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  • LA Sequential Con Schedule

    Hello all!

    There are some very exciting events going on in the comic book world, and I’ll be attending a few events to close out this year strong! Please let me know if you guys are attending any of these events!

    September 19: LA Comic Book and SciFi Convention
    September 21: Superman/Batman Apocalypse Screening @ Paley Center
    September 24: Guillermo Del Toro signing @ Dark Delicacies (tentative)
    September 26: West Hollywood Book Fair
    October 29-31: Long Beach Comic Con
    November 19-22: CTN

    And to start the 2011 year off right, I will be attending the first big con of the year, The Amazing Arizona Comic Con! This con (Jan. 8-9) is chock full of big name guests, with some of the hottest writers in comics, including Robert Kirkman, Jeph Loeb, Victor Gischler, and John Layman! Don’t miss out!

    Come out and say hello to me at any of these events! For those interested in CTN as well, I am including this discount code! Receive 10% off just by inputting this code in prior to purchasing your ticket!

    The code is: CONSCNX10

    Hope to see you guys there!

    SDCC 2010 Con Report

    San Diego Comic Con is a convention unlike any other. With movie studios vying for fans to clamor their booth, with comic companies vying to get your attention with various creator signings, and with stores competing against each other for your money, San Diego is a perfect mix of chaos and pop culture. Every year, thousands make the trek out to see some of the biggest stars in Hollywood talk about their latest projects or to meet some of their favorite writers and artists. Others love to enjoy the cosplay, and some just come to witness the insanity on the show floor.

    This Comic Con was my 6th year at Comic Con, and I was used to the hustle and bustle of the show, perhaps even feeling jaded and definitely taking it for granted. But going to the press panels and roundtables, meeting some of the stars of big movies and TV shows, I had to admit I felt a little star struck and felt the buzz that I used to have going to the show for the first time in a very long time.

    Here are some pictures I took there, so for those that couldn’t come, it’s like you came along with me on the journey!

    Line for tickets. Holy moley.

    Line for Hall H for Tron. Insane. Longer than Twilight last year.

    Tron press panel!

    Bruce Willis and Helen Mirren for Red! Amazing.

    Bruce Willis and Karl Urban strike a pose before leaving Red press panel.

    Helen Mirren showing off her Harvey Pekar shirt.

    Super Size Me's Morgan Spurlock signing at the Dark Horse booth!

    Laurie Holden and Emma Bell for Walking Dead!

    Frank Darabont and Greg Nicotero talk about the Walking Dead.

    Jon Bernthal, Andrew Lincoln, and Sarah Wayne Callies answer questions about the Walking Dead.

    Adam Hughes did head sketches for donations. Awesome hat.

    Phil Noto working on a beautiful Supergirl painting.

    Me meeting Joss Whedon, director of the Avengers!

    The throne of Odin sent straight from the set of Thor. Amazing.

    Double Eisner winner, Skottie Young! Very double rainbow.

    While walking to the Resident Evil press roundtable, I stumbled across this room. What's with this crowd?

    Oh. It's Ryan Reynolds for Green Lantern! Wow!

    Blake Lively for GL. Very beautiful.

    Mark Strong, GL's very own Sinestro.

    Blake Lively strikes a pose.

    After that, onto interviewing Paul Anderson, director of Resident Evil.

    Ali Larter for Resident Evil. Had a beautiful pregnancy glow. Radiant.

    Showing off the baby bump.

    Wentworth Miller for Resident Evil. Extremely intelligent and well spoken.

    Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston sign for lucky fans at the Marvel booth!

    Thor helmets.

    GL team of Geoff Johns and Ivan Reis!

    Marvel signing for Captain America with Hugo Weaving and Chris Evans!

    Captain America's shield!

    Frank Miller at the Dark Horse booth!

    And what’s a con without a little cosplay? Here are some of the costumes that I saw walking around.

    Deadpool and Black Cat.

    Oompa Loompa!


    Star Wars chicks.


    Batman and Robin.

    Batman sans cape.

    His cape folded out! Pretty cool costume.

    Only in Comic Con...

    No words...

    Zatanna! Looc!

    I don't know what that is.

    DC's most dysfunctional couple.

    A hot reporter gets in on the act...

    A white hot Phoenix. Pun intended.

    Now onto some cool booths that I saw…


    GI Joe!


