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QC – Dumb: Living Without a Voice Signing


Toronto-based cartoonist Georgia Webber appears at Librairie Drawn & Quarterly on Saturday, August 18th at 7 PM to present DUMB, a collection of comics about her experience with chronic voice loss.

Part memoir, part medical cautionary tale, Dumb tells the story of how the book’s author copes with the everyday challenges that come with voicelessness. Webber adroitly uses the comics medium to convey the practical hurdles she faced as well as the fear and dread that accompanied her increasingly lonely journey to regain her life.

Georgia Webber is a comics artist based in Toronto, Ontario. She is the Comics Editor for the online literary magazine carte blanche, and a freelance comics editor, helping other artists realize their best work. She is best known for Dumb, her autobiographical series about living with a vocal disability.

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