Wake Up & Draw Pieces Now Up for Auction

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The Hero Initiative has listed the auctions for this year’s Wake Up and Draw, an annual event created in tribute to Jack “The King” Kirby on his birthday! There is plenty of great artwork to bid on including pieces by Alan Davis (see above), Bart Sears, Chris Moreno, Cully Hamner, Darick Robertson, Fred Hembeck, Gene Ha, Grace Allison, and many more! Get some fantastic art and contribute to charity all at once! Click the link to Comic Art Fans auction page to bid!

Wake Up and Draw for the King’s Birthday

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Press Release:

The Hero Initiative, the charitable organization dedicated to helping veteran comic creators in medical or financial need, celebrates the birthday of Jack “King” Kirby on August 28 with a little help from The King’s family.

Hero has recruited 100 artists to get up on the morning of August 28, 2012 to simply “Wake Up and Draw.” This new event is a way for artists to limber up, get the creative juices flowing, and celebrate the day by drawing and sending a “birthday card to Jack.” All 100 drawings will be featured in a special gallery on Comic Art Fans, and fans can follow the action through the day on Twitter searching hashtag: #WakeUpAndDraw. All drawings will be auctioned to benefit Hero Initiative at a later date! Neal Kirby, son of Jack, and artist Tim Seeley are featured in a special YouTube video on the event. EDIT: Gallery is now up at Comic Art Fans!

And Jillian Kirby, Jack’s granddaughter, has spearheaded the “Kirby4Heroes” campaign. Jillian has recruited a number of comic stores to donate a percentage of their sales to Hero on August 28, and encourage their customers to make donations as well. Fans can donate via the PayPal link at www.HeroInitiative.org, and type in “Kirby4Heroes” in the special instructions box. Jillian has teamed up with Seth Laderman, head of production from the Nerdist Channel, to produce a video spotlighting the campaign. Check out Jillian’s YouTube video on the event.

“Though my grandfather Jack unfortunately died the year before I was born, I am surrounded by books, artwork, and of course family stories and anecdotes so much that I feel like I’ve known him my whole life,” said Jillian Kirby. “Even though I never had the opportunity to know him personally, I have learned my grandfather was a very giving and charitable man. I know my grandfather would have been the first to lend the Hero Initiative his support.”

Neal Kirby adds, “By supporting the Hero Initiative through the ‘Kirby4Heroes’ campaign and ‘Wake Up and Draw,’ comic book fans can honor my father on his 95th birthday in the same manner that he would have.”

Comic Art Fans & Jim Moorman Sponsor Art Contest

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Press Release:

Comic Art Fans is pleased to announce a collaboration with Jim Moorman, author of Jamaican Flowers. Jim will offer a comic artist the opportunity to turn his novel, Jamaican Flowers, into a full-length graphic novel and give Comic Art Fans subscribers the power to select the winner.

The contest begins on July 6, 2012 and run 90 days, ending at midnight on Halloween (October 31st.) Through banner advertising on sites like deviantart.com and through word of mouth, comic artists will be directed to a contest page on Comic Art Fans,  where the competition rules will be published. Artists wishing to enter for a chance to win will be required to submit three sample pages of their choosing from an action sequence in the novel.

Submissions will reside on Comic Art Fans and CAF subscribers will be able to view the entries as they arrive. Guidelines’ for submitting artwork can be found at at the link. Beginning on October 15th, voting will be opened for CAF subscribers to vote for their favorite submission. The winner will be announced in a November edition of CAF’s weekly newsletter.

Jim said, “I’m thrilled to be able to offer an opportunity like this to an artist who’s been waiting for his (or her) big break. Artists aren’t always writers, so by offering the opportunity to create a graphic novel based on a story that’s already been written will open the door for a lot of artists to compete. I hope CAF receives a lot of great entries from which to choose.”

