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Booth Setup for Comic Art Live Starts Now


On the weekend of November 14-15, 2020, Comic Art Fans will host our second Comic Art Live Virtual Comic Art Convention. The first Comic Art LIVE in May was setup with you in mind because of your support of Comic Art Fans as a premium member. Comic Art LIVE is our way of thanking you for that support, and reassuring you that we’re committed to the long term success and stability of this marketplace which we all love. More than 20,000 comic art collectors attended the first show in May and we expect even larger crowds this time!

The November Comic Art Live show is FREE TO ATTEND and will open to online visitors at 1pm EST on Saturday, November 14th and close at 6PM EST on Sunday, November 15th.

Premium Members of CAF are eligible to have a Exhibitor Booth at the show to market your art for sale. Premium Members can begin the Booth Setup process from your CAF Gallery Management page. There is a box at the top of the page that you CANNOT MISS!

Please remember that when setting up as an Exhibitor we would like the artworks you post to your Booth be new to the market or priced to sell. These two points are key to ensuring the show will be another success, which guarantees that you’re going to sell artwork during the show, and Attendees are going to be buying artwork. I realize this is not going to be possible for everyone, but it was a key factor in the success of last May’s inaugural event, and I encourage you to choose the artwork you display wisely.

We also wanted to let you know that Premium Members of CAF will have 2 hours early access to Comic Art Live beginning at 11AM EST on Saturday November 14th, allowing you to purchase artwork or get on commission/sketch lists 2 hours prior to the general public! Comic Art Live will be hosted on ComicArtFans.com once again and will have separate virtual Exhibit Halls for Original Comic Art DealersCollectors who are selling artwork, Artists and Vendors related to our hobby. An Online Preview of Exhibitors will be posted a week prior to the show.

If you participated in the first show there are few changes to be made aware of. For the November show, each Exhibitor will be limited to display a maximum of 24 artworks for sale on Saturday, and 24 artworks for sale on Sunday. The first show only allowed for 18 artworks for the entire weekend. Like the first show in May, all artwork you bring to the show should be new to the market or priced to sell. All artwork must have a sale price – no “Or Best Offer” or “Make Offer” opportunities will be allowed. We’re having the two separate art drops to keep up the enthusiasm for the show for the entire weekend. The Saturday Art Drop will happen first to our Premium Members with their two hour early access, so we encourage you to release your more important pieces on Saturday. The Sunday Art Drop will also release at 11am EST, but it will be open to all Attendees.

Please be aware that the single biggest complaint from the first show was slow response times from Sellers. It wasn’t a major issue, but for those of you who might also be shopping at Comic Art LIVE in the early hours of the show, I do ask that you try to be responsive to Attendee inquiries as well.

PANELS FOR ARTISTS & ART REPS: We would like to have a live Panel track each day dedicating each hour to a single Dealer, Artist or Art Rep and their Artist(s) of choice. The panel could just be an interview, but we’d prefer each panel to focus on Art Sales. Paolo Rivera did a good panel during the first show (example), where he came with six small pre painted $150 pieces which were sold during the Panel, and an artwork he worked on during the panel was sold at the end of the panel. We are looking for creative ideas from Artists & Reps on what they’d like to do with their time. We know we cannot accommodate having a Panel for everyone, so we’re looking for the best ideas this time around. Panels need to be committed to by November 1st. We can provide the Panel Moderator if you did not want to moderate their own Panel. PLEASE CONTACT ME WITH YOUR IDEAS AS SOON AS YOU CAN!

If you are a Comic Art Rep we’ve implemented special programming allowing you to also have your artists in attendance at your booth. This those artists to display pre-drawn artwork over the general piece limit on the booth, and allow the Rep to accept commission and sketch requests during Comic Art Live on their behalf. This does require special setup on our part so if you’d like to participate in this manner please email me. There are no additional costs or obligations on an Art Rep’s part to participate in this manner and in doing so you will also be listed in our Comic Art Reps section on CAF.

Your Comic Art LIVE Booth will also provide Social Media links to allow Attendees to easily follow you on social sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and so on. A Booth can also have a Newsletter signup form to increase your newsletter recipients from our Collectors in attendance. I’ll work with each exhibitor to get the signup code from their newsletter host (mailchimp, etc). We want to add more value from the show for you than just selling art! More than 20,000 Art Collectors visited the first Comic Art LIVE, so don’t miss out on these expanded marketing opportunities for exhibitors!

If you are interested in Exhibiting or would like to attend Comic Art Live feel free to CONTACT ME for more information or to answer questions.

Bill Cox

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