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PA – Frankenstein’s Monster Goes to Oz Signing


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Amalgam is proud to welcome Joshua Toritto & Matthew Dennion the creative team behind the imaginative children’s book, “Frankenstein’s Monster Goes to Oz”. Join us for a reading and signing on Saturday, Sept. 24th starting at noon!

Joshua Toritto is an artist who received his education through the Perkins Center of the Arts. As he finds most modern cartoons and portraits to be somewhat lacking in the simplicity or humor that their predecessors possessed, Joshua’s overall style and feel to each piece, in a sense, serves as a means of remedying this, yet still exhibit a unique, rawer look about them. Joshua hopes that by creating such artwork, he fills all those who look upon it with a simple joy and nostalgia for art of yesteryear.

Matthew Dennion is a kaiju author who writes across multiple venues. He is most well-known for wiring kaiju novels for Severed Press Publishing. His novels include Chimera Scourge of the God, Operation R.O.C., Atomic Rex, and Polar Yeti. He has also launched the Watchtower Universe with his friend and illustrator John Opal with the novella The Kaiju and the Crime Fighter. Matthew has written stories for the Kaiju Tales section for G-fan magazine for the past three years. For the past two years, he has written the Gfantis vs “Guest Monster” series for G-fan in which Gfantis has battled the original kaiju of other author’s novels/comics. Matthew also writes short stories for Black Coat Press featuring characters like Captain Nemo, Arsene Lupin, Allan Quartermain and other public domain characters. You can follow him on Facebook and at his website www.matthewdennion.com

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