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DC’s New York Comic Con 2019 Sweepstakes


Press Release:

Starting October 3rd, a wave of heroes are headed to Manhattan for an event so epic, so awesome there is but one name which can describe the events about to proceed. That’s right, a Comic Con.

New York Comic Con takes place next week from Thursday until Sunday and we’ve got a sweeps to celebrate, even if you’re not able to make it to the show (or city, state, or eastern seaboard).

This year, Harley Quinn and Ivy have been having a moment, and we figured we would let two of our most beloved girls shine in the big city with a collection of goodies showcasing a few of the reasons they are so beloved. We have comics, collectibles, toys, and more. And because it wouldn’t be fair to head to the real world place known as Gotham, we got some Batman stuff as well, including some great goodies from Rooster Teeth’s Detective Comics #27 collection celebrating Batman 08.

You can see the prizes and enter at the link. Just a quick note, as always: one entry per email, per day.

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