    Hawaii 5-0 girls outside. In the freezing cold. Felt bad for them.

    I have the power!!!!

    Optimus outside.

    Iron Man set up.


    My Little Pony.


    Harry Potter built in Legos.

    Who you gonna call? Ghostbusters!

    R2-D2 and C-3PO in Legos.


    Kermit the Frog here!

    Walking Dead booth. Awesome!

    Aliens hatching!

    Dora the Explorer.

    Lifesize Fathom statue. Beautiful.

    Prettiest booth babe: Female Green Lantern.

    From Comic Con, LA Sequential signing off!

    Anime Expo 2010 Part 2!

    Here’s more pics from Anime Expo 2010!





    Do not piss me off.






    Awesome artwork.


    Red Bull gives you wings.




    Wrong con bro. San Diego is in 3 weeks.


    Stop touching me!




    I don't know what's going on here.


    We wear the same glasses.


    Nuff said.


    We don't bite...


    I can think of one wish right now...












    Independence day.




    Death Note!


    Dude where's my bike?


    Cutest gator I've ever seen...


    Starscream says come back next year!

    Anime Expo 2010 Part 1!

    I will be the first to admit I know nearly nothing about anime. It’s a huge culture that seems to be growing leaps and bounds, but I’ve been firmly stuck in the comic book world. However, I had the opportunity to check out Anime Expo 2010 and while I didn’t go visit many of the exhibits, I did get to experience cosplay in a whole other level. Here are all the costumes that I managed to snag pictures of. Be warned, it’s a lot of pictures. Because there’s so many pictures (almost 200!), I will split this into 2 articles. The 2nd will be up tomorrow! Please comment which ones were your favorite!

    The first costume I saw walking up to Anime Expo.

    X-Men and Iron Man join forces in the front of the main hall.

    Line for tickets.

    Looking down from the escalators.

    Beware dudes with signs.

    Vic signing for the fans.

    Artist Alley.

    So smooth and shiny...

    Craziest couple...


    Kenshin, I believe.




    What doesn't look right about this picture???

    Darth Maul being mean.

    Wolfpack of 5.

    Even R2-D2 got in the act.

    Singer draws a huge crowd.

    Awesome gloves.

    Best costume ever. The thing glowed on a camera flash. Amazing.

    Show off.



    Dude, I don't know. I'm just a statue.

    I challenge Kobe to a duel!

    I look so hot in those pose.


    Anime Expo is a family event!

    Come back for part 2!

    E3 2010 Recap

    July 4, 2010 by  
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    I had the opportunity to spend a day at E3 at LA’s Convention Center, and I have to say, after attending the event for the previous 2 years, it seemed a bit smaller in scale that before. I got a chance to test out the DCU MMO game (looking forward to it!), and also got a chance to check out all the booths (and booth babes!). Please forgive me for the picture overload, but without further ado, here it is!

    Welcome to E3!

    Virgin had a great display in front of the LACC hall.

    A pretty lady giving out cold drinks on a hot day. Brilliant.

    FIFA booth actually playing live games for the crowd.

    Fifa's Booth Babes. Wow.

    Halo display.

    More booth babes in the West Hall area.

    I wouldn't mind being arrested by them...

    More random booth babes...

    A crazy bear....

    Nyko booth babes.

    Another Sony Online booth babe.

    More random booth babes.

    Stormtroopers abound...

    Battlestar Galactica displays.

    Forsaken World Booth Babes.


    The DCU game will have exclusive art drawn by the master, Jim Lee!

    Chuck tests out new products at E3!

    Jim Lee introducing the crowd to the DCU trailer!

    People playing Marvel vs. Capcom 3!

    THQ Booth Babes.

    Battle Golums running around THQ.

    Booth babes for as ring card girls.

    Booth babes pose as referees.

    Tron Legacy booth. Best visual displays of E3.

    Sonic the Hedgehog display at E3.

    Awesome Harry Potter Lego display.

    Gotta go now! Off to Sesame Street...

    Los Angeles Rock’n Comic Con 2010 Photo Report

    On May 28-30, 2010, the Rock’n Comic Con took place at the Pasadena Convention Center. I admit I had my trepidations about this con, as there was a lack of communication going in, and I could tell that it wasn’t as organized as any other show I’ve attended.

