean Patton, Amberle Linnea, DJ Spider

Room 203B

CHRIS BRENNEMAN (Owner/Operator of talks with VERONICA FISH (Archie), FRANCESCO FRANCAVILLA (Afterlife with Archie), and ERICA HENDERSON (Jughead) about all the new things concepts happening at Archie, This is NOT your parent’s Riverdale!

Room 207AB

MICHAEL EURY (Back Issue magazine) sits down with MIKE GRELL the legendary writer/artist behind GREEN ARROW, JON SABLE: FREELANCE, STARSLAYER, WARLORD and so many more.

Room 209/210

For this year’s mega-panel, cartoonist BEN TOWLE and critic CRAIG FISCHER corral a host of talented creators to discuss the improbable animals (fictional and real) that stomp and slither through our favorite comics. Craig begins by presiding over a chat with GABRIEL BÁ and FÁBIO MOON about the elegant vampires, saddled bears, and Lovecraftian monsters they introduced to the Mignolaverse flagship title B.P.R.D. Then Ben presents the preliminary work he’s done on his future graphic novel In the Weeds—and why he’s chosen to draw his central characters as badgers, rhinos, bears, and other animals. Finally, librarian and Women Write About Comics contributor JENNIE LAW leads three world-class dinosaur artists—DUSTIN HARBIN, BUDD ROOT and WILLIAM STOUT—through a talk about the challenges and joys of drawing giant reptiles

Room 208

Moderators Cap Blackard (Nerdy Show) and Aaron Haaland (A Comic Show, Nerdy Show) return to MARVEL with special panelists: BEN CALDWELL (A-Force), RYAN STEGMAN (Inhuman), STEVE EPTING (Velvet), and JOE QUINONES (Howard the Duck).




Room 201/202
SCAD WORKSHOP V: Storyboards: The Basics

You’re watching one of your favorite films and an emotionally powerful scene begins playing. It’s your favorite. You love how the main character gets their revenge/finally gets to eat dinner/saves the day. You think it’s awesome how the final shot pulls out to reveal the hero standing on a cliff looking over the sea as the sun comes up over the cliffs behind him. Epic. End film, roll credits. What made that scene so great? Was it the music? The visuals? The camera moves? The composition and framing and precise rule of thirds so meticulously applied to the- hang on a second, what? Don’t fret. SARAH MYER (BFA, MFA SCAD Sequential Art) is here to explain the challenges and storytelling potential of one of the most important aspects of film: Storyboarding.

12:00 pm
Room 203A
The 6th Annual INKING Panel

A peek behind the curtain of some of the industry’s most respected professionals. Learn more about their origins, their process and what motivated them to become COMIC BOOK INKERS! Join us as we discuss the fine art of the fine line with KARL STORY (Thors) DEXTER VINES (Amazing X-Men,) MARC DEERING (Supergirl) WADE VON GRAWBADGER (Empress) WALDEN WONG (Guardians of Infinity) with Moderators: BRANDON PADGETT and TERENCE HOSKINS

12:00 pm
Room 203B

CHRIS SCHWEIZER (of Crogan’s fame) hosts. This year it is an all-star panel of first-timers to the All Ages including BROOKE ALLEN (Lumberjanes), ANDY HIRSCH (The Baker Street Peculiars), PAULINA GANUCHEAU (Another Castle), REBECCA MOCK (AT: Candy Capers), MATT KINDT, and BRIAN HURTT (Poppy and the Lost Lagoon).

12:00 pm
Room 207AB

Moderator Greg Matiasevich (Multiversity Comics) sits down with two of comics’ all-time great artists: NEAL ADAMS and BILL SIENKIEWICZ, This will be as enlightening as it will be entertaining.

Room 207CD
CRIME PANEL – happy noir year!

JOE RAUCH talks crime, dames, guns, double crosses, triple crosses and more with JUSTIN GREENWOOD (The Fuse), JOHN LEES (And Then Emily was Gone), RICH TOMMASO (Dark Corridor), CHRISTOPHER SEBELA, and IBRAHIM MOUSTAFA (High Crimes) and we know for sure somebody’s gonna squeal.

12:00 pm
Room 208
‘There’s been a break in the continuum’: The 10th Anniversary of CASANOVA.

CRAIG FISCHER sits down with the creative team of the Award-winning series CASANOVA!
Writer: MATT FRACTION, Artists: GABRIEL BA and FABIO MOON, and Letterman: DUSTIN HARBIN along with MILKFED managing editor LAUREN SANKOVITCH.

12:00 pm
Room 209/210

Launched in April 2015, AfterShock Comics is a comic book company that combines the creative edge of an independent comic book publisher with the strengths and experience of a traditional powerhouse. Featuring: RAY FAWKES, MARGUERITE BENNETT, JUSTIN JORDAN and FRANK BARBIERE.

1:30 pm
Room 203A

Meet the creators of Ominous Studio: BART SEARS, RON MARZ, ANDY SMITH, TOM RANEY as they discuss their plans for the future with moderator SEAN HUSVAR.

Room 203B
QuickDraw—A HeroesCon tradition.

We give you #2 pencils and Bristol board; you give us 20 minutes and your feverish inspiration. Then we have an Art Instructor judge the results and we, in turn, give the winner some fabulous prizes. It’s a win-win. Prizes are awarded for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place in the following age categories 0-10, 11-15, and 16 to 99. The Quickdraw is held EVERY YEAR, so we need those pencils back!! Be there!

1:30 pm
Room 207AB

JASON LATOUR (Southern Bastards, Spider-Gwen, Loose Ends, Winter Soldier) shows everybody how it’s done. Last year, this was the panel with the most buzz; this year—we have a vastly improved sound system.

1:30 pm
Room 208

KELLY SUE DECONNICK, VALENTINE DE LANDRO, Milkfed managing editor LAUREN SANKOVITCH and Lt. Trouble, KIT COX. A LOT OF ANGRY WOMEN. Probably the most fun you’ll have all year.

