Neal Adams and Carmine Infantino Guests of Honor for Florida SuperCon 2012

Press Release:


South Florida’s Comic Book, Anime, Animation, Sci-Fi, Fantasy & Video Game Festival returns to Miami, FL. June 29–July 2, 2012 for the largest geek event in South Florida history!

Miami, FL – Florida Supercon returns to Miami for its 7th annual show at the Miami Airport Convention Center. South Florida’s Comic Book, Anime, Animation, Sci-Fi, Fantasy and Video Game Festival is set for Friday, June 29 through Monday, July 2, 2012. The 7th annual Florida Supercon will be the largest yet, with over 200 guest celebrities, artists, writers, filmmakers and bands taking over almost 150,000 square feet of convention space. Comic Book Legends Neal Adams and Carmine Infantino have just been announced as the 2012 Guests of Honor to the four day festival that includes celebrity guests, comic book publishers, artists, writers, vendors, Q&A’s, parties, costume contests, anime programming, cosplay, panels, photo shoots, live music, video games and more. The event kicks off at 12:00pm, Friday, June 29 and the fun continues almost around the clock until 6:00pm, Monday, July 2.

Florida Supercon is proud to have two legendary Guests of Honor this year, Neal Adams and Carmine Infantino.

Neal Adams is one of the greatest comic book artists of all time! He helped revolutionize Batman, Superman, Green Lantern and Green Arrow for DC Comics. He helped revolutionize The Avengers and The X-Men for Marvel Comics. He redefined comic book art in the Silver Age and continues to be a huge influence in the industry as an artist, graphic designer and creator rights advocate. He has been working with both Marvel and DC recently on both Batman and The Avengers.

Carmine Infantino is one of the most important comic book creators of all time and will always be remembered as the personification of DC Comics’ Silver Age. Infantino helped to resurrect a dying comics industry in 1956, as the artist who launched the Silver Age with his co-creation; the FLASH and remains the best-loved Flash artist of all-time. In addition to The Flash, he is also the creator/co-creator of dozens of top characters including: Batgirl, Human Target, Poison Ivy, Animal Man, Black Canary, Deadman and many more. Mr. Infantino’s appearance is health permitting and is made possible with the assistance of Vanguard Productions, publisher of The Amazing World of Carmine Infantino.

New guests are being added weekly as we lead up to the show. Some of the guests already lined up for Florida Supercon 2012 include:

Comic Book artists and writers: Tony Bedard (Blue Beetle, Green Lantern: New Guardians, Green Lantern Corps), Allen Bellman (Golden Age Captain America, Human Torch, Sub-Mariner), Howard Chaykin (Star Wars, Avengers 1959, American Flagg, Blackhawk), Olivier Coipel (Mighty Thor, Siege, House of M, Avengers vs. X-Men), Terry Cronin (Students of the Unusual, The Skinvestigator), Shawn Crystal (Deadpool, Deadpool MAX, Resident Evil, Wolverine/Deadpool), Jose Delbo (Wonder Woman, Transformers, Batman), Derec Donovan (Green Lantern, Rogue, R.E.B.E.L.S.), Steve Epting (Fantastic Four, Captain America, The Avengers), Rob Hunter (Red Lanterns, Green Lantern, Justice League of America), Greg Kirkpatrick (Living in Infamy, Mutants and Masterminds), Pat Martin (Students of the Unusual), Karl Moline (Fray, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, B.P.R.D.), Sheldon Moldoff (Golden Age Batman, Hawkman, Flash Comics), Rags Morales (Action Comics, Identity Crisis, Hawkman), Ariel Olivetti (Cable, Incredible Hulk, Iron Man 2.0, Namor), Denny O’Neil (Batman, Green Lantern, Detective Comics), Alex Segura (Archie Comics), Bill Sienkiewicz (Elektra, Batman, Moon Knight, Star Wars), J. David Spurlock (Vanguard Productions), Vinnie Tartamella (Hack/Slash, Female Force, Political Power), Roy Thomas (The Avengers, Conan, X-Men, Dr. Strange, Red Sonja, Alter Ego), David Uslan (Graphicly), Brad Walker (Heroes For Hire, Guardians of the Galaxy, Action Comics) and Mervyn McCoy (Giant Robot Warrior Maintenance Crew).

