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Space 242 exhibits work from Alyssa Adams, Brian Patrick Adams, Stephen Andersen, Marietta Apoloino, Amanda Atkins, Jessica Baer, Allison Bamcat, Josh Baptista, EJ Barnes, Jeff Bartell, Sean Bixby, Jade Bojkovik, Lindsey Boss, Craig Bostick, Kristin Boucher, Matt Brecke, Rocco Bittelari, Scott Bruns, Kwesi Budu-Arthur, Kevin Burney, Alex Carlson, Keenan Cassidy, David Christopher, Amanda Clarke, Derek Coss, Allison Cowell, Michael Crockett, Ed Curran, Mary Curtin, Lauren Curtis, Mick Cusimano, Kelly Davidson, R Davis, Joseph Dellgatta, Sarah Dolan, Ryan Dubois, Christopher Elsasser, Empire SNAFU, Enid Esmond, Jyll Ethier-Mullen, Logan Faerber, Jamie Fales, Lori  Faridi , Andy Fish , Ashley Freeland, Michael Georgeson, Matt Gilpin, Darren Goldman, Tom Grady, Brian Gubicza, Julian Guzman, Veronica Hebard, Ariele Hertzoff, Jeff Horwatt, Olivia Ives-Flores, Andrew Jacob, Jason Kan, Patt Kelley, Nicole Kelly, Sarah Kim, Derek Kouyoumjian, Scott Lefton, Jennifer Lewis, Vanessa Ly, Nathalie Magri, Bob Maloney, John Maneval, Geoff Marian, Joey Mars, Joanna Matuck, Greg Mautafis, MCA/Evil Design, Matt McKee, William McKee, Jacob Miller, Gregery Miller, Edward Monovich, Tyler Moran, George Motta, Judi Muscara Orfanos, Jane O’Hara, Greg Orfanos, Dana Pearson, Rhonda Ratray, Doug Richardson, Derek Ring, Britany Rode, Heather Rose, Caitlin Ryan, Felisia Sainz, Toni Lee Sangastiano, Jacob Santa-Cruz, Evan Scannell, Jermey Schultz, Lisa Scollan, Jessica Scott, Walter Sickert, KrisSmith, Robert Stearns, Lydia Stein, KenStewart, Stones, Cole Swaveley, Adam Swinbourne, Jared Tharpe, Paul Timmons, Tom Torrey, Katherine Waddell, Paul Weiner, Aaron White, Bob Wilson, John Wiltshire, Christopher Wright, and Sojung Yu.

Join them for an opening on Friday May 7th from 6-8pm.

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SPACE 242, 242 E. Berkeley Street, Boston, MA 02118

MA – AIB Senior Illustration Show

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Glovebox and the Fort Point Artist Community are sponsoring this year’s AIB illustration exhibition, featuring alumni and student work!

Artists include:

AIB Graduating Seniors:
Valerie Arruda, John Blanchette, Mary Curtin, Shane Depina, Ashley Henry, Marco Jimenez, Larissa Kimball, Robert Knowles, Roseanna Lane, Laura Mauriello, Rima Rahal, Alec Strickland, Andrea York, James Zink.

AIB Alumni:
Amanda Atkins, Kate Castelli, Ellen Crenshaw, Russ Gossett, Kevin Hebb, Keith MacLelland

Tuesday, March 23, 2010 ~ 6:00pm – 8:00pm

Midway Studios, 15 Channel Center Street, Boston, MA

MA – Final Fridays

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Dirty Duality/Gramps & Scamps/The Foxtrot Code


SPACE 242 , Boston’s lowbrow destination, proudly announces its August 2009 exhibitions: DIRTY DUALITY featuring new work by Scott Murry; GRAMPS & SCAMPS, featuring new work by Ellen Crenshaw; and THE FOXTROT CODE, featuring new work by Amanda Atkins. The exhibition, on view August 28 through September 18, features a variety of new work by these three illustration artists. The opening reception, Friday, August 28, runs from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. in Boston’s South End, 242 E. Berkeley Street, 2nd floor (between Albany Street and Harrison Avenue). The artists will also host an artist talk Tuesday, September 15, from 7:00 to 8:00p.m. RSVP required for attendance at either event at Regular gallery hours are Friday evenings, 6:30-8pm, and by appointment. No RSVP is necessary for visiting during regular gallery hours.