    After getting my wrist band to the show, I saw a couple of vendors, but very few. A lot of them were booths promoting smaller artists, and in the middle of the show floor was a big set up by Desert Wind Comics, which set up the autograph sessions for Stan Lee, and also features artists J. Scott Campbell and Bob Layton. Bill Sienkiewicz was also near the booth as well, and while it was great for the few attendees that did show up, it was a bit disappointing to see a potentially great show not live up to its potential. Whether it was due to the Memorial Day holiday weekend or because of a lack of other big name comic writers and artists who might have been attending Phoenix Con, it was definitely a show that could have been a lot better. With a great venue in a great city, I think it definitely deserves another shot at redemption.
    Now onto some photos:

    Welcome to Pasadena Comic Con!

    Cool rolling ball in the front of the lobby.

    Pirates want your money for their loot.

    Pirates waiting for the show to open.

    Show floor before it opened.

    Cosplay Star Wars characters.

    Bob Layton receives a gift and is "stark" excited about it!

    Stan "The Man" Lee directs crowd control.

    Eager fans wait in line for Stan.

    J. Scott Campbell arrives for his small mob of fans as Joe Benitez greets him.

    Desert Wind Comics personnel, Stan Lee, Michael Papajohn, Bob Layton, Joe Rubenstein, J. Scott Campbell and Joe Benitez strike a pose.

    J. Scott Campbell having a fanboy moment with Stan Lee, who compliments his beautiful artwork.

    Bill Sienkiewicz working on his commission list at his booth.

    My prize piece of the weekend. All was not lost! Hopefully, Pasadena gets to redeem 2011!

    Wizard World Anaheim 2010!

    On April 16-18, 2010, while C2E2 was going on in Chicago, Gareb Shamus brought his Wizard World show to Anaheim. While I was a bit skeptical at the number of people who would attend this event due to the overwhelming talent going to C2E2, I was genuinely surprised at how well run the show was. There was something for everyone at this show, from shopping, to seeing the myriad of celebrities attending the event, to Artist Alley, where art collectors were able to snag some great art at very affordable prices. Everyone was very approachable, and even the celebrities had a good time, most taking in and enjoying their first comic convention. With the success of this show, I can only hope that Wizard World Anaheim can come by next year to hopefully bring more talent to this great show! Here’s a look at some of the highlights from this show:

    Attendee line for the event.

    Crowds anxiously lining up on Saturday to see the stars!

    People already shopping around as soon as I got on the show floor on Friday afternoon.

    Feed your inner geek!

    A look at the show floor from a broader perspective. Nice and spacious.

    Artist Alley. A lot of art collectors had a great time this weekend!

    Todd Nauck putting the finishing touches on one of his first commissions at the show.

    One of the more creative booths in Artist Alley.

    Phil Jimenez debating if his sign was good enough (it was).

    Phil working on a beautiful Zatanna sketch!

    Simon Bisley working on a Lobo commission.

    Glenn Fabry, looking through an attendee's sketchbook.

    Fan favorite Rob Liefeld churning out sketches for his fans, including this sweet Lady Deadpool.

    Stan "The Man" Lee signed autographs for lucky raffle winners.

    Mike Mayhew sells a sketchbook at his booth in Artist Alley.

    Artist Joel Gomez working on a Harley Quinn.

    R2-D2 and crew hanging out. Very popular with the kids.

    Adam West and Burt Ward signing for the fans. An extremely crowded line throughout the show for the original Batman and Robin!

    The Batmobile!

    Not to be outdown, the Mist Mobile was also parked nearby!

    Brent Spiner pointing to a blanket while Levar Burton looks on. Also another crowd pleaser was the Star Trek crew, including William Shatner!

    Ted Raimi signing autographs!

    Up star Ed Asner walks through Artist Alley to sign at his table.

    Kevin Sorbo chatting up with Jewel Staite at the show. Kinda cool watching celebrities interacting with one another.

    Eureka's Neil Grayston and the lovely DeAnna Pappas pose for a picture.

    And of course, what show would not be complete without booth babes and cosplay characters? Here are some of the best ones I saw:

    Hula hoops rock!

    Sweet Venom girls offering free drinks for attendees.


    Do you feel lucky?

    Go ahead... make my day!

    Where's Adam West?

    Holly Marie Combs and Shannen Doherty charmed me into coming back next year!