1:30 pm
Room 209/210
Teaching Comics Series: THEORY IN PRACTICE

ED PISKOR (Hip Hop Family Tree) and JIM RUGG (Street Angel) sit down with moderator Shawn Daughhetee as they talk about their experiences teaching comics. Piskor leads comics’ workshops and boot camps around the world. Rugg is a faculty member at the School of Visual Art where he teaches classes in the MFA Visual Narrative program. They discuss instilling a foundation of comics’ knowledge, encouraging growth and development, and working with the future of the industry. Get ready for a practical lesson in teaching theory!

2:30 pm
Room 201/202

Comics are being studied in Colleges, High Schools and even Grade schools. Isn’t it time to establish a CANON to have some basis of a standard reading list? Maybe, maybe not, but if so, WHAT belongs in the CANON? Heroes’ own ANDY MANSELL will try to keep the peace between Academics ANDY KUNKA University of South Carolina Sumter, DEREK ROYAL University of Texas at Dallas, CRAIG FISCHER Appalachia State, CMS Librarian, MARK ENGLEBRECHT and our two favorite Editor/Publishers/ Historians CRAIG YOE and TOM HEINTJES. We tried this a few years ago and didn’t get very far, but we had a lot of fun getting there. Join us, and plan to participate if you’d like. It’s the perfect way to end a great weekend.

2:30 pm
Room 203B

Nerdy News Network presents Fashion and Comics: A hero in a hoodie?! Leather jacket costumes?! Join TRAVIS GRIMM and COURTNEY FLANAGAN along with their special guest BRIDGIT CONNELL as they discuss fashion in comics and superhero costumes, and how they have also influenced fashion today in clothing brands and cosplay.

2:30 pm
Room 207CD

Heroes’ own KARLA MARSH and fellow Jem fanatic ROXANNE RISKY talk all thing JEM with JEN BARTEL and MARIA VICTORIA ROBADO.

3:00 pm
Room 203A

No more muddy watercolors! For those getting started in watercolors, TONY MOY will review some basic skills, techniques and tools to begin your journey.  A demo will cover creating a variety of washes, textures and lines all while creating a dynamic, hero related painting.  Bring your questions and enjoy the show!

3:00 pm
Room 207AB

Comics artists SANFORD GREENE (Power Man & Iron Fist, Army of Frogs) and BEN CALDWELL (A-Force, Prez) live-draw comics pages while discussing their processes, common storytelling concerns, tricks etc. page art from previous comics work will also be displayed on-screen and their development discussed. Questions from the audience throughout the demo are encouraged!

3:00 pm
Cosplay Q & A

Curious about cosplay? Burning questions about the “right way” and the “wrong way”? Wondering if it’s true that anyone can cosplay?  This annual panel is a great jumping off point if you’re new to the hobby and also a chance to get re-inspired if you’re starting to feel jaded.
Panelists: DJ Spider


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HEROES CONVENTION was founded in 1982 by Shelton Drum, owner of Charlotte’s Heroes Aren’t Hard To Find comics shop. Since then the convention has become famous for its comics-first and family-friendly atmosphere, where fans can mingle directly with professionals and exhibitors. Boasting an incredible guest list built mainly on reputation and goodwill, HeroesCon is known nationwide as a “must” on the summer schedule, drawing fans, exhibitors, and creators from all over the world to the Charlotte Convention Center.

Inkwell Awards to Feature Special Appearance by Jim Steranko at HeroesCon 2016

June 14, 2016 by  
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Jim Steranko

Press Release:

A Special Appearance by Jim Steranko to Highlight the 2016 Inkwell Awards Ceremony at Heroes Con

(New Bedford, MA/USA—June 10, 2016) Results from the 9th annual Inkwell Awards will be presented at the inking advocacy group’s 6th live awards ceremony this June 17-19 at Heroes Con in Charlotte, NC.  Eisner Hall of Fame award-winning creator Jim Steranko will be making a special appearance at the event.

“Graphic artist, comic book writer/artist, historian, magician, editor, publisher and film production illustrator….Jim is a modern Renaissance Man, globally recognized and respected in the sequential art medium for his epics and innovations in the field” said Bob Almond, the non-profit organization’s founder and director.  “Having a legendary icon like him speaking on behalf of ink artists and the art form of inking is an immense honor.”

The Inkwells have five categories: Favorite Inker, the “Props” award for under-recognized professionals, the S.P.A.M.I., for Small Press And Mainstream-Independent work, Most-Adaptable Inker and the “All-in-One” for the artist who inks his/her own pencil art. Thousands of voters visited and voted from April 15-30 at the group’s website to show their support.

The awards ceremony is scheduled for Friday (not Saturday as in the past),June 17, 5:00 PM at the Charlotte Convention Center in room 209-210. In addition to Steranko, other speakers include host and presenter Almond, hostess Holly Black as spokesmodel Ms. Inkwell, legendary creator Mike Grell and award-winning author (and Inkwell special ambassador), J. David Spurlock. Announced with the award-winners will be the two recipients of the annual Joe Sinnott Hall of Fame Award and the second recipient of the Special Recognition Award.

Other attendees include Inkwell ambassadors Laura Martin and Mike McKone, plus contributor Enrica Jang. As an added bonus, the first 20 non-member attendees will receive a raffle ticket for an automatic door prize. After the event, every ticket holder will win a prize as explained at the ceremony.

Almond added, “Last year, with the change of day and the door prizes offered, we had our record-best attendance ever. We plan to repeat that winning combination, especially with Steranko’s appearance.”

The Inkwells will be set up in Artists Alley at table AA-521, offering for donations their new, fifth annual Joe Sinnott Inking Challenge book and plenty of other Inkwells merchandise to help raise much-needed funds. “We’re immensely grateful to promoter Shelton Drum and the Heroes Con staff for supporting the community and giving fans an opportunity to learn more about and appreciate this often overlooked industry craft.”

The Inkwell Awards ( is an official 501(c)3 non-profit organization whose mission is to educate the public and promote the art form of comic-book inking, as well as annually recognize the best ink artists and their work. Now in its ninth year, the organization is overseen by a committee of industry professionals and assisted by various professional ambassadors and numerous contributors. They sponsor the Dave Simons Inkwell Memorial Scholarship Fund for the Kubert School and host the Joe Sinnott Hall of Fame Award.

