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Ethan Peck Enlists in the Star Trek Cruise 2020 Celebrity Crew


Press Release:

On TV and at Sea, Ethan Peck Has Large Ears to Fill

It’s never easy to follow a legend. How can you do justice to the heroic actor who elevated Spock to rare Vulcan air?

Spock, as originated by Leonard Nimoy and re-imagined by Zachary Quinto in a trilogy of recent films, is, perhaps more so than the Enterprise herself, the primary icon associated with Star Trek. This noble hero earned the Vulcanian Scientific Legion of Honor, was twice-decorated by Starfleet Command and held an A7 computer expert classification. He was the first Vulcan to enlist in the Federation Starfleet and served aboard the U.S.S. Enterprise under Captain James T. Kirk.

Beneath his laurels, though, we came to learn that Spock was the son of Amanda, a school teacher from Earth, and Sarek, a duty-bound Vulcan diplomat. With human emotions and Vulcan discipline, Spock inherited qualities from both.

That sets the stage for our introduction to Ethan Peck, the young Spock who has large ears to fill on Star Trek: Discovery. The new Star Trek franchise, currently in Season 2 on CBS All Access, is set before The Original Series with Peck playing the beloved character that Leonard Nimoy made famous.

Peck, whose film and television credits also include That ’70s ShowThe Sorcerer’s Apprentice10 Things I Hate About YouMadam Secretary, Passport to Paris, and The Curse of Sleeping Beauty, will be making his maiden voyage on the 2020 sailing of Star Trek: The Cruise. He will be on the bridge with a star-studded crew featuring Kate MulgrewWilliam Shatner and many more. Hollywood historians should also take note that, yes, he is the grandson of Gregory Peck.

Star Trek: The Cruise IV hits the high seas in 328 days and the Voyage is already SOLD OUT. If you are still interested in joining us, don’t be discouraged from joining the Waitlist. Cancellations will happen and those on the Waitlist will be contacted first.

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