    And so did DeAnna Pappas. Hope to see you guys next year!

    Wondercon 2010!

    Wondercon 2010 took place on April 2-4, 2010, at the Moscone Center in San Francisco. Run by the same company that runs San Diego Comic Con every year, Wondercon is paced a bit differently. It’s not as flashy, and it’s not as big as it’s big brother show, but Wondercon really captures a great comic convention, with just enough presence from the media to satisfy any visitor. It’s a well run show in a great location, and is one of my favorite shows every year. The only gripe I had about the show this year was the very uncooperating weather, but it wasn’t enough to dampen my enthusiasm for the show. Now, onto the wonders of Wondercon!

    Wondercon Ticket Line. The excitement begins!

    DC Main man Fletcher scheduling artists and writers for the DC booth.

    IDW and Dark Horse booths standing out through the crowds of Wondercon.

    Artist alley, home of my money.

    The dance booth, one of the most popular booths at the show.

    David Finch pleasing the fanboys with his artistic skill.

    Meeting Adam Baldwin at the autograph area was SWEET. Chuck me.

    Brent Spiner signs autographs for fans at the autograph booth.

    And of course, what good is a con without cosplay? Here are some of the best ones I saw…


    Stop poking me!

    Dude, you need a tic tac.


    Ok. Let's just shake on it and move on dude.


    I'm lost.

    Best costumes of the show.

    DC main man Geoff Johns signing for the fans.

    Progress on the 4 sketches.

    My sketch! Sweet!

    See you next year!

    Long Beach Comic Con Part Deux

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    Long Beach Comic Con had a one day show to celebrate the success of it’s inaugural show. For a one day show, and a smaller venue, I was very shocked by the amount of creators that came to the show. Mike Mignola, Phillip Tan, Tim Bradstreet, Dustin Nguyen, Stan Sakai, Joe Benitez, Todd Nauck, Ebas, and many more artists and writers came out for this surprising busy show. With strong retailer presence and the star power with many comics creators, this show was a huge success.

    Back to the Future car greets LBCC visitors.

    Star Wars Car with Yoda.

    KITT makes an appearance at LBCC.

    Just a really nice car parked next to the theme cars.

    R2D2 zooms by the show floor.

    Aspen greets visitors as they walk through the door.

    Todd Nauck's line starts to form in the morning. His line was steady throughout the whole day.

    Booths attract buyers. Great deals all around!

    Phillip Tan happily draws a commission.

    Stan Sakai calculates his sale to a customer.

    Aspen's Frank Mastromauro and JT Krul share a laugh at LBCC.

    Steve Niles organizes his trades for shoppers.

    Letterer extraordinaire Richard Starkings sign Elephantmen books.

    Mike Mignola sketches away at LBCC.

    Ebas sketches for fans at LBCC.

    Cosplayers pose for pictures.

    Superman: I can bend adamantium shields! Cap: NOOOOOO!

    Tim Bradstreet sketches a commission at LBCC.

    My Phillip Tan commission done at the end of the show. Great ending to a great show. See you back in October!

    Long Beach Comic Con 2010 Report!

    February 15, 2010 by  
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    On October 2, 2009, the Long Beach Comic Con opened its doors to the public. With an extremely successful weekend highlighted by the appearance of Stan “The Man” Lee, LBCC decided to do a one day show for this coming Saturday, February 20th, 2010. With artists such as Tim Bradstreet, Mike Mignola and Eric Basaldua, expect this show to be an affordable experience for comic fans in the Southern California area!

    Here’s a look back to the inaugural Long Beach Comic Con!

    Golden Apple and Atomic Comics join forces as their booth greets you as you enter the LBCC doors.

    Aspen Comics also greets you near the front.

    Jim and Stan Lee sign autographs for the crowd.

    Artist Alley was packed with artists. Here, Livesay talks with a potential customer.

    Jon Bogdanove draws an awesome Doomsday.

    Talent Caldwell talks with other artists in Artist Alley.

    Mike Choi draws a sweet Wolverine for a fan.

    Shopping galore at LBCC too!

    The biggest "booth" of the show was Nintendo's booth. Here, they promote their DS.

    LBCC attendees try out the Wii Fit Plus.

    LBCC attendees having fun. Have fun this Saturday at LBCC 2010!

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