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ON – Love That Bunch Signing


Aline Kominsky-Crumb appears in conversation with writer and comedian Monica Heisey on Wednesday, April 25th at 7:00 PM.

This event is a FREE EVENT co-presentation between Drawn & Quarterly and the Church of St. Stephen-In-The-Fields. Book sales are provided by TYPE.

Pioneering feminist cartoonist Aline Kominsky-Crumb presents Love That Bunch, autobiographical comics that chronicle the raw, dirty, and unfiltered thoughts of a woman coming of age in the 1960s. Kominsky-Crumb’s darkest secrets and deepest insecurities were all the more fodder for groundbreaking stories that crackle with the self-deprecating humor and honesty of a cartoonist confident in the story she wants to tell.

Love That Bunch traces Aline Kominsky-Crumb’s life as a Beatles loving fangirl, an East Village groupie, an adult grappling with her childhood, an 80s housewife and mother, all the way up to a new 30-page story, “Dream House”, that looks back on her childhood. It is shockingly prescient while still being an authentic story of its era. Kominsky-Crumb was ahead of her time in juxtaposing the contradictory nature of female sexuality with a proud, complicated feminism. These comics thrum with anxiety and questions about femininity, identity, and family.

Aline Kominsky-Crumb was born on Long Island and is one of the most influential cartoonists of the underground era as the cartoonist behind Dirty Laundry Comics and Arcade; a contributor to Wimmen’s Commix; cofounder of Twisted Sisters; editor of the anthology Weirdo and author of the graphic memoir Need More Love. Since the 1990s, she has lived in the south of France with her husband Robert Crumb. In 2017, the David Zwirner Gallery in New York held a joint exhibition of their artwork: Aline Kominsky-Crumb & R. Crumb: Drawn Together.

Monica Heisey is a writer and comedian from Toronto. She writes for television shows like Baroness von Sketch Show and Schitt’s Creek and publishes weird little humour pieces in The New Yorker, the Globe and Mail, the Guardian, and elsewhere. Her first book, I Can’t Believe It’s Not Better, is in stores now.

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