Movie and TV Celebrities: Dino Stamatopoulos (Community, Mary Shelley’s Frankenhole, Morel Orel), Scott Adsit (30 Rock, Mary Shelley’s Frankenhole, Morel Orel), Gregg Berger (Transformers, GI Joe, Duckman), James Duval (Donnie Darko, May, Independence Day, Doom Generation), Noah Hathaway (The Neverending Story, Battlestar Galactica), Richard Horvitz (Invader Zim, Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy, Angry Beavers), Scott Tepperman (Ghost Hunters International), Paul Bradford (Ghost Hunters International), Chad Lindberg (Supernatural, The Fast and the Furious, I Spit on Your Grave), Cindy Morgan (Tron, Caddyshack), Alan Oppenheimer (He-Man, Transformers, Star Trek, Mighty Mouse, Smurfs, Six Million Dollar Man), Krysti Pryde (The Tester, Sony Playstation Network), Rikki Simons (Invader Zim), Andy Sipes (Code Monkeys, Minoriteam, Archer), Dana Snyder (Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Chowder, Squidbillies, Venture Brothers), Michael Uslan (Exec. Producer Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, The Dark Knight Rises), Billy West (Futurama, Ren & Stimpy, Doug, Bugs Bunny), Lloyd Kaufman (Toxic Avenger, Troma) and Hershell Gordon Lewis (“Godfather of Gore”).

Anime Voice Actors: Brittney Karbowski (Soul Eater, High School of the Dead, Xenosaga, Coyote Ragtime Show), Brina Palencia (One Piece, Hetalia, Black Butler, Spice and Wolf), David Vincent (Code Geass, Bleach, Naruto, Tekken: Blood Vengeance), Stephanie Young (Claymore, One Piece, Soul Eater),

Musical Guests: Chii Sakurabi, Critics & Skeptics, Atrocitus, Cadillac Creeps, Crimson and DJ Noodle.

Additional guests and guest updates can be found at

Florida Supercon Shifts Dates for 2012 Convention

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Florida Supercon 2012

Via Facebook:

Florida Supercon 2012 UPDATE: The dates of the show have changed. The new dates are June 29 – July 2, 2012. Same place, same hours, new dates!

It was a difficult decision to make, but due to construction at the convention center, the availability of several guests, as well as requests from many patrons we have opted to move the show back to the summer. Stay tuned for guest announcements to start shortly. Updates will be posted here and at our website

Everyone who already purchased tickets has been sent an email with details and options.

Florida SuperCon Full Panel Schedule

Check out Florida SuperCon’s Full Panel Schedule! Easy to use interactive schedule for the 4 day show is up and running. Panels range from Comics, to Anime to Video Games. Naming just a small few.

Check out such panels as Charlie Adlard’s Q & A, Geek Dating Game, Jeopardy, Walking Dead TV Q&A, Ghost Hunting and so many more.

Convention Scene News Editor Joe Fauvel, who self publishes his own creator owned series, CRY, will be attending the convention as well as participating in the two panels.


See videos of last year’s panels Joe was participating in HERE!

For all information on Florida SuperCon check out their website!

Florida Supercon’s Full Guest Info Announced

Cary Elwes in Princess Bride

Via Florida Supercon:


Florida Supercon is just 2 weeks away. Get ready for FSC 2011 this July 1-4, 2011 in Miami, FL.

