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UK – Let’s Talk Intersectionality: Feminism and Comics


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Gosh! Comics is excited to announce our next Let’s Talk Intersectionality: Feminism and Comics with a focus on androcentrism and the male gaze. It will be Monday, September 26th from 7-9pm. We have two great guests to help us get our heads around this subject: comic creators Amber Hsu and Ramsey Hassan.

Androcentrism is the idea that history and culture are filtered through a man’s point of view, in a way that seems universal and ‘normalised’. This is still too often the case in comics and culture, although things are changing! How can we obscure the male gaze? How can we fight the idea that comics and culture is often defaulted to a male perspective, with the assumption of a universal character and reader being a straight, white cisgender man? How can we insist on room for other identities and genders in ways that does ‘other’ them but actually reflects the diverse audience and creators in comics and culture? Join in us lamenting the still present male gaze in comics and celebrating all the work that counters it, subverts it and smashes the patriarchy.

Let’s Talk Intersectionality is a reading and discussion group that explores feminist texts and issues from an intersectional perspective. Gosh! hosts a regular edition of Let’s Talk Intersectionality every few months. This month, we’ll have some brief presentations and provocations about intersectional issues in comics, discussing androcentrism and the male gaze and then we’ll break up in small groups to chat. Co-hosted by Lauren Murphy, Lisa Woynarski and Nora Goldberg, with two brilliant guests to give us some provocations and hear some of their insights on these topics.

Amber Hsu is a Chinese-born, US-raised, UK-based writer and artist. In 2012 she won a place in the Society of Children’s Book Writers & Illustrators Undiscovered Voices Anthology and 3×3 Magazine’s Illustration Show Annual. She has exhibited photography, drawings, and sculpture in the US, UK and abroad. She is also a writer and has been on writing attachment at the National Theatre Studios and was recently commissioned by the Royal Court Theatre. She is the Editor and Creative Director of Tiny Pencil, an independent anthology artzine and press.

Ramsey Hassan/RAMZEE is a regular contributor at our Process and Goship events, and recently self-published his debut collection of three 5-page stories, Triangle. He recently released Zorse, a story about refugees and asylum seekers told from the point of view of a curious kid who becomes fascinated by Kamal, a new member of his class that is newly arrived in the U.K. from Somalia. Ramsey will be speaking about the cisgender, white, heteronormative patriarchal influence on comics and culture and the way that influence allows only certain stories to be told in the mainstream.

No prior knowledge of comics necessary. All welcome.

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