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Planet Comicon 2019’s Twenty Days of Giveaways


Press Release:

Planet Comicon Kansas City, the largest and longest-running comic book convention and pop culture event in the region, is beginning the countdown to its 20th anniversary event with twenty days of prizes, giveaways and fun. Beginning this Friday, March 9, Planet Comicon fans will enjoy exclusive social media giveaways, celebrity guest Q&A’s, countdown parties and more leading up to the 20th anniversary event taking place March 29 – 31 at Bartle Hall.

Giveaways during the twenty-day countdown include autograph and photo opportunities with celebrities including Bonnie WrightJames & Oliver PhelpsHenry WinklerDean CainWilliam ShatnerJohn Wesley ShippTom WellingMichael Rosenbaum and others! Planet Comicon Kansas City will also do giveaway packages centered around My Hero AcademiaAttack on TitanOverwatchRed Dead Redemption 2, and Detective Comics #1000!

Fans should follow Planet Comicon Kansas City’s social media pages to join in the fun. Planet Comicon Kansas City can be found on Facebook at facebook.com/planetcomiconkc and on Instagram at @planetcomiconofficial and Twitter at @PlanetComicon.

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SPECIAL RATES: We’re offering a very special discount offer to all teachers, librarians, active duty military and first responders (fire, police, EMTs): 10% OFF ALL PLANET COMICON PASSES AND MEMBERSHIPS! For additional info, visit our online ticket page and click on “Discounted Membership” beneath “Event Information” on the left side of the page.

For more information about the 2019 show, event photos, interviews and more, “Like” Planet Comicon on Facebook and follow @PlanetComicon on Twitter. Planet Comicon Kansas City is always available online at www.planetcomicon.com.

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