NV – Julie Newmar Signing

Julie Newmar, the original Catwoman on the 1966 Batman television show, appears at Animazing Gallery on Saturday, December 9, 2017 at 4:00 PM!

Ms. Newmar will be signing an exclusive limited edition on canvas (to be unveiled soon – stay tuned) by famed DC comic artist Alex Ross. The edition is limited to only 66 and debuts Alex Ross’s first and only rendering of Ms. Newmar.

*RSVP required. Space is limited.

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Animazing Gallery – The Grand Canal Shoppes‌
3377 Las Vegas Boulevard South, Las Vegas, NV 89109
(702) 785-0061

NYC – The World of Froud Exhibition

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Brian, Wendy & Toby Froud sign on Saturday, December 3rd from 3:00-6:00PM!

Press Release:

This December, Animazing Gallery presents the first U.S. exhibition of Brian Froud’s paintings and drawings, including original artworks from his published, international best-selling books and all of his concept drawings from Jim Henson’s film Labyrinth. The exhibition will be open to the public daily. Animazing Gallery is located at 54 Greene Street (at Broome) in SoHo. For more information: 212-226-7374 or visit www.animazing.com

Brian Froud is regarded as the pre-eminent fairy artist of today and has redefined the image of Faeries in the 21st century. Froud is part of a long lineage of faerie painters and illustrators including Arthur Rackham, Richard Dadd, Walter Crane and Edmund Dulac and his work has hung alongside these exceptional artists – the greats of the genre – in museum exhibitions throughout the U.K. Froud’s imagery; sensual, humorous and at times frightening, has rescued fairies from the Victorian nursery, to which they were relegated for so many years, and returned them to the dark, elusive and mysterious world of Faerie where they belong.

In November, 1998, Sotheby’s “Realm of the Mind: Fantasy Art and Illustration” featured the work of such artists as; Dante Gabriel Rossetti, William Bell Scott, Richard Doyle, John Anster Fitzgerald, Walter Crane, Simeon Solomon and George Cruikshank. Brian Froud’s painting from Good Faeries/Bad Faeries was chosen for the auction catalogue cover.

With over 30 books in publication and over 8 million books sold to date, Brian Froud’s best sellers include Good Faeries/Bad Faeries (Hugo and Chesley Awards), Lady Cottington’s Pressed Fairy Book (Hugo Award), the Faeries’ Oracle and Lady Cottington’s Fairy Album. His international best-selling book, Faeries with fantasy and Tolkien illustrator Alan Lee, published in 1978 and reissued in 2002 and again in 2010, is considered a modern classic and has sold more than 3 million copies.

Brian Froud has influenced a whole new generation of magical painters, book illustrators and filmmakers.  Froud’s landmark work with Jim Henson as conceptual designer on feature films The Dark Crystal (1982) and Labyrinth (1987), set new standards for design, puppeteering and animatronics in film and are, today, considered landmarks in the evolution of modern day special effects. Both films have achieved an international cult following.

The Animazing Gallery, NY exhibition entitled, BRIAN FROUD: VISIONS FOR FILM & FAERIE, will be comprised of original paintings of creatures from Jim Henson’s The Dark Crystal, concept drawings from Jim Henson’s Labyrinth and original material from the published Faerie books: How to See Faeries, Lady Cottington’s Pressed Fairy Book and Good Faeries/Bad Faeries.

BRIAN FROUD: VISIONS FOR FILM & FAERIE will be in collaboration with a site-specific installation by Wendy Froud and their son, Toby Froud; both renowned doll and puppet-makers.  Toby was the baby “Toby” in Labyrinth and is presently a puppet fabricator and sculptor at Laika Entertainment, the celebrated studio specializing in stop motion/animation film and television.

Wendy is the fabricator of “Yoda” from Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back.  She sculpted and fabricated “Kira” & “Jen” from The Dark Crystal as well as some of the Pod People, and sculpted and fabricated some of the goblins in Labyrinth.  For this inaugural exhibition, Wendy Froud has recreated the Gelfling, Kira from The Dark Crystal.  Kira stands 33” tall, and was sculpted using original hair and beading from original The Dark Crystal production.

Animazing Gallery
54 Greene Street, New York, NY 10013

NYC – The Godfather of Batman

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Neal Adams signs on October 21st, 2010 from 6-9pm.

The Godfather of Batman will be revealing a new Batman comic at Animazing Gallery!  Adams will be signing copies of his new BATMAN comic book.

Over 50 new original pieces, including the cover and pages from the new book, will be on display.

 Animazing Gallery
54 Greene Street, New York, NY 10013

NYC – Two Guys Named Joe Signing

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John Canemaker, the head of animation at NYU and author of numerous classic animation books, returns to Animazing Gallery in SoHo on September 25th, from 2-6 pm to debut and autograph his new book. Two Guys Named Joe is about two of Disney’s most important conceptualist artists who impacted the creative design on animated and stop-motion films at Disney Studios from Snow White to Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas and The Corpse Bride.

 This fully illustrated hardcover book is a wonderful artistic biography about Joe Grant and Joe Ranft, and a MUST for every animation library.

