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Splash Page Comic Art Announces ECCC 2020 Lineup


Press Release:

Splash Page will be setting up at Emerald City Comic Con in Seattle from March 12 – 15th, 2020 in artist alley at tables U-3 Max Fiumara, U-4 Stefano Gaudiano, U-5 Brian Thies, and U-6 Tony Akins.

Save on shipping by buying your page of original art now & have me bring it to the show for you to pick up.

Contact me now for this & commissions here:

Brian Thies is best known for his work on Predator Hunters III, Aliens Versus Predator Life and Death, Predator Life and Death, Star Wars: Legacy, The Secret Avengers, The Amazing Spider-Man, and as inker on Winter Soldier. Brian also worked with Madefire (Mono) and Valiant comics (X-O Manowar and Britannia).
Brian Thies will be drawing:

8×10″ head sketches start at $75
9×12″ bust for $125 and 3/4 Figure starting at $150 (This includes Blank Sketch Covers)
11×17″ full figure starting at $300
Additional characters are $75 each.
Optional full backgrounds are $150

Tony Akins has been penciling and inking for DC/Vertigo, contributing to the titles Jack of Fables, Fables, Hellblazer, House of Mystery and issues of Wonder Woman for The New 52 relaunch. He also inked over Matthew Roberts artwork on the Image/Skybound Creator owned series Manifest Destiny. He has a brand new creator owned book called Hundred Wolves written by Myke Cole coming out in April of this year!

Tony will be drawing pencil and inked one character Head/Shoulder Busts on 9 x 12″ art board for $175 (This includes Blanks Sketch Covers in this size slot) Additional characters are $75 each.

Stefano Gaudiano is most known as the inker on the Walking Dead over Charlie Adlard, but he has worked on numerous other artists including Michael Lark on the Ed Brubaker run of Daredevil and Gotham Central. He also worked over Trevor Hairsine on the hugely successful event book called DCeased from DC Comics.
Stefano will be drawing a zombie bust on Walking Dead blanks or (9×12 board) for $150.

He will also draw select Walking Dead or DCeased character busts on blank comics (9×12) for $200.
Remarks $30 a book.
NO charge on Raw (ungraded) comics.

I’ll also be bringing published originals from a variety of guys I represent, but if you want to make sure something is there, please contact me now.


Max Fiumara has worked for Avatar Press, Marvel, DC and Dark Horse. His titles range from Amazing Spider-man, Namor and Hulk smash Avengers to Lucifer and the zombie tale Black Gas with writer Warren Ellis. In 2008, he co-created the book Four Eyes with his Spider-man writer Joe Kelly, published by MoA and Image comics. Since 2012.

He worked for years alongside Mike Mignola in B.P.R.D having shared art duties with his twin brother Sebastian in the ongoing series Abe Sapien.

He also worked with Jeff Lemire on the Black Hammer mini sereis Doctor Star and most recently on DC’s Lucifer series, also sharing duties with his brother.

Max is doing 1 character 9 x 12″ Head & Shoulder Bust pencil & inked pieces for $250

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