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Angoulême International Comics Festival Celebrates Batman’s 80th Anniversary


Press Release:

Immerse yourself in the world of the protector of Gotham City!

Urban Comics, DC Comics, Warner Bros. and the Angoulême International Comics Festival will give a pride of place to Batman who will celebrate his 80th anniversary in 2019. Shaped by many talented artists, from Bob Kane to Frank Miller, this iconic DC Super Hero left an undeniable mark on the comic book industry. This immersive and playful exhibition offers you to visit the most famous places roamed by the most famous American vigilante.

Born after the Great Depression, the superhero genre is probably the most important literary movements of the 20th century. Originating in the 1920 and 1930’s pulp fictions, the superhero fighting justice against criminals embodies a new response to the galloping urbanization, poverty and rising crime in big cities. It gives hope to citizens and young readers exhausted by the problems of a country permanently weakened by economic crisis.

Created by Bob Kane with Bill Finger in 1939, in Detective Comics, Batman immediately stands out from his predecessor, Superman. While the Man of Steel has super powers and takes action in a colorful Art Deco costume, Batman wears a black mask and black cloak that give him quite a dark aura. He has no powers but relies on his personal fortune, his cleverness and his talent for fighting against the perversion that corrupts the city and the country. Over the decades, the character reflects the evolution of the society, its expectations and its concerns (the criminality, the ecology, the role of women, the job of politicians, and so on…).

Under the influence of a tortured psyche, evolving in a fascinating world with the skyline of megalopolis, densely populated by psychopaths and monstrous killers, Batman is, by far, the most inspiring superhero for its authors, to such an extent that he is constantly graphically and narratively redefined. From Bob Kane to Carmine Infantino, Frank Miller, Jim Lee, Greg Capullo, Scott Snyder and David Mazzucchelli, countless scriptwriters, artists and editors-in-chief have succeeded each other, playing their part in this contemporary myth that celebrated its 80th anniversary this year.

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