Scott Murry
Murry works in a variety of mediums (pencil, Micron pen, watercolor, colored pencil), but prefers acrylic paints. He most favors “wood stumps and panel surfaces, due to their smooth surface, but rich, textural grains.” His work is largely character based, presented in a humorous manner, depicting apathetic expressions. This exhibition, Dirty Duality, according to Murry “focuses on the duality of characters. There is a public persona that everyone chooses to present, but there is also another side. There are habits, guilty pleasures, and secrets that aren’t always openly shared.” This body of work will show both sides of characters. Murry cites influences including Jeff Soto, Shag, Michael Sieben, Picasso, Egon Schiele, punk rock, smut, and Sesame Street. He has shown in the Boston area, as well as in Los Angeles and Cincinnati. He studied at both the Art Academy of Cincinnati, and the Art Institute of Boston, earning his B.F.A. in Illustration. Originally from Ohio, Murry, a designer and illustrator for The Weekly Dig and Beer Advocate, lives in Boston with his fiancé and cat, Waffles.

Ellen Crenshaw
Her first solo exhibition, Gramps & Scamps is a survey of Crenshaw’s illustration work. According to the artist “It’s a showcase of quirky characters in silly, sometimes awkward situations.” Inspired by imperfect people, she tries to “infuse a bit of gracelessness in my characters—like the nose is too big, or the haircut is geeky, or the proportions are off.” Most of her illustration is fairly innocent, although according to her “I do have a healthy fascination with sex and violence, which at times shows in my work.” Crenshaw works primarily in brush-and-ink and watercolor on hot press watercolor paper. “I like the finality of watercolor,” she notes, “if you put a color down, you can’t take it back. It allows for thoughtful, deliberate painting, with some happy (or not-so-happy) accidents. It also panders to my impatience, as it is so quick-drying.” Crenshaw cites influences including comedy, history, fashion, animals, PBS, Peter de Seve, Chuck Jones, Craig Thompson, Dupuy and Berberian, Graham Annable, Jen Wang, and Tom Barrett. She has exhibited in Massachusetts and Florida, and her artwork has been published in The White Eagle, The Weekly Dig, The Sketch Report, and upcoming issues of Inbound #4. She studied visual arts at Dreyfoos School of the Arts, and earned her B.F.A. in illustration at The Art Institute of Boston at Lesley University (Suma Cum Laude), where she helped teach Conceptual Development. Originally from North Palm Beach, Florida, Ms. Crenshaw resides in East Boston.

Amanda Laurel Atkins
In The Foxtrot Code, most of Atkins’ paintings depict curious women in elaborately filled, wallpapered, and decorated rooms, often with an animal companion. According to the artist, “I want viewers to wonder what lies beyond the borders of the painting, what the characters are thinking and doing, and to vicariously feel the joy of the characters’ surroundings.” Primarily, she paints with acrylic on masonite, which according to Atkins “it creates a something-you-can-hold-in-your-hands feeling.” Atkins sites influences including Michael Sowa, John Currin, and Ray Caesar. A great lover of books, and also a writer, she also finds inspiration in trees, notebooks, dresses, real and plastic animals, opera stage sets and clipper ships. Additionally, when not painting, she works in sculpture as well as illustration. She has exhibited her work regionally, including the Teeny Tiny Art Show in Portsmouth, NH, and last year, was a featured artist at Glovebox’s One Art Show, benefiting One Home Many Hopes. Her artwork has been featured as album art for the musical group Jerry Fish and The Mud Club. Ms. Atkins earned her B.F.A. from The Art Institute of Boston at Lesley University.

SPACE 242’s August exhibitions are sponsored in part by Southern Comfort, Harpoon, The Weekly Dig, and ArtScope Magazine

SPACE 242 | 242 E. Berkeley Street, 2nd Floor | Boston | MA | 02118