About the Story

Sonny Flowers is pure, charming genius when it comes to biochemistry and genetics – specifically, marijuana and its potential to make the world a more joyful place, but he still has a lot to learn about fatherhood, guilt, women, happiness and himself, and very little time to learn it in. Sonny has already lost one daughter and will lose the other unless he can win her back – and do it before he literally loses his mind. With the Feds about to shut down his Stateside marijuana farm and laboratory, Sonny finds himself in Jamaica working for a self-proclaimed Rastafarian Deity whose wife has overdosed on the very hybrid plant Sonny and his daughter, Summer, are struggling to perfect as a cure for what has become a world epidemic: Bipolar Disorder. A crooked general, determined to make a splash in the world, has other ideas for the hybrid’s properties. Faced with sharks (the salty kind), a plane crash, a tongueless henchman, the haunting memories of those he’s loved and lost (and why it was probably his fault), not to mention his own blooming psychosis, Sonny finds help wherever the universe is willing to provide it: Dehlia Storm, a nineteen-year-old voodoo priestess, and her two-timing boyfriend, are for some reason willing to help Sonny save the two women he loves. Time running out, Sonny not only has to decide which characters in this crazy story he’s living he can trust, but also what is real and what decidedly is not.

About Jim Moorman

Cleveland, OH native, Jim Moorman has shocked friends, family, and acquaintances by actually stringing together a few coherent sentences. Those sentences, paragraphs, and pages work to form Jamaican Flowers, Jim’s debut novel. Jamaican Flowers is a testament to Jim’s love of all things tropical and light-hearted. A former member of the U.S. Navy, he served as part of the Presidential Ceremonial Guard in Washington D.C. and spent two years abroad in South Korea. After returning to the states, he pursued a career in sales and marketing in the technology sector, writing and scribbling in the evenings and weekends. He holds no fancy degrees and remains obstinately determined to master the craft of writing novels, even in spite of suffering from ADHD. His sarcasm knows no bounds and he maintains that he writes to inspire and entertain his willing readers. In his spare time, Jim enjoys whistling, laughing, and just taking it easy. Look for his next release, Rumba Republic, to launch at the end of 2012 (if we’re still here after December 21st).

About ComicArtFans.com

With more than a half million original piececs of comic art already posted by collectors, Comic Art Fans (CAF) is the largest comic art collecting website online today. Started in 2003, CAF has more than 80,000 registered users and is visited by a half million unique visitors each month.

Comic Art Fans Joins Big Wow! Comic Fest 2012

Press Release:

“Big Wow! ComicFest” is Northern California’s premier 2 day comic book comic art event, and Bill Cox is one of the heroes of the comic art world with the creation of Comic Art Fans, a website devoted to the love and sharing of comic book and fantasy original art. It only made sense that the two would eventually join forces.

Bill explains a little about Comic Art Fans and how he got into the world of CAF web works and his association with Big Wow!:

“I have always had a passion for comics and had always expected to one day work in the comics business and, in a round about way, I finally am. After graduating from Montserrat College of Art in Beverly, MA in 1991, I worked as a metalsmith before getting interested in web design in the mid-1990s. I started my first Internet consulting business in 1999 and, along with my wife Maureen and business partner Chris Haggard, we launched ComicArtFans.com in February 2003. Over the last nine years CAF has become the go-to site for comic art collectors and artists to showcase their collections and talent. With over a half million pieces of comic art on display, the 500,000 unique visitors to CAF each month have plenty to look at!”

“I’ve loved the whole comic book convention experience since attending Creation Con in Cleveland in the late 1970s. Those were some really fun shows and a great introduction to comics and comic creators. Since starting CAF and getting more involved with the comics as a business, I’ve always felt that there needed to be a show that put the spotlight on the people that created the comics, and gave attendees a different kind of interactive perspective on today’s comic creators. I’m also very interested in finding ways to get today’s youth more interested in comics and conventions are a great way to do that.