HeroesCon 2016 Kick-Off Party


HeroesCon hosts a Kick-Off Party / Milkfed Criminal Masterminds Art Show at Buffalo Wild Wings on Thursday, June 16 from 7:00 PM till midnight! 100% of the sales of this limited edition Non-Compliant “Bitch Planet” inspired T-Shirt, along with 10% of the total sales of food and drink at Buffalo Wild Wings, will be donated to Equality NC to encourage tolerance and change in our government and society!

If you’re planning to attend HeroesCon, be sure to stop by Buffalo Wild Wings on Thursday night and help make a difference!

This design will also be available as a “print-on-demand” Indie Island shirt at Fine Print Shoppe Booths 1010/1109 throughout the convention. You can bring your own shirt, tank top or bag and have it screen-printed, or you can purchase one on site. HeroesCon will donate all the proceeds from the sale of “Non-Compliant” print-on-demand items to Equality NC as well!

Also Casanova co-creators Matt Fraction, Gabriel Bá, and Fàbio Moon will be on hand to celebrate the comic’s tenth anniversary with an exhibition of original artwork and live art!

Buffalo Wild Wings – Nascar Hall of Fame
400 E Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd, Charlotte NC 28202
(704) 971-9464

HeroesCon 2016 Guest Update

HeroesCon 2016 has updated their guest list! June 17-19! Get your 3 day passes and see the full guest list (so far) at:

