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NYC – Old Man Hawkeye #1 Launch Party


Writer Ethan Sacks appears at Midtown Comics Downtown on Thursday January 11, 2018 at 6:00 PM to celebrate the release of Old Man Hawkeye! This is an OPEN signing and we recommend showing up early, just to be safe. Purchase of Old Man Hawkeye #1 is mandatory; you may get up to three items signed.

Old Man Hawkeye #1:
The superheroes have fallen. The country has been divided into territories controlled by supervillains. Among the wastelands lives Clint Barton, one of the few Avengers to survive the horrors of this world. But it’s been 45 years, and he’s not the man he once was. Trying to make a living anyway he can, the former Hawkeye is confronted with a startling discovery; he’s slowly going blind. With time running short, Clint realizes there’s only one thing left for him in this world, and that’s to get revenge for his fallen comrades. Rising star Ethan Sacks and artist Marco Checchetto take you back to the Wastelands in a story set five years prior to the beginning of the now-classic Old Man Logan as the world’s greatest marksman sets his sights on surviving.

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Midtown Comics Downtown
64 Fulton Street, New York, New York 10038
(212) 302-8192

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