After attending the Big Wow! ComicFest in 2011 I really liked their approach to getting comic artists out in front of the audience. After the show I had the opportunity to talk more with the owners and they offered me the opportunity to become a part of the Con and I jumped at the chance. Although I have been approached a few times to get more involved with other conventions – or even to start my own show under a ComicArtFans.com umbrella – I knew I probably couldn’t take a leading role due to my other business obligations. With Big Wow! ComicFest I get to work with the things I’m most familiar with which is website building, marketing and promotion. It feels right.

I have known both Steve Morger and Steve Wyatt for a while and there isn’t a person I’ve spoken to that doesn’t have great things to say about them. So being asked to play a part in the future of Big Wow! ComicFest is truly an honor. I’m excited about the future of the Festival and the potential role that CAF and I will be able to play in it.”

Bill and his team have already contributed greatly to the Big Wow! show by creating an amazing website and helping to enhance the “on line” presence of the show.

“Big Wow! ComicFest” is by all accounts, an “old fashioned” comic book convention, with a special emphasis on the love for comic books, art and, most importantly, the creators. With a focus on creators, art and art related events and, this year, in association with the Cartoon Art Museum in San Francisco, an “Avengers” Museum show on the Big Wow! convention floor, Big Wow! will be a comic book lover’s dream scenario.

Big Wow! ComicFest will occur on May 19th & 20th, 2012, at the San Jose Convention Center. This year’s stunning guest list sets a new standard for talent at a single convention and includes Jim Lee, Kevin Nowlan, Juanjo Guarnido, Bernie Wrightson, Steve Niles, Tim Bradstreet, Bob Layton, Joe Jusko, Joe Linsner, Ryan Sook, Frank Cho, Aaron Lopresti, Toshio Maeda, Liam Sharp, Sergio Aragones and many, many more. Check out the CAF created website at www.bigwowcomicfest.com for all the fun facts and information.


Splash Page Art Unveils Watchmen Portfolio at SDCC 2011

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Press Release:

Splash Page Comic Art once again joins forces with Romitaman and Comic Art Fans at booth #4400 at Comic-Con International from July 21-24, 2011!

Splash Page will host the following artists at our booth:  Edgar Salazar, artist of Red Sonja, John Higgins, colorist of The Watchmen, and Brad Walker, artist of Guardians of the Galaxy and Heroes for Hire. Edgar Salazar and Brad Walker will also be taking on a limited number of convention commissions.

To celebrate 25 years of Watchmen – the only graphic novel included in Time Magazine’s “All-TIME 100 Greatest Novels” list – original Watchmen team member John Higgins has created a brand-new limited-edition Watchmen portfolio exclusively for San Diego Comic-Con 2011.

The new portfolio comes in two flavors, each containing a set of three individual prints of fan-favorite characters Sally Jupiter, Rorschach, and The Comedian, each richly-detailed image penciled, inked and colored by John Higgins.

Set  A: Limited to 80 copies.
The A3-sized prints (11.7″ x 16.5″) are colored in Turmoil Colour Studios’ modern color style and printed on Tintoretto Gesso 250gsm paper using the latest computer-controlled technology for a high-quality print run. All prints signed and numbered by John Higgins.

Available only at SDCC 2011 at the special price of $90 per set.

Set B: Limited to 20 copies.
Containing three A3 (11.7″ x 16.5″)silk-screened prints on perfect Velin Arches Blanc 250gsm paper, with hand-separated color by John in the style of the classic Watchmen coloring. These hand-finished prints are all numbered, signed and embossed with the Turmoil Colour Studios symbol by John Higgins.

Available only at SDCC 2011 at the special price of $300 per set.

Both sets will be contained in a special sturdy Watchmen portfolio.

Portfolios will only be available at the Splash Page Art booth at SDCC 2011

Splash Page has a wide variety of art by represented artists such as Charlie Adlard Walking Dead art, Duncan Fegredo Hellboy art, and by other artists such as Jae Lee’s classic Namor, X-Men, and Dark Tower art.

CAF Visits Liberty Meadows

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Frank Cho visits with CAF's Bill Cox

Frank Cho visits with CAF's Bill Cox

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