00000000_2016heroescon1JOEL ADAMS | Lilz, Bucky O’Hare
NEAL ADAMS | Coming of the Supermen, Batman: Odyssey, Green Lantern, X-Men
LAUREN AFFEBuzzkill, Five Ghosts, Turok
JIM AMASH | Alter Ego magazine, Jughead, Sonic Universe, Archie and Friends
NATALIE ANDREWSONAdventure Time: Ice King, Mamuna, Meanwhile
KRIS ANKA | Captain Marvel, X-Men, X-Force, Wolverine
GABRIEL BÁ | Daytripper, Two Brothers, Casanova
MARK BAGLEYAll New X-Men, Ultimate Spider-Man, Avengers Standoff
Sonic Universe, Mega Man
DARRYL BANKSGreen Lantern, Legion of Super Heroes, JLA
FRANK BARBIEREFive Ghosts, Solar: Man of the Atom, The White Suits
JEN BARTEL | Jem and the Holograms, Star Trek: Starfleet Academy
JOHN BEATTYSecret Wars, Punisher, Batman, Thanos Quest
SHANE BERRYHILLSherwood, Texas, Adventures In Crime
IAN BERTRAMBatman Eternal, Detective Comics, House of Penance
STEVE BIRD | Robin, Detective Comics, The Crow
TAMRA BONVILLAINRat Queens, Wayward, and Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur
CHAD BOWERSX-Men ’92, Down Set Fight!, and Bill & Ted’s Most Triumphant Return
JUNE BRIGMAN | Power Pack, Supergirl, Star Wars, Brenda Starr
REILLY BROWN Lobo, Deadpool: Dracula’s Gauntlet, Incredible Hercules
| God Hates Astronauts, Manhattan Projects, Bedlam
FRANK BRUNNER | Dr Strange, Conan, Howard the Duck
ALEJANDRO BRUZZESE | Proxy, Hyperpower!, Bartkira, Feral NYC, God Hates Astronauts
CULLEN BUNN | The Sixth Gun, Harrow County, Uncanny X-Men, Deadpool
BUZZ | JSA, Vampirella, Atomika
BEN CALDWELL | Prez, A-Force, Wonder Woman, Harley Quinn, Dare Detectives
BOB CAMP | Ren & Stimpy, Thundercats
RICHARD CASE | Spider-Man, Doom Patrol, Hunter: The Age of Magic, Annie Ammo
BENITO CERENO | The Tick, Hector Plasm, Invincible Presents
AMY CHU | Wonder Woman, Vertigo Quarterly, DMC, Deadpool
MATTHEW CLARK | Legend of the Dark Knight, Ghost Rider, Wonder Woman
RYAN CODY Doc Unknown, Monstrous, The Phantom
COMFORT & ADAMThe Uniques, Rainbow in the Dark
AARON CONLEYSabertooth Swordsman
JASON COPLAND | Pop, Daredevil, Kill All Monsters
JAMIE COSLEY | Cody the Cavalier
CREATUREBOX | Ratchet & Clank, 9 lives (Spider Kitty), The MONSTER VOLUME
TERESA R DAVIDSON | Sonic the Hedgehog, Archie
PATRICK DEAN | FLUKE, Big Deal Comics & Stories
KELLY SUE DECONNICK | Bitch Planet, Pretty Deadly, Captain Marvel
MARC DEERING | Supergirl, Legion
VANESA DEL REYPaper Girls, Southern Bastards, The Goddamned
TODD DEZAGO | Tellos, Perhapanauts, Spider-Man
DMC (Presented by Pros For Life) | DMC, Guardians of Infinity
MICHAEL DOONEY | Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Grimm Fairy Tales, Gizmo
LOGAN FAERBER | Adventure Time, Bravest Warriors, The Cartoon Guidebook to Failure
MICHEL FIFFE Copra, Zegas, Twisted Savage Dragon Funnies
NICK FILARDIPowers, Heartthrob, Deadpool 2099
ANDY FISH | Dracula’s Army, Werewolves of Wisconsin, Warner Bros Licensing Artist
VERONICA FISH | Archie, Howard The Duck, Silk
JARED K FLETCHERScarlet Witch, Spider-Women Alpha, Hit 1957
IAN FLYNN | Sonic the Hedgehog, Mega Man, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
CHARLES FORSMAN Revenger, TEOTFW, Celebrated Summer
TOM FOWLER | Hulk: Season 1, Quantum & Woody, Howtoons: [re]ignition, D&D&D
MATT FRACTION | Sex Criminals, Casanova, ODY-C, Hawkguy
RAMONA FRADONAquaman, Metamorpho
FRANCESCO FRANCAVILLA | Afterlife with Archie, The Black Beetle, Detective Comics
MONICA GALLAGHER | Part-Time Princesses, Bonnie N. Collide Nine to Five, Boobage
PAULINA GANUCHEAU | Zodiac Starforce, Another Castle
JUAN GEDEON | Ghost Racers
MITCH GERADS | Sheriff of Babylon, The Punisher, The Activity
STEPHANIE GLADDEN | Peanuts, Jingle Belle, Simpsons, Powerpuff Girls
BASIL GOGOS | Famous Monsters
00000000_2016heroescon2MICHAEL GOLDEN | The Nam, Micronoauts, Dr. Strange, She-Hulk, Howard the Duck
RANDY GREEN | Tomb Raider, Red Sonja, X-Men
SANFORD GREENEPower Man & Iron Fist, Runaways, Rotten Apple, Deadpool
JUSTIN GREENWOODThe Fuse, Stumptown, Stringers, Wasteland, Resurrection
GENE GONZALES | DC Comics Licensing Artist, Iron Man 2 Cards, Diary of Night
JASON GONZALEZ La Mano Del Destino
MIKE GRELL Green Arrow, Warlord, Jon Sable Freelance
JOHN HAIRSTON JR. | 1962: The Age of Marvels
SCOTT HAMPTON | Hellboy: Sleeping and the Dead, Batman, Sandman
JAMES HARRENRumble, BPRD, Abe Sapien
JOE HARRIS | CANCELLED X-Files, Ghost Projekt, Wars in Toyland, Spontaneous
JEREMY HAUN | The Beauty, Batwoman, Bad Karma, The Darkness
ERICA HENDERSON | Unbeatable Squirrel Girl, Jughead, Subatomic Party Girls
JONATHAN HICKMAN | East of West, The Manhattan Projects, Avengers
ANDY HIRSCH | The Baker Street Peculiars, Varmints, Garfield
JASON HORN | Aw Yeah Comics, Ninjasaur, Gruff
BRIAN HURTT | The Sixth Gun, Cowboys, The Damned, Hard Time, Queen & Country
GEOF ISHERWOOD | Conan, Dr. Strange, Suicide Squad, Namor
JUSTIN JORDAN | Luther Strode, Spread, Dead Body Road
KEENAN MARSHALL KELLER | The Humans, Galactic Breakdown, Force Majeure
CHRIS KEMPLE | Red Vengeance, Fallout, Negative Burn, Fantastic Worlds
MATT KINDT | Dept H, Mind MGMT, Star Wars, RAI
CHARLIE KIRCHOFF | Doctor Who, Judge Dredd, Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency
LEWIS LAROSA | Bloodshot, Harbinger, Shadowman, X-Men, JLA, Punisher MAX
JASON LATOUR | Southern Bastards, Spider-Gwen, Loose Ends, Winter Soldier
STACEY LEE | Silk, Gwenpool, Spider-Man and the X-Men
JOHN LEES | And Then Emily Was Gone, The Standard, Oxymoron
BRIAN LEVEL | The Mantle, Constantine
CORY LEVINE | Bowery Boys
MIKE LILLY | Grimm Fairy Tales, Nightwing, Annihilation Conquest Quasar
MARISSA LOUISE | Broken World, Merry Men, Escape from New York
JAMES LYLE | Grimm Fairy Tales, Game of Horror, Abraham’s Journey
STEVE MANNION | Fearless Dawn, The Bomb
LAURA MARTIN | Black Panther, A-Force, Ragnarök