All the info you need can be found at our website, including guests, events, ticket info and more! CLICK HERE to get your tickets online now or go directly to You can also pick up tickets at several retail locations including: Florida Super Comics, Games, Anime + More (Davie, FL), Past Present Future Comics (West Palm, FL), Crossroad Comics (Lauderhill, FL), Docking Bay 94 (Coconut Creek, FL), Mac’s Comics (Miami, FL) and Phil’s Comic Shoppe (Margate, FL).

SUPERCON HOTLINE: 954.399.1330
HOTEL PHONE NUMBER: 800-695-9294

FRI: 12:00PM -3:00AM
(Exhibition room: 2:00PM – 9:00PM)
SAT: 10:00AM -3:00AM
(Exhibition room: 10:00AM – 8:00PM)
SUN: 10:00AM – 3:00AM
(Exhibition room: 10AM – 8:00PM)
MON: 11:00AM – 6:00PM
(Exhibition room: 11:00AM – 6:00PM)

FLORIDA SUPERCON: South Florida’s Comic Book, Anime, Animation, Video Game, Fantasy, Sci-Fi and Pop Culture Convention will return on July 1-4, 2011. That’s right, FSC is now a 4 day event! Since it’s a holiday weekend, and Monday is the holiday, we’re expanding the fun for an extra day. It’s now a Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday event! FSC will be returning for year six to the NEWLY RENOVATED and NEWLY RENAMED “MIAMI AIRPORT CONVENTION CENTER” (MACC), formally known as the Miami Mart Airport Hotel and Convention Center located at 711 NW 72nd Ave, Miami FL. 33126.


We’ve added some big names to the line up for this years show and will have over 150 guests in attendance! For the complete guest line up, visit

Highlight Media Guests include:
Cary Elwes: star of The Princess Bride and Saw
Bruce Boxleitner: star of Tron and Babylon 5
Emma Caulfield: star of Buffy The Vampire Slayer
Katelyn Tarver: star of No Ordinary Family and Big Time Rush

Highlight Anime Guests include:
Brittney Karbowski: star of Soul Eater
David Vincent: star of Code Geass
Melissa Fahn: star of Cowboy Bebop
Bill Rogers: star of Pokemon

Highlight Animation Guests include:
Gregg Berger: star of Transformers
Dana Snyder: star of Aqua Teen Hunger Force
Richard Horvitz: star of Invader Zim

Highlight Comic Book Guests include:
Charlie Adlard: artist of The Walking Dead
Duncan Fegredo: artist of Hellboy
Sheldon Moldoff: golden age Batman artist
Lauren Sankovitch: Marvel Comics editor

Highlight Cosplay and Entertainment Guests include:
Pikmin Link: Cosplay Guest
Meeka Kitty: You Tube star
Outland Armour: Cosplay Guests

Highlight Musical Guests include:
Motion City Soundtrack
Honor Society
Lemon Drop Kick

CLICK HERE to get your tickets online now

Florida SuperCon giving away VIP Passes!

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We’re giving away a pair of VIP Passes to FLORIDA SUPERCON 2011 – JULY 1-4, 2011 to 4 lucky people that have RSVPd to attend the show once we reach 5,000 RSVPs on Facebook. So, RSVP now and invite your friends to attend so we can get to 5,000 RSVPs faster!

V.I.P. TICKETS $150.00 Value gets you
(A) Laminated V.I.P. Badge
(B) Admission to the festival for the full weekend
(C) Entry to the Friday night Comic Book V.I.P. party, featuring a 2 hour open bar, comic book professionals, music, giveaways and more!
(D) Entry to the Saturday night Celebrity V.I.P party, featuring a 2 hour open bar, celebrity guests, music, giveaways and more!
(E) An exclusive FSC variant comic book. Specific variant to be announced closer to the show.
(F) FSC 2011 T-Shirt
(G) Early entrance to the show (30 minutes early)
(H) More to be announced!

To enter see all the details on Florida SuperCons Facebook page HERE!

Check out the SuperCon website HERE!

