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SF – Nightlights Signing


Lorena Alvarez appears all the way from Colombia at Comix Experience on Saturday, March 18, 2017 to celebrate the release of Nightlights!

She will be signing the book before we have the meeting for the Comix Experience Graphic Novel Club. If you would like to join the discussion you can sign up and get more details on the club at www.graphicnovelclub.com

About Nightlights:
Every night, tiny lights appear out of the darkness in Sandy’s bedroom. She catches them and creates wonderful creatures to play with until she falls asleep, and in the morning she brings them back to life in her whimsical drawings. When a mysterious new girl appears at school, Sandy’s drawings are noticed for the first time… but Morfie’s fascination with Sandy’s talent soon turns into something far more sinister.

Blending the reality of a strict Catholic school with a young girl’s boundless imagination, Nightlights is a beautiful story about fear, insecurity, and creativity, from the enchanting mind of Lorena Alvarez.

About Lorena:
She is a freelance illustrator from Bogotá, Colombia. Her work reflects her interest in color language and her willingness to experiment with diverse techniques and concepts.She’s made illustrations for children’s books, independent publications, advertising and fashion magazines.

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