UK – The Bulletproof Coffin Signing


Comic creators Shaky Kane and David Hine appear at Gnash Comics on Saturday 26th July from 3:00 – 5:00 pm!

Press Release:

Come and join comic creators Shaky Kane and David Hine at Gnash as they sign their work, chat and answer your questions!

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The pair work together on ‘The Bulletproof Coffin’ and ‘The Bulletproof Coffin: Disinterred‘ series from Image Comics and ‘Cowboys and Insects’ from Aces Weekly, but both have a long history in comics, stretching back to the British underground zines in the 1980′s, moving through to 2000AD, Escape, Deadline, Crisis, Marvel, DC Comics, Image Comics and beyond.

While not collaborating, David Hine has worked on the Image series ‘Storm Dogs’,‘The Man Who Laughs’ graphic novel, ‘Spider-Man Noir’, the ‘Poison Candy’ manga series and has written numerous for numerous storylines and characters from Marvel and DC Comics.

Shaky Kane has drawn ‘That’s Because You’re a Robot’ with writer David Quantick, worked on ‘Elephantmen’ and ‘Cap’n Dinosaur’ from Image Comics, and written and drawn his own graphic novel: ‘Monster Truck’.

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See you on Saturday the 23rd of July at 3pm!

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Gnash Comics
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UK – Evil Star Signing


Press Release:

Celebrating the recent release of the graphic novel adaptation of ‘Evil Star’ – the second volume of best-selling author Anthony Horowitz OBE‘s ‘The Power of Five’ series of books, Gnash will be hosting a signing and Q&A session with Evil Star‘s artist Lee O’Connor, and Dom Reardon, artist on the previous graphic novel in the series, ‘Raven’s Gate’.

The Power of Five is a series for teens and young adults (readers of 10+ years, it says here) set in the modern day, five teenagers called ‘The Gatekeepers’ who’re scattered across the globe must meet and combine the strange talents they’ve been born with to defeat the Old Ones – sinister forces who plot mankind’s destruction – and the twisted people who serve them!

The first volume – ‘Raven’s Gate’, drawn by Dom and Lee – introduces 14 year old Matt, who is fostered out to a small village in Yorkshire where everything isn’t quite what it seems. At all. In the second volume – ‘Evil Star‘, drawn by Lee – the Old Ones’ attention is focused on something in the Nazca Desert in Peru… And Matt and the second gatekeeper must stop the king of the Old Ones being released!

Lee and Dom will be signing copies of the book, drawing sketches and answering your questions at Gnash Comics between 4 – 6pm on Saturday the 8th of February.

Gnash Comics
9A West Street, Ashburton
Devon, TQ13 7DT