Lazerman Exclusive at Wizard World Philadelphia

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Press Release:

“LAZERMAN TM” Exclusive comes to Wizard World Philadelphia

Boston Indy HBComicsTM produces “Lazerman: Double-Size” Exclusive for Convention

June 19-21, in Philadelphia, “Wizard World” is coming to the PennsylvaniaConvention Center. And so is “Lazerman TM.”



“LazermanTM“, the flagship title for Boston based indy comic creators Chris and Alan Hebert, will be getting a special printing just for the Philly Wizard World convention. Called “LAZERMAN: Double-Size”, the issue boasts almost 50 pages of full color story, and presents the first two complete issues of the “Lazerman” comic book title in one book.

“It’s the perfect introduction to Lazerman TM, and half of the “This MAN, This LAZER!” story arc!” Chris Hebert wrote on HBComics’ Myspace blog. The other two issues in the initial four issue arc will also be available at the Hebert Brother’s artist alley table at Wizard World.

Lazerman is the story of an awkward comic book geek who, in a bizarre twist of fate, ends up with super-powers of his very own. The title promises to lovingly satirize the super hero genre, while at the same time provide a light hearted hero story in the tradition of classic silver age comics. The first three issues were released earlier this year, and are available through HAVEN Distributors, (, with the fourth issue coming in the last week of May. Lazerman’s previous “convention exclusive variant” was at the now defunct Wizard World Texas, where the book sold out its exclusive convention printing.

About HBComicsTM: HBComicsTM is an independent comic book publisher, founded by two brothers from Boston. More information on the company, or the titles being produced, can be found at