RON MARZ | Skylanders, Witchblade, Green Lantern, Ominous Press
CARA MCGEEOver The Garden Wall
GARRY MCKEE II | Tomb of Horrors, Legend of the 5 Rings, Warhammer 40K
MIKE MCKONEJustice League United, Avengers: Endless Wartime
BOB MCLEOD | New Mutants, Spider-Man, Kraven’s Last Hunt
KEVIN MELLONArcher, Suicide Sisters, Heart, Lovestruck
REBECCA MOCKCompass South, Spera, vol. III, Hana Doki Kira Anthology
FÁBIO MOON | Daytripper, Two Brothers, Casanova
JASON MOORE | Batman:Haunted Gotham, The Crusades, Evil Ernie
TRADD MOORE | Luther Strode, Ghost Rider, Secret Avengers, Deadpool
DREW MOSS | Terrible Lizard, The Colonized, The Crow: Pestilence, In the Dark
00000000-2016heroescon3TED NAIFEH | Courtney Crumrin, Polly and the Pirates, Ame-Comi Duela Dent
TOM NEELY | The Humans, Henry & Glenn Forever, The Blot
JOE PEKAR | Grimm Fairy Tales, Brandi Bare, Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions
ANDREW PEPOY | Fables, The Simpsons, The Adventures of Simone & Ajax
DAVID PETERSEN | Mouse Guard, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
ED PISKOR | Hip Hop Family Tree, Wizzywig, American Splendor: Our Movie Year
RICHIE POPE | Newdini, The New Yorker
PAT QUINN | The Phantom, GI Joe: Declassified, Necrotic
JOE QUINONES | Howard The Duck, Wednesday Comics, Amazing Spider-Man
KHARY RANDOLPHTechjacket, Deadpool, Justice League Beyond
TOM RANEY | Infinite Crisis, Batman-Superman, Phantom Limb Ghost Puncher
FABIAN RANGEL JR | Space Riders, Doc Unknown, TMNT: Amazing Adventures
BRIAN REBER | Bloodshot Reborn, Ninjak, Archer and Armstrong
ROY RICHARDSON | Convergence: Man of Steel, Iron Man, Flash
MATTHEW ROBERTS Manifest Destiny, Battle Pope: Mayhem
RAFER ROBERTS Archer and Armstrong, Plastic Farm Press, Carpool Buddies of Doom
ROBBI RODRIGUEZ | Spider-Gwen, Frankie Get Your Gun, FBP, Uncanny X-Force
DON ROSA | The Life and Times of Uncle Scrooge, Walt Disney’s Comics and Stories
JOHN ROSE | Snuffy Smith
STEPHANE ROUX | Harley Quinn, Star Wars, Zatanna, Birds of Prey, Action Comics, Batman
JIM RUGG | Street Angel, Supermag, Afrodisiac
K MICHAEL RUSSELL | Hack/Slash, Judge Dredd
STEVE SAFFELSpider-Man The Icon, The Best of Simon and Kirby
MARK SCHULTZ | Xenozoic Tales, Carbon, SubHuman
BART SEARS | Justice League Europe, X-O Manowar, Ominous Press
BEN SEARS | Double+, Pressure/Sensitivity, As You Were
CHRISTOPHER SEBELA | High Crimes, Ghost, Dead Letters, Alien Vs. Predator
TONY SHASTEEN | Star Trek, Vampire Diaries, Batman: Arkham Unhinged
GEOFF SHAW | Buzzkill, The Paybacks
BRIAN SHEARERGI Joe, Transformers, Doctor Who, William the Last
JEFF SHULTZArchie, Peanuts
BILL SIENKIEWICZ | Elektra: Assassin, Stary Toasters, New Mutants
HOYT SILVAOperation: Nemesis, Quatermain: Ghosts of the Nzadi
CHRIS SIMS | X-Men ’92, Down Set Fight!, and Bill & Ted’s Most Triumphant Return
ANDY SMITH | Thanos, X-Men, Stormwatch, Wolverine, Superman, Batman
RYAN CECIL SMITH | S.F., Style & Fashion Zine, Another Face
UKO SMITH | Heavy Metal, FX2
JOHNDELL SNEAD | Back to the Future, Rez, Zenescope Swimsuit
JON SOMMARIVA | Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
CHRIS SPARKS | Team Cul de Sac, The Art of Richard Thompson
J. DAVID SPURLOCKVanguard Publishing
DOMO STANTON | Starbrand & Nightmask, Prez, Deadpool, Chozen
KYLE STARKS | Sexcastle, Rick & Morty, Legend of Ricky Thunder
RYAN STEGMAN | Inhuman, Wolverine, Superior Spider-Man, Fantastic Four
BRIAN STELFREEZEDay Men, Wednesday Comics, The Ride, Gun Candy
JIM STERANKO | Nick Fury, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D., History of Comics, Prevue Magazine
KARL STORYThors, Ocean, Tom Strong, Terra Obscura, Nightwing
WILLIAM STOUT | Heavy Metal, Wizards, Alien Worlds, Hallucinations
KYLE STRAHM | Spread, Haunt, Hack/Slash
MARCIO TAKARAAll-New Wolverine, Captain Marvel, Armor Wars, Batman
ERIC TALBOTTeenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, The Melting Pot
BRENO TAMURA | PIGS, 12 reasons to die, MUTE
BABS TARR | Batgirl, Bosozoku Sailor Scouts, Lady Knights//Women Warriors
CHAD THOMASTeenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Mega Man
RICH TOMMASO | Dark Corridor, The Horror Of Collier County, 8 1/2 Ghosts
WILFREDO TORRES | Jupiter’s Circle, The Shadow: Year One, Lobster Johnson, Aliens
DEAN TRIPPE | Something Terrible, Power Lunch, Butterfly, Project: Rooftop
ROB ULLMAN | Atom-Bomb Bikini, Old-Timey Hockey Tales, Traffic & Weather
RAMON VILLALOBOS | E Is For Extinction, Nighthawk
DEXTER VINES | Amazing X-Men, Nova, Avengers: X- Sanction, Buffy, Hulk
CHRIS VISIONS | Dead Letters, Spider-Gwen, Scarlet Witch, Devils on the Levee
DAVE WACHTER | Breath of Bones, The Guns of Shadow Valley, Godzilla: Cataclysm
KEVIN WADA | She-Hulk, Catwoman, X-Men
00000000-2016heroescon4JASON WALKER | Shadowman, White Wolf, Mage
MICHAEL WALSHSecret Avengers, The Vision, X-Men, Winter Soldier
DANIEL WARREN JOHNSON | The Ghost Fleet, Space-Mullet, Quake
LARRY WATTS | Amy of Darkness, Evil Dead 2, Robyn Hood
LEE WEEKS | Superman, Daredevil, Incredible Hulk, Spider-Man
JOEY WEISER | Mermin, Spongebob Squarepants
JEREMY WHITLEY | Princeless, My Little Pony, Marvel’s Secret Wars: Secret Love
DAVID ANTOINE WILLIAMSX-Men: First Class, GI Joe, Incredible Hercules, Hulk & Power Pack
FREDDIE E WILLIAMS II | Batman/TMNT, Seven Soldiers: Mister Miracle, Flash
MATT WILSON | The Wicked + The Divine, Daredevil, Paper Girls, Black Widow
ROBERT WILSON IV | Bitch Planet, Laser Joan, Knuckleheads
JK WOODARD | X-men Origins: Beast, Star Trek, Doctor Who
JAKE WYATT | Necropolis, Ms Marvel, Hulk
JOHN WYCOUGH | Star Wars, Transformers, Secret Invasion
TRACY YARDLEY | Sonic the Hedgehog, The Adventures of Galaxy Man and Cosmic Girl
CRAIG YOE | Yoe! Books
SKOTTIE YOUNG | CANCELLED I Hate Fairyland, Rocket Racoon, Fortunately the Milk, Oz
ALEXIS ZIRITT | Space Riders, The Package

