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IC Collectors Convention is a convention for EVERYONE that collects Toys, from Aliens to Voltron with plenty of Star Wars mixed in! Its mission is to be the first convention ever produced “By Collectors, For Collectors.” This means free parking, waters that aren’t 8 bucks, a VIP experience that doesn’t cost a fortune, many seats for sitting to talk with friends or listen to a collector’s panels. Tons of vendors, vintage toys, artists, authors, panelists, movie props, interactive activities, fun activities for kids, huge Guest Stars signing autographs, and a BAND! (It is Music City!) A Convention that will give a FREE table to costume groups, Facebook groups, or any club that grows the collecting hobby and fandom. We would be honored if you could join us:

Sept. 13th, 14th, and 15th 2019
Williamson County Expo Park, 4215 Long Ln, Franklin, TN 37064

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Williamson County AG Expo
Williamson County AG Expo, 4215 long lane
Franklin, TN 37064
United States
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Andy Herd, Simon Williamson, Clem So, Paul Markham, Tina Simmons, Mark Anthony Austin, Peter Roy, Chris Bunn, Sandeep Mohan, Bernard Collaco, Gerald Home, Nick Joseph, Stephen Costantino, Pam Rose, Lauren Roman, Sean Crawford, David Stone, Eileen Roberts, Ilia Volok, Daniel Logan, Bill Westley, Don Teems, Victor Botha, Tracy Lynn Cruz, Brian Rachfal, Steve Sansweet, Ron Rudat, Duncan Jenkins, Mike Mensinger, Ron Salvatore, Pablo Daniel Segovia, Alan Flyng, Gus Lopez, Blake Foster, Timothy Zahn, Michelle Harrison

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