Animazing Gallery
54 Greene Street, New York, NY 10013

NYC – Stan Lee Gallery Show

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Stan Lee will be the guest of honor at a gallery event featuring AMAZING original, and newly released artwork.

Mr. Lee will be signing art purchased at the show.

October 9, 2010 – 7pm – 10pm

RSVP required (email (rsvp@animazing.com), and we will put you on the guestlist; please include your name and the number of people in your party).

Animazing Gallery
54 Greene Street, New York, NY 10013

NYC – The Streets Exhibition

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Ralph Bakshi will return to Animazing Gallery in SoHo for a reception where his altogether new series of fine art paintings will be debuted in an exhibition entitled The Streets. This bold series of mixed-media construction/paintings was inspired by the gritty and colorful neighborhoods of Bakshi’s youth in lower Manhattan and Brooklyn.

MoCCA, New York’s Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art, and Bill Plympton will present a lifetime achievement award to Mr. Bakshi at the opening reception on Friday, March 19th, from 6-9PM (by invitation). A public meet and greet reception takes place on Saturday March 20th, 2-5PM. Admission is free and open to the public. Exhibition runs through May 15th. Animazing Gallery is located at 54 Greene Street at Broome in SoHo. Hours of operation are Mon-Sat 10AM-7PM and Sun 11AM-6PM. For more information log onto www.animazing.com or call 212-226-7374.

Throughout an artistic career spanning more than half a century, Ralph Bakshi’s secret passion has always been fine art. Although he has become a renowned film director, Bakshi has remained a sedulously dedicated self-taught painter, and this body of work is as sophisticated as his films are outrageous. The Artist has created multi-media pieces that are emotionally layered works, and clearly a departure from his past figurative works. Bakshi builds up his surfaces with elements of wood, nails, and other found objects. The artist deconstructs the sculptural elements at some point during the process, and then uses the ravaged sculpture as a canvas, continuing to paint and repaint the accumulating textures, going deeper and deeper into what he thinks he sees. In this ongoing process of building up and taking away, Ralph transforms his reality into sculptured abstraction. Inspired by every single memory of his life in Lower Manhattan and Brooklyn, the Artist produces work that is as gritty, colorful, and dynamic as New York. Bakshi’s paintings are derived from a lifetime of loving the artistic peeling of the paint on old Brownsville walls; the play of sunlight on their surfaces that changed them every few minutes. These paintings are the closest thing to realism that Ralph can imagine, although they appear to be abstract.

Ralph Bakshi is a legend in the world animation. His controversial and cutting edge films have secured a place in the historical archives of many museums, including the Whitney and MoMA, because they raised a generation’s social consciousness with the raw, creative and artistic genius that was larger than life on the big screen. Bakshi was raised in the Brownsville area of Brooklyn, and displayed artistic talent before he was old enough to go to school. Graduating high school with an unprecedented “Award in Cartooning,” at eighteen years old Bakshi was given an entry level position at the Terrytoons animation studio. He promoted himself quickly to animator by commandeering an empty desk, and by the time he was 28, Bakshi was Creative Director of the studio. He created shows like Mighty Mouse, Heckle & Jeckle, Deputy Dawg, and later Spider-Man for Paramount Studios. After this, Bakshi produced his first theatrical animated feature, a down-and-dirty X-rated adaptation of Robert Crumb’s “underground” comic strip Fritz the Cat. Bakshi’s next feature, Heavy Traffic was even more outrageous, but won acclaim from both film and art critics. Next was Coonskin, a savage attack on Hollywood racial stereotypes. In 1977, Bakshi released Wizards, then Lord of the Rings. In 1980 he animated jazz music with American Pop, and afterwards Hey, Good Lookin’; a nostalgic glance at 1950s street gangs. After Fire and Ice in 1983, Bakshi retreated to his studio, painting every day for nearly 10 years, before resurfacing in 1987 with the brilliant TV series of Mighty Mouse, directed by Bakshi’s protégé, John Kricfalusi (of Ren & Stimpy fame). In 1992, Bakshi returned to the Big Screen with Cool World, a combination of animation and live action starring Brad Pitt and the voice of Kim Basinger, among others.

ABOUT ANIMAZING GALLERY | Since 1984, Animazing Gallery has showcased a unique collection of original and limited edition works, including animation, great American illustration art & fine art that indulges the senses and emotions with color, playfulness and beauty. For more information about Animazing in New York or France visit animazing.com

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Animazing Gallery, SoHo | 54 Greene St. NY, NY 10013 | 212.226.7374

NYC – Imaginary Realism

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Daniel Merriam signs on Dec 5th

Daniel Merriam signs on Dec 5th

Renowned as a pioneer of the Imaginary Realism movement, painter Daniel Merriam will join us during our special Collector’s Event on Saturday evening, December 5th. You are invited to this lovely event, so please RSVP if you would like to be on our guest list.  We will debut a collection 10 new paintings, plus 18 more that have just arrived from the Chateau Belcastel in France where they were on exhibit.

Additionally, see a new graphic entitled Madame Blanche (inspired by the beautiful ghost of the chateau!)

Animazing Gallery | www.animazing.com | 54 Greene St. NY NY 10013 | (212)226-7374 | RSVP@animazing.com