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Chris Claremont joins Fanboy Expo


Fanboy Expo is very excited to announce Chris Claremont will be joining us for all three days of Knoxville Comic Convention July 12-14 2019. Chris is best known for his long run as the writer for Marvel and all thing X-Men. A legend in the comic book industry, Chris is responsible for making The Uncanny X-Men into the brand it is today. Noteable characters created by Chris include: Rogue, Psylocke, Mystique, Gambit, Jubilee, Emma Frost and many more. Chris is known for his strong female characters and complex storylines. He is also responsible for scripting the “Dark Phoenix Saga” as well “Days of Future Past”. A fantastic edition to the guest line up for Fanboy Expo 2019. Tickets for Knoxville Comic Convention go on sale in a couple weeks at www.fanboyexpo.com