Mega con 2021 Orlando Florida 2021. This video is full of anime cosplay like Darth Vader and many other comic characters. This is a huge comic con called cosplay Megacon Orlando. Most of the footage is from megacon day 3 2021. Megacon Saturday 2021 and Megacon Orlando cosplay 2021.

This YouTube channel is STAR WARS THEMED. Come in, look around and enjoy. We’re all about THEORIES AND MORE.

Just Randee rants and raves about crazy decisions made by high executives, Producers, writers, directors and fans. He also review movies, tv series, games and everything in between in an unorthodoxed way so that it’s funny and informative. We also love Star Wars and Star Trek along with all other scifi genre. We also review each individual episode of all Star Wars and we take a in-depth look at each individual Star Wars planets, Jedi, Sith, creatures, species and governments.

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