2011 CTN Animation Expo Con Report!

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On November 18-21, 2011, Creative Talent had it’s third annual CTN Animation Expo. Every year, this con seems to grow more and more. With big companies, artists, and big names in the animation industry, this is THE show to go to if you are involved with the animation industry and want to break in. From portfolio reviews, to insightful panels, and even just soaking in the ambience and drawing with other artists in the lobby, CTN is full of creative talent that is waiting to be the next big name in animation. I highly recommend anyone interested going into the field to come out and experience this awesome show. And one big tip I heard throughout the weekend: No one will hire you if you don’t show your stuff. Post it on blogs, get your portfolio out there, make yourself seen. All it takes is one chance. And now, onto some pictures from this weekend:

Crowds of attendees checking out the many booths of CTN.


Video screens are placed around the main stage to watch artists work their magic.


Prints, books, and postcards galore!


Digital media artist Justin Yun represents Section Studios.


Awesome Hulk statue from Gentle Giant!


Hopefuls interacting with Disney Animation pros.


Jose Lopez, creator of Mariachi Samurai, sketching for one of his many fans.


Wacom demonstrating their latest products (perfect for Christmas)!


A demo of the latest 3D technology.


The line for a Screening Room Session that wrapped all around the building.


Live drawing sessions inspire the artists!


Guest of honor Regis Loisel signing at CTN!


Bill Plympton checking out a print at his booth.


Sean "Cheeks" Galloway and Ryan Benjamin signing, going over portfolios, and interacting with guests all weekend long!


Francisco Herrera drawing on a Dunny figure for a commission.


J. Scott Campbell drawing a commission at his booth.


Totoro and company hopes to see you here next year!

CTN Animation Expo 2010!

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CTN (Creative Talent Network) Animation Expo is an annual expo designed to celebrate as well as develop networks within the animation industry. With heavyweights such as Disney, Dreamworks Animation, and Sony Picture Animation, along with big name artists such as Peter De Seve, J. Scott Campbell, Tim Sale, Humberto Ramos, and Moebius in attendance, CTN was a great expo for fans as well as potential applicants in the animation field.

With panels showing the magic of some of the recent animated films, as well as watching artists draw live on stage, and even portfolio reviews, CTN is definitely a great show for those looking to break into the animation field. Here’s some photos from the show!

Prints and other artsy goodies for sale!

Fans getting to interact with artists was a definite highlight at CTN.

Artists J. Scott Campbell and Tim Sale share a table at the front of CTN.

The drawing stage with TVs hooked up so that people can watch artists work their magic!

Humberto Ramos working on a jam piece at CTN.

Tim Sale showing off his awesome Batman drawing.

A cowboy model poses for potential artists sketching away.

Wacom booth in the east hall of CTN.

Applicants line up for Disney.

Moebius interacts with his fans, giving some personal time to each fan.

Artist Sean "Cheeks" Galloway gives a portfolio review.

Come to CTN next year, rain or shine!

An Evening with Moebius at CTN Animation Expo

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Legendary French comic artist Moebius speaks on an exclusive panel moderated by Director John Musker with special surprise guests at the CTN Animation Expo on November 20th, 2010 at 8pm with a party to follow.

Press Release:

Jean Giraud “Moebius” – A once in a lifetime opportunity to see the genius behind the talent of this internationally recognized artist. Jean Giraud’s work has profoundly influenced the worlds of science fiction, animation, publicity, 3D imagery and video games for over thirty years. His drawings have also attracted the attention of great filmmakers including Luc Besson’s 5th Element, James Cameron’s Abyss, Steven Lisberger’s Tron and Ridley Scott’s Alien among many others.

Like the Moebius strip, whose two ends fold together to form a one-sided loop, the artist sees his identity as dual. Known as both Gir and Moebius these dual pseudonyms reflect his own shifting artistic identity resulting in a variety of fully realized styles, from the detailed realism of Blueberry, to the dreamlike drawings of Arzach.

“Going from Giraud to Moebius, I twisted the strip, changed dimensions, I was the same and yet someone else. Moebius is the result of my duality.” ~Jean Giraud

Having not been in the United States for over 15 years “An Evening with Moebius” is a rare exclusive opportunity to see and hear from this internationally recognized artist.  Now less than 70 days away this once in a lifetime opportunity has limited seating and is designed to promote an intimate “special event” atmosphere that includes moderated interview, presentation, drawing demonstration along with surprise special guests.  All attendees are invited to the cocktail reception directly following the event.

One Time Only – A very special evening!

Limited Seating

Only a limited number of seats left!!

The Single Event – An Evening with “Moebius”
Includes entrance into cocktail party
Price: $75

1-day eXpo Pass plus An Evening with “Moebius”
Includes 1-day full event pass plus Moebius Evening.
Price: $115

3-day eXpo Pass plus An Evening with “Moebius”
Includes everything CTN 3-day full event pass plus Moebius Evening.
Price: $185

Upgrade your existing 1-day or 3-day eXpo Pass to include An Evening with “Moebius”

Click Here to Register

November 19-21, 2010
Burbank Marriott Convention Center
2500 Hollywood WayBurbank, CA 91505