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Ric Meyers to Appear at the July 2018 NorthEast ComicCon and Collectibles Extravaganza


Press Release:


Ric Meyers, the man the Boston Globe called “America’s foremost expert on Asian action movies, is coming to the NorthEast Comic Con & Collectibles Extravaganza with his books, movies, comics, and more (the more being his mouth and brain — the latter that won’t stop working and the former that won’t stop moving).

Why won’t his mouth stop moving? Well, Ric Meyers is the guy who originally taught Po the Panda kung-fu way back in 2008 — both in the DreamWorks animated Kung Fu Panda movie as well as the Nickelodeon Legends of Awesomeness TV series. So — using his forty years experience, writing all the major American books on martial arts movies, contributing to more than 300 DVDs and documentaries — he’s been teaching kung-fu to anybody who’ll listen ever since.

But that’s not all he won’t shut up about. A life-long action movie fan — who has written novels and non-fiction books on science-fiction, Dirty Harry, exploitation films, ninja, TV detectives, The Destroyer, and many more — he finally couldn’t take any more stupid, boring fight scenes and created Prof. Ric’s Action Film Autopsy podcast, which ultimately resulted in a talk he gave last year to the Walt Disney Animation Studio called “The Art of Screen Action.”

So is there any way to get this guy to shut up? Well, you could watch the documentary he wrote, Films of Fury: The Kung Fu Movie Movie, which he’ll have playing constantly at his table (since the DVD version sold out at the distributor). You could also have him autograph Films of Fury: The Kung Fu Movie Book, as well as For One Week Only: The World of Exploitation Films, both of which he’ll have copies of. That should quiet him, at least for a few seconds.

Oh, and did we mention he has a passing resemblance to a certain jolly old elf who brings toys to good little girls and boys? That resemblance led to a book called Santa Confidential, illustrated by the artist of the Hagar the Horrible comic strip, Chris Browne. By total coincidence, Ric will have copies of that, too, as well as exclusive illustrated/autographed Chris Browne book plates.

It will all be there, and maybe some more (hopefully pleasant!) surprises when Ric Meyers, and his big mouth, come to the Boxboro Regency Hotel for the NorthEast Comic Con from July 6-8, 2018. Advance purchase tickets are still available, with very limited VIP Experiences left. Children 10 and under are FREE with adult supervision. Free Parking, and guaranteed not boring!