Kid Goth Profiled

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Neil Gaiman was recently profiled by Dana Goodyear for The New Yorker and gave some insight to his convention-going experience:

“Comics, science fiction, and fantasy conventions are nowadays something of a hardship for Gaiman—”like being a maggoty log at a woodpecker convention,” he says. A few years ago, he was at a convention with Angelina Jolie, who played Grendel’s mother in the movie “Beowulf,” for which Gaiman co-wrote the screenplay. “When I try to explain that I attracted more attention than she did, people say, ‘Oh, ho, he’s being funny.’ I’m not.” At Worldcon, the international science-fiction convention, where he was the guest of honor in August, people walked around wearing pins that read “Neil Gaiman! Squeeeeeee!”—an expression of hysterical enthusiasm.”

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