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HEROES CONVENTION was founded in 1982 by Shelton Drum, owner of Charlotte’s Heroes Aren’t Hard To Find comics shop. Since then the convention has become famous for its comics-first and family-friendly atmosphere, where fans can mingle directly with professionals and exhibitors. Boasting an incredible guest list built mainly on reputation and goodwill, HeroesCon is known nationwide as a “must” on the summer schedule, drawing fans, exhibitors, and creators from all over the world to the Charlotte Convention Center.




HeroesCon 2016 Artists Alley Tables Now On Sale


HeroesCon 2016 Artists Alley tables are on sale NOW! Reserve your table at America’s Favorite COMIC Convention today! Click the link for prices and further details.

Heroes Convention is not only one of the most recognizable names on the comics convention circuit, but has a well-deserved reputation as a convention that puts comics first, meaning aisles packed with fans looking for new comics and comic-related merchandise to check out. Our 2016 HeroesCon will be one of our biggest yet, and booth space is fully expected to sell out well in advance of the show. No space is reserved without payment in full: act now to reserve your 6′ table, 2 chairs and 2 badges!

HeroesCon 2016 will be held on Friday, June 17th – Sunday, June 19, 2016 at the Charlotte Convention Center!

RSVP on Facebook!

Heroes Convention (June 2016)

Heroes Convention

Convention Name
Heroes Convention
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HEROES CONVENTION was founded in 1982 by Shelton Drum, owner of Charlotte’s Heroes Aren’t Hard To Find comics shop. Since then the convention has become famous for its comics-first and family-friendly atmosphere, where fans can mingle directly with professionals and exhibitors. Boasting an incredible guest list built mainly on reputation and goodwill, HeroesCon is known nationwide as a “must” on the summer schedule, drawing fans, exhibitors, and creators from every region of the country to the Charlotte Convention Center.
Venue Name and Address
Charlotte Convention Center , NC 28202
501 S. College St.
Charlotte, North Carolina 28202
United States
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Stan Lee Returns to HeroesCon 2015


Stan Lee is returning to HeroesCon! He’s coming to sign autographs and take photos with fans on Saturday, June 20th. For the serious Stan ‘The Man” Fan you can join Stan Lee and a very limited number of other TRUE BELIEVERS for a meet and greet on Friday evening. Check the HeroesCon ticket page to find the package that is right for you!

HeroesCon 2015 takes place June 19-21, 2015! 

HEROES CONVENTION was founded in 1982 by Shelton Drum, owner of Charlotte’s Heroes Aren’t Hard To Find comics shop. Since then the convention has become famous for its comics-first and family-friendly atmosphere, where fans can mingle directly with professionals and exhibitors. Boasting an incredible guest list built mainly on reputation and goodwill, HeroesCon is known nationwide as a “must” on the summer schedule, drawing fans, exhibitors, and creators from all over the world to the Charlotte Convention Center.

2015 Guests include:

STAN “THE MAN” LEE! | Avengers, Amazing Spider-Man, Daredevil, Fantastic Four, X-Men