FL – ComicStock 2011 comes to Davie

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Florida Super Comic’s inaugural COMICSTOCK is a weekend dedicated to our great love of comics, games, anime and more! Saturday and Sunday will be stock full of special guest artists, events, and more! April 16-17, 2011 at Florida Super Comics, Games, Anime + More! Open Saturday 11am – 10pm and Sunday 11am – 9pm.

For more information check out the website!

Florida SuperCon adds details to CosPlay contest!

SATURDAY JULY 2, 2011 @ 8:00P



Best in Show: $1,000 cash prize. $100 Florida Super Comics gift certificate. Award trophy.

Con Chair Spotlight: $250 cash prize, $75 Florida Super Comics gift certificate. Award Trophy.

Masters Award. $250 cash prize. $50 Florida Super Comics gift certificate. Award trophy.

Costumer’s Award: $100 cash prize. $50 Florida Super Comics gift certificate. Award trophy.

Craftsmanship Award: $75 cash prize. $50 Florida Super Comics gift certificate. Award Trophy.

Best Individual, Journeyman: $50 cash prize. $25 Florida Super Comics gift certificate. Award Trophy.

Best Individual, Novice: $50 cash prize. $25 Florida Super Comics gift certificate. Award Trophy.

Best Individual, Junior/Youth: $50 cash prize. $25 Florida Super Comics gift certificate. Award Trophy.

Best Prop: $50 cash prize. $25 Florida Super Comics gift certificate. Award trophy.

Best Group, Journeyman / Masters: $100 cash prize. $50 Florida Super Comics gift certificate. Award Trophy.

Best Group, Novice: $50 cash prize. $50 Florida Super Comics gift certificate. Award Trophy.

for more information on the contest and the show in general check out the website.

Florida Supercon (July 2011)

Convention Florida Supercon
Convention Website
Start Date 07/01/2011 (UPDATED)
End Date 07/04/2011 (UPDATED)
About This Convention: FLORIDA SUPERCON: South Florida’s Comic Book, Anime, Animation, Video Game, Fantasy and Sci-Fi Convention returns July 1-4, 2011 to the Doubletree Miami Mart Airport Convention Center in Miami, FL. 

Florida Supercon is a 3 day festival dedicated to Comic Books, Anime, Animation, Video Games, Fantasy and Sci-Fi featuring celebrity guests,comic book creators, voice actors, industry guests, cosplayers, artists, writers, panels, Q&A’s, films & shorts, costume & cosplay contests,vendors, parties, anime, workshops, video gaming and more! 2011 will be the 6th annual Florida Supercon

Convention Guests Here are some of the guests that have already signed up for FSC 2011 

Comic Book Creators
Charlie Adlard
Ariel Olivetti
Jim McCann
Allen Bellman
Greg Horn
Joe Jusko
John Layman
Jose Delbo
Ken Lashley
Dennis Calero
Mike Perkins
Paul Gulacy
Brad Walker
Mark Sparacio
Tommy Castillo
Rob Hunter
Luis Diaz
Vinnie Tartamella
Terry Cronin
Austin Janowsky
Greg Kirkpatrick
Damion Hendricks
Manny Aguilera
Deleon Walters
Cayce Moyer

Voice Actors
Brittney Karbowski
Dana Snyder

Cosplay Guests
Pikmin Link
Outland Armour


Venue Name Miami Mart Airport Convention Center
Venue Address 711 NW 72nd Ave
Miami, FL 33126
United States
Number of Dealer/Exhibitor Tables 150
Projected Attendance 8000
What category best describes your convention? Comic Books
What other categories might be appropriate for your convention? - Anime
- Collectibles
- Comic Books
- Gaming
- Horror
- Science Fiction and Fantasy

FL – Independence Weekend Signing

Greg Horn (Blackest Night, Secret Invasion), Allen Bellman (Timely/Marvel), Damion Hendricks (Marvel Comics), Martin Pierro (Cosmic Times) and Aris Iliopolis sign at Past Present & Future Comics on Saturday July 3rd from 10am – 4pm.

