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NJ – Sanpaku Signing


Kate Gavino appears at Word Bookstore on Friday, August 31st at 7:30 PM to sign her new memoir, Sanpaku.

Sanpaku ​tells the story of Marcine, a woman fascinated with the Japanese idea of Sanpaku—that seeing the white around the iris of your eyes is a bad omen. But it’s everywhere Marcine looks—her grandmother has it, some classmates at Catholic school have it, JFK had it… Even Marcine might suffer from this odd condition. Eating a strict macrobiotic diet and meditating is supposed to help, but no matter how much Marcine wants it to, it can’t save her grandmother’s life or make her days at school any easier. Sanpaku deftly explores this Japanese theory through Gavino’s own Catholic, Filipino background and weaves a powerful coming-of-age story about challenging the world around you, no matter your age, to find your true self.

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