JASON AARON | Star Wars, Southern Bastards, Scalped, Wolverine & the X-Men, Thor
ARTHUR ADAMS | Longshot, X-Men, Monkeyman & O’Brien
KRIS ANKA | X-Men, X-Force, Wolverine
JASON SHAWN ALEXANDER | Empty Zone, Abe Sapien, Batman: Arkham City 
FRANK BARBIERE | Five Ghosts, Solar: Man of the Atom, The White Suits
JEREMY BASTIAN Cursed Pirate Girl, The Guild: Tink, Mouse Guard: Legends of the Guard 
JOHN BEATTY | Secret Wars, Punisher, Batman, Thanos Quest 
ANDY BELANGER | Southern Cross, Black Church
IVAN BRANDON | Drifter, Wolverine, Viking, NYC Mech, Offset Comics
JUNE BRIGMAN Power Pack, Supergirl, Star Wars, Brenda Starr
PAT BRODERICK | Green Lantern, Micronauts, Nibiru and the Legend of the Anunnaki
MARK BROOKS | Star Wars, X-Men Legacy, Deadpool
DAVE BULLOCK Director of Justice League:The New Frontier, Batman,Wednesday Comics 
CULLEN BUNN | The Sixth Gun, Moon Knight, Hellbreak
REILLY BROWN Lobo, Deadpool: Dracula’s Gauntlet, Incredible Hercules
RYAN BROWNE God Hates Astronauts, Manhattan Projects, Bedlam
CHRIS BRUNNER Loose Ends, Sundowners, Batman: LOTDK
ERIK BURNHAM New Warriors, TMNT/Ghostbusters, Galaxy Quest
BEN CALDWELL | Prez, Wonder Woman, Dare Detectives
TALENT CALDWELL Superman, Fathom, Wildcats
ERIC CANETE RUNLOVEKILL, TRON: Uprising, Beware The Batman
RICHARD CASE | Spider-Man, Doom Patrol, Hunter: The Age of Magic, Annie Ammo
MATT CHAPMAN Homestar Runner, Gravity Falls, The AquaBats! Super Show!
AMY CHU Wonder Woman, Vertigo Quarterly, Girls Night Out
MATTHEW CLARK | Legend of the Dark Knight, Ghost Rider, Wonder Woman
BRIAN CLEVINGER Atomic Robo, 8-Bit Theater
AARON CONLEY | Sabertooth Swordsman
JASON COPLAND Pop, Daredevil, Kill All Monsters
CREATUREBOX | Ratchet & Clank, 9 lives (Spider Kitty), The MONSTER VOLUME
C MARTIN CROKER | Space Ghost, Scooby Doo, Aqua Teen Hunger Force
TYLER CROOK | Harrow County, B.P.R.D.: Hell on Earth, Petrograd
SHAWN CRYSTAL | Arkham Manor
TOBY CYPRESS Punkrock*Jazz, The White Suits, Rodd Racer
GEOF DARROW | The Shaolin Cowboy, Hard Boiled, Big Guy and Rusty the Boy Robot
KELLY SUE DECONNICK | Captain Marvel, Pretty Deadly, Bitch Planet
JEFF DEKAL Journey Into Mystery, Avengers World, Shadowman
JOHN DELL Harley VS Captain Carrot, Spider-Man, Guardians of The Galaxy
VANESA DEL REY | Hit 1955/1957, Zero, Once Upon a Time: Out of the Past 
TODD DEZAGO | Tellos, Perhapanauts, Spider-Man
EVAN DORKIN Beasts of Burden, Milk & Cheese, Bill & Ted’s Excellent Comic Book, Dork!
MING DOYLE The Kitchen, Constantine, Dark Universe
NICK DRAGOTTA East of West, Howtoons
TOMMY LEE EDWARDS | Turf, Brandon Generator, Vandroid, The Question
JOE EISMA | Morning Glories, Notorious, Existence 3.0
JOEY ELLIS Leaky Timbers
MATT FEAZELL The Amazing Cynicalman, ZOT!, Disney Adventures Magazine
MICHEL FIFFE Copra, Zegas, Twisted Savage Dragon Funnies
IAN FLYNN | Sonic the Hedgehog, Mega Man, New Crusaders
CHARLES FORSMAN TEOTFW, Celebrated Summer, Revenger
NATHAN FOX Captain Victory and the Galactic Rangers, FBP, SFX Anthology
MATT FRACTION | ODY-C, Sex Criminals, Casanova, Hawkguy
FRANCESCO FRANCAVILLA | Afterlife with Archie, The Black Beetle, Detective Comics
JUAN GEDEON | Ghost Racers
MITCH GERADS | The Punisher, The ACTIVITY, Doctor WHO, Planet of the Apes
MICHAEL GOLDEN | The Nam, Micronoauts, Dr. Strange, She-Hulk, Howard the Duck
SANFORD GREENE | Runaways, Rotten Apple, Deadpool, Methodman GN
JUANJO GUARNIDO | Blacksad, Sorcelleries
JAMES HARREN | Rumble, BPRD, Abe Sapien
TONY HARRIS | Ex Machina, Starman, War Heroes, Spider-Man, Batman
JEREMY HAUN Batwoman, Bad Karma, The Darkness
ERICA HENDERSON | Unbeatable Squirrel Girl, Subatomic Party Girls
JONATHAN HICKMAN | East of West, The Manhattan Projects, Avengers
JAMAL IGLE Molly Danger, Terminator, G.I.Joe
KLAUS JANSON | Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, Daredevil, Spider-Man
SANDY JARRELL Batman ’66, Meteor Men, Unfair
GEORGES JEANTY Serenity, Buffy, Green Lantern, Superboy
DAVE JOHNSON | Superman: Red Son, Silk, Batman
JUSTIN JORDAN Luther Strode, Spread, Dead Body Road
KEENAN MARSHALL KELLER | The Humans, Galactic Breakdown, Force Majeure
RYAN KELLY | The New York Four, Star Wars, Funrama, Local, Saucer Country
MATT KINDT | Mind MGMT, Star Wars, RAI
TOM KING | Grayson, Omega Men, Teen Titans
BARRY KITSON | Empire: Uprising, Spider-Man, Legion of Super Heroes
SCOTT KOLINS Flash, Avengers, Justice League, Spider-man, Larfleeze
JASON LATOUR | Southern Bastards, Spider-Gwen, Loose Ends, Winter Soldier 
TULA LOTAY | SAT-SUN ONLY Supreme: Blue Rose, Bodies
ANDREW MACLEAN | Apocalyptigirl, Head Lopper, Colonial Souls
MIKE MAIHACK | Cleopatra in Space
FRANCIS MANAPUL | Detective Comics, The Flash, Adventure Comics, Superman Batman
STEVE MANNION | Fearless Dawn, The Bomb
BENJAMIN MARRA Night Business, OMWOT, Captain Victory
LAURA MARTIN | Avengers, Wolverine and the X-Men
PAUL MAYBURY | Valhalla Mad, Dogs of Mars, Aqua Leung
DAVE MCCAIG | American Vampire, Arkham Knight: Genesis, Dark Universe
MIKE MCKONE | Justice League United, Avengers: Endless Wartime
BOB MCLEOD | New Mutants, Spider-Man, Kraven’s Last Hunt
KAGAN MCLEOD | Kaptara, Infinite Kung Fu
KEVIN MELLON Archer, Suicide Sisters, Heart, Lovestruck
CHRISTOPHER MITTEN | Umbral, Wasteland, 30 Days of Night
TRADD MOORE Luther Strode, Ghost Rider
TOM NEELY | The Humans, Henry & Glenn Forever, The Blot
MIKE NORTON | Battle Pug, Revival
PHIL NOTO | Black Widow, Ghost, X-Force, Birds of Prey
RYAN OTTLEY | Invincible, Haunt
DAN PANOSIAN | John Tiffany, Batwing, All Star Western
RAMÓN PÉREZ | Hawkeye, Tale of Sand, Spider-Man
DAVID PETERSEN | Mouse GuardTeenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
ED PISKOR | Hip Hop Family Tree, Wizzywig, American Splendor: Our Movie Year
NICK PITARRA | The Manhattan Projects, The Red Wing
JUSTIN PONSOR | Death of Wolverine, Spider-Verse, Ultimate Spider-Man 
JOE PRUETT | CCO/Publisher of AfterShock Comics, X-Men, Cable
PAT QUINN | The Phantom, GI Joe: Declassified, Necrotic
JOE QUINONES | Howard The Duck, Wednesday Comics, Amazing Spider-Man
KHARY RANDOLPH Techjacket, Deadpool, Justice League Beyond
ANDREW ROBINSON The Fifth Beatle, Dusty Star, Batman, Winter Soldier
ROBBI RODRIGUEZ Spider-Gwen, Frankie Get Your Gun, FBP, Uncanny X-Force
CRAIG ROUSSEAU Avengers, Perhapanauts, Batman Beyond, Impulse
STEPHANE ROUX | Harley Quinn, Star Wars, Zatanna, Birds of Prey, Action Comics, Batman
JIM RUGG | Street Angel, Supermag, Afrodisiac
TIM SALE | Captain America White, Batman, Spider-Man, Catwoman
STUART SAYGER | Machete, Bram Stokers Death Ship, Bionicle
MATTEO SCALERA Black Science, Dead Body Road, Indestructible Hulk, Secret Avengers
BOB SCHRECK EIC Legendary Comics 
TOM SCIOLI | Transformers vs. G.I.Joe, Godland, American Barbarian
BEN SEARS Double+, Pressure/Sensitivity, As You Were
CHRISTOPHER SEBELA | High Crimes, Ghost, Dead Letters, Alien Vs. Predator
EVAN SHANER Shazam, Flash Gordon, Adventures of Superman
TONY SHASTEEN | Star Trek, Vampire Diaries, Batman: Arkham Unhinged 
BILL SIENKIEWICZ | Elektra: Assassin, Stary Toasters, New Mutants
HOYT SILVA | Operation: Nemesis, Quatermain: Ghosts of the Nzadi 
ANDY SMITH | Thanos, X-Men, Stormwatch, Wolverine, Superman, Batman
MATTHEW SOUTHWORTH Stumptown, Spider-Man, Punisher
CAT STAGGS | Orphan Black, Smallville, Vampire Diaries, Star Trek, Star Wars
JOE STATON | Green Lantern, E-Man, Dick Tracy, Scooby Doo
RYAN STEGMAN | Inhuman, Wolverine, Superior Spider-Man, Fantastic Four 
BRIAN STELFREEZE | Day Men, Wednesday Comics, The Ride, Gun Candy
ANDY SURIANO | Samurai Jack, Cosmic Scoundrels, Doc Bizzare M.D.
BABS TARR Batgirl, Bosozoku Sailor Scouts, Lady Knights//Women Warriors
BEN TEMPLESMITH |The Squidder, Choker, Wormwood: Gentleman Corpse
Conan the Barbarian, The Mighty Thor, Uncanny X-Men
FRANK TIERI | Marvel Vs Capcom 3, Wolverine, Iron man, Space: Punisher
RICH TOMMASO | The Horror Of Collier County, 8 1/2 Ghosts, The Cavalier Mr. Thompson
WILFREDO TORRES | Jupiter’s Circle, The Shadow: Year One, Lobster Johnson, Aliens
TIM TOWNSEND | Wolverine and the X-Men, Amazing Spider-Man, New Avengers
CHRIS VISIONS | Dead Letters, Devils on the Levee
WADE VON GRAWBADGER | Star Wars, All- New Captain America, All-New X-Men
KEVIN WADA | She Hulk, X-Men, Adventure Time
CHRISTIAN WARD ODY-C, New Avengers, Infinite Vacation
DAVID ANTOINE WILLIAMS X-Men: First Class, GI Joe, Incredible Hercules, Hulk & Power Pack
BILL WILLINGHAM | Fables, Fairest, Ironwood
MATT WILSON The Wicked + The Divine, Daredevil, Wonder Woman, Young Avengers
ROBERT WILSON IV Bitch Planet, Laser Joan, Knuckleheads
Swamp Thing, Frankenstein, Batman: The Cult
JAKE WYATT | Necropolis, Hulk, Regular Show
CRAIG YOE | Yoe! Books 
SKOTTIE YOUNG | Rocket Racoon, Fortunately the Milk, Oz
CHIP ZDARSKY | Sex Criminals, Prison Funnies, Monster Cops
MIKE ZECK | Secret Wars, Captain America, Punisher, Batman, G.I. Joe
CHRISSIE ZULLO |Fables, Cinderella, Archie& MANY MORE!

