A Personal Update and Plea

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Hi, everyone.

Many of our advertisers and promoters have been trying to get ahold of me the last couple of weeks. I don’t normally share a lof of personal information with the Convention Scene audience, but I need to offer an explanation.

Two weeks ago, my mother, Betty Pate, who has been declining health for several years, slipped into a coma. I have been out-of-town and at her beside for much of the past two weeks. My brother and I had her moved to a hospice on Thursday, where again I stayed with her around the clock, and yesterday afternoon she passed away, with my brother and I at her side.

This week we will be making funeral arrangements so things won’t get anywhere close to normal until next week.

If you have ever had to bury a loved one, you know that funerals are quite expensive, and, unfortunately, we were not fully prepared for this. Therefore, I am accepting donations towards my mother’s funeral costs. If we raise more money than we need for the funeral, the rest will be reinvested into the site towards some new features I want to add this year.

So that I can transfer the funds into my back account quickly, I am including a PayPal donation button below. So if you like the site or have ever found it beneficial to you, please contribute. If you can’t at this time, I understand and would love to your prayers as well.

Thank you.

Brian Pate, Owner
Convention Scene


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  1. […] I detailed earlier in the week, my mother passed away last week, and I am trying to get funds together for her funeral. No one has been forthcoming with donations […]


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