PLUS: Lisa Corrao and The Revenge of the Nerd Comedy Show starts at 4pm on Saturday.

The 501st Legion (Stormtroopers) will be at the store on Saturday too!

Florida Supercon will host and judge a costume contest for all ages and skill levels at 1pm on Sunday July 4th!

Past Present & Future Comics
1387 N. MILITARY TRAIL, West Palm Beach, FL

RSVP on Facebook!

Top Cow Exhibiting at Florida Supercon 2010

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Press Release:



LOS ANGELES, Calif., June 16, 2010 – Top Cow Productions, Inc. proudly announced today that they will be exhibiting at Florida Supercon in South Florida this weekend. Three three-day comic book, anime, animation, video game, fantasy and sci-fi convention will be open to the public on Friday, June 18 running through Sunday, June 20, 2010, at the Doubletree Miami Mart Airport Convention Center in Miami.

Fans who stop by the Top Cow booth will be among the first to get a glimpse and purchase Velocity #1 by Ron Marz (Witchblade, Artifacts) and Kenneth Rocafort (Cyberforce/Hunter-Killer, Madame Mirage). The story centers on the Carin Taylor, the fastest woman in the world. At least, she’d better be if she wants to save her own life and the lives of her Cyberforce teammates. When a former Cyberdata scientist – and test subject – seeks revenge against the members of Cyberforce, only Velocity can save her friends before the clock literally runs out. Velocity #1 will arrive in stores on Wednesday, June 30th.

The publisher will be offering two exclusive Florida Supercon variants for the event: a blank sketch Velocity #1 Past Present and Future Comics variant and a Rocafort line art Velocity #1 Tate’s Comics variant. The exclusives are both extremely limited and will be initially made available at Florida Supercon. Fans will also be able to pick up numerous free promotional items and free comics at the Top Cow booth. Publisher Filip Sablik will be available at 4:00-5:30pm on Saturday, June 19 and at 12:30-1:30pm on Sunday, June 20 for portfolio reviews for aspiring artists.

On Saturday, June 19 at 1:00-2:00pm, join Sablik as he shares with guests of the panel what’s coming from Top Cow in 2010, including exclusive early looks and exciting announcements.

For more information or to purchase tickets, please visit For more information from Top Cow, please visit or follow them on Twitter at

About Top Cow Productions Inc.

Top Cow Productions, Inc. (, a Los Angeles-based entertainment company, was founded in December of 1992 by artist Marc Silvestri, who also co-founded Image Comics earlier that same year. Top Cow currently publishes its line of comic books in 21 languages in over 55 different countries. The company has launched 20 franchises (18 original and two licensed) in the industry’s Top 10, seven at #1, a feat accomplished by no other publisher in the last two decades. Its flagship franchise, WITCHBLADE, was TNT’s #1 original film of 2000 and the subsequent TV series was released on DVD on July 29, 2008. A feature film, co-produced by Platinum Studios, Inc. and Arclight Films, is slated to begin production in Australia with director Michael Rymer. WITCHBLADE is also the first American property to be fully adapted in Japan as an original anime and manga by Studio GONZO in 2006. Top Cow’s other flagship property, THE DARKNESS, was developed into a major next-generation video game release by Starbreeze and 2K Games and achieved platinum sales status. WANTED, an Eisner-nominated miniseries published by Top Cow from 2003-2005, is now a major motion picture from Universal Pictures starring Angelina Jolie, James McAvoy and Morgan Freeman. Virtually all of Top Cow’s other properties are in development as feature films, live-action television, animation or video games. Top Cow has also successfully licensed and merchandised its franchises into toys, statues, clothing, lithographs, puppets, posters, magnets, shot glasses, lighters, lunch pails, wall scrolls, mouse pads, die-cast cars, calendars, Christmas ornaments, Halloween masks, trading cards, standees, video games and roleplaying games.

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