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Secret Wars Reunion Convention Tour

Press Release:

SECRETWARS-HeroesconJim Shooter, Mike Zeck, and John Beatty reunite for the first time in nearly 30 years to make a limited number of convention appearances together, as they celebrate the anniversary of the legendary Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars maxi-series. This will be a rare opportunity to meet, greet and get autographs from all three of the original creators of one of the most important publishing events in comic book history.

Prior to the official launch of the tour, artists Mike Zeck and John Beatty will make a stop together for a special pre-tour celebration at HEROESCON: June 19-21, 2015 at the Charlotte Convention Center, Charlotte, North Carolina. Heroes Aren’t Hard To Find and HeroesCon owner Shelton Drum said “When I heard there was going to be a new Secret Wars series, I just knew I had to get Mike Zeck and John Beatty to do a variant cover for my show (pictured at right). Secret Wars #8 has always been one of my favorites, and I am in love with their new interpretation. Having them at HeroesCon is just icing on the cake“. Don’t miss the opportunity to get your copy of the 2015 SECRET WARS ISSUE #1 HEROESCON VARIANT, featuring penciller Mike Zeck, and inker John Beatty, who reunited to recreate their classic Secret Wars Issue #8 cover, replacing the original characters with their contemporary counterparts.

The formal tour begins when writer Jim Shooter, penciller Mike Zeck, and inker John Beatty reunite at FLORIDA SUPERCON: June 25-28, 2015 at The Miami Beach Convention Center, in Miami, Florida. Florida Supercon owner Mike Broder said “I’m thrilled to have Florida Supercon as the formal launch point for this reunion tour! Secret Wars was such a groundbreaking concept thirty years ago, and helped fundamentally change how comic books approach big events, marketing, licensing, etc.. Plus, it couldn’t be more relevant than today, just as the new Secret Wars series from Marvel Comics hits the shelves. It really is an honor and privilege to play host to these three legendary creators.”

The second stop will be KANSAS CITY COMIC CON: August 7-9, 2015 at the Kansas City Convention Center in Kansas City, Missouri. Matt Driscoll, owner of the convention said of the tour “Secret Wars is a milestone that has influenced writers and artists ever since its publication in 1985. We are proud to have the creative team of Jim Shooter, Mike Zeck, and John Beatty join us at Kansas City Comic Con to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the most iconic series in Marvel history”

The tour will then continue at the CONNECTICUT COMICONN: August 14-16, 2015 at the Mohegan Sun Convention Center, Uncasville, Connecticut. Connecticut ComiConn producer Mitchell Hallock stated “Having all three of the Secret Wars creators with us … Jim Shooter, Mike Zeck and John Beatty … together at the Mohegan Sun this August for the con is a dream come true. I’m sure fans will come from miles around to say hello, shake their hands, get an autograph or three and say “thank you for making one of the greatest comic book stories ever!”

There are at least three additional tour stops planned, which will be announced shortly. More events may be added down the line as well. Please visit the creators own websites or for additional shows at which they will appear.

Mike Zeck, legendary Bronze Age penciler and creator of Spider-Man’s black costume, said of the tour … “We’re putting the band back together!” Looking forward to this reunion with Jim Shooter and John Beatty to celebrate the original Secret Wars series and hail the arrival of the new Secret Wars. It’s been very gratifying to see our original series maintain its popularity and remain in print for the past 30 years. A rare success! Hope to see you at one of our dates”

John Beatty, inker extraordinaire, stated “The big picture of Secret Wars is the fans. Having fans tell me through the years over and over that this series either brought them back to reading comic books, or started them reading comic books. I never dreamed, or could have at the time, that Secret Wars with Mike Zeck and Jim Shooter would have kept its appeal for three decades. Being able to share in the history of this series with both Jim and Mike is a bit surrealistic in many ways. It’s a huge blessing that we are still able to get together 30 years later and show our appreciation for the fans who made the series the success it has been and hopefully will continue to be. Thank you all!”

Jim Shooter, legendary writer, artist, editor, and publisher said of the tour “Secret Wars turned out to be a watershed in the history of the medium. I’m glad I was part of it and I am very, very happy to get together again with brilliant artists Mike Zeck and John Beatty.”

Don’t miss this once in 30 years opportunity to get your comics signed by all of the creators who made it happen so many years ago … Jim Shooter, Mike Zeck, and John Beatty.

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