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Charlie Huston signs on Oct 18th

Charlie Huston signs on Oct 18th

A book signing celebrating the release of MY DEAD BODY by writer Charlie HUSTON SUNDAY the 18th at VACATION VINYL

Is it that time of year again? Yes, yes my dears, it is that time of year again. Fall comes, and brings with it my inevitable promotion of a new book. But I have good news! I have chosen this moment, when vampires are the glowing white hop tip of the pop-culture spear, to end the Joe Pitt casebooks! Hurrah! My publisher loves me! And you should too.

Because once the Joe Pitt series is put to rest, you shouldn’t have to deal with the awkward moments you encounter when deciding whether to decline one or both of the book release parties on my annual calendar!

Starting in 2010, it’s a one book a year program.  Only one party you have to make an excuse not to attend.  I can’t do any better than that.

So here it is, start getting those sick aunts and 24 hour cases of stomach flu revved up, the last Joe Pitt book party!

Ever wanted to stick a stake in a vampires heart?
Now you can!

Sunday, October 18th at 7pm.
(Yes, Sunday Night Football, I know. But seriously, Chicago @  Atlanta? Do you really give a fuck? I don’t.)

Vacation Vinyl
(Hey, that’s not Secret Headquarters, what the fuck? No, it’s not Secret Headquarters, it’s the new record store that Dave and David opened down the street a ways. And before you start, yes, they do know  opening a record store is kind of insane, but they did it anyway, and no one is asking you to like it or anything, man, you don’t even have to come if you don’t want to, just they like music and records and wanted to open the damn store. So fuck you anyway, Mr. MP fucking 3.)

Vacation Vinyl, 4679 Hollywood Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90027

What Will Happen:

I’ll read very fucking briefly from MY DEAD BODY, the last Joe Pitt book. You will drink beer and whiskey (or not, that’s up to you.) I will challenge you with trivia, and reward you with prizes.

And After: Anyone who wants to can join us as we find our way to the Good Luck Bar. (And yes, I know it can be douchey in there, but at 8ish on a Sunday I don’t expect to have to deal with a tragic amount of douche, so get over it and have a fucking drink for fuck sake.)

Good Luck Bar,1514 Hillhurst Ave, Hollywood, CA 90027

Did I forget to invite someone you know? Inevitably, yes. So you invite them. No motherfuckers, please.

With great affection and respect,


There you have it.
Please join Mr. Huston for some this and that at

Vacation (NOT SHQ)
THIS Sunday the 18th
from 7 – 8pm or so…

Charlie Huston