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Retr-O-Rama Collectibles Show (August 2014)


Retr-O-Rama Collectibles Extravaganza

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Retr-O-Rama Collectibles
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Retr-O-Rama Pop Culture Collectibles Show is

Returning to Jacksonville on

Sunday, August 10th, 2014!


We Got the Fishing Nets Ready and we caught Ricco Browning the last Original Universal Monster! Our Celebrity Guest of Honor, at the next Retr-O-Rama Pop Culture Collectibles Show returning to Jacksonville on Sunday, August 10, 2014!

This is an old school, in person collectibles show with vendors who deal exclusively in vintage pop culture items. We try to make these shows fun and inexpensive so the whole family can come out and have a fun time. You will find quality toys, dolls, comic books, posters, and movie memorabilia all for sale in one room where you can view potential purchases first hand and ask questions rather than guessing at mail order Internet transactions. These knowledgeable vendors also buy vintage pieces and can help you identify items if needed.

This show is sponsored by Retrorama Collectibles and will be held at the Ramada Inn Conference Center in Mandarin located at 3130 Hartley Road, Jacksonville, FL 32257. This is right off of San Jose Blvd. and close to the I-295 exit for San Jose. Show hours are 10 AM to 4:00 PM.Early Bird Preview starts at 9:00 AM

Parking is free and advance adult general admission is $5.00 that’s 50% off through July 1st, 2014, at which time it will increase back to its regular of $10.00 per adult admission, children 12 and under are free with adult paid admission or $2.00. Please check out local businesses for our show informational flyer. Get the Weekend Package which includes a film screening of Revenge of the Creature with Ricou Browning in attendence and Early Bird Preview admission.

After the success of our previous shows, we have increased our size to the largest contiguous space the hotel has to offer over 8,000 square feet and have vendors lined up from all over Florida. Vendor tables are still available on a first come, first serve basis. Please E-mail dtuchmann@jaxretrorama.com for a copy of our vendor contract.

If you are a fan of shows like American Pickers, Storage Wars, Toy Hunter, Hollywood Treasures, Auction Hunters, or Comic Book Men then you won’t want to miss this rare opportunity to attend a true Pop Culture Collectibles show in North Florida. You will have a chance to meet knowledgeable dealers and buy, sell, trade, and browse quality vintage collectibles all in one in-door air conditioned space, rain or shine. Bring in your own items to have them identified, appraised, and even purchased by the vendors at this show with no faceless third party hassles!

Don’t miss this wonderful opportunity to revisit some of the great pop culture icons of the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and even a few 80’s and relive a little bit of every Baby Boomer’s childhood. If you remember Barbie, G.I. Joe, The Beatles, Mego, Hot Wheels, Star Wars or even He-Man then this is the show for you. If you collect movie posters, film, toys, Disneyana, records or any other vintage memorabilia then you won’t want to miss this rare chance in Jacksonville to add quality items to your collection.

For more information, please feel free to contact us at dtuchmann@jaxretrorama.com. You can also follow us on Facebook at Pop Retrorama for the latest updates or visit our website www.jaxretrorama.com to celebrate all things related to vintage pop culture!

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Ramada Inn Conference Center
3130 Hartley Rd
Jacksonville, Florida 32257
United States
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Ricou Browning, Linda Haynes, David Polk
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Collectibles shows are nothing new to the gang at Retrorama Collectibles in Jacksonville, Florida. Most of the current staff worked with a similar group, the North Florida Toy & Collectibles Association back when these types of shows were all the rage in the mid to late 90’s. Then a selling phenomenon called eBay knocked the collecting world for a loop and all Don't forget to Like Us on Facebook. but the largest and hardiest of these shows fell by wayside almost over night. It’s been over a decade since eBay overturned the landscape and some interesting changes have been on the rise. According to Retrorama co-founder Dan Tuchmann, “we found that dealers were growing tired of all the rules, regulations, and fees associated with eBay and they really missed the days of in person shows”. Sensing that the time was right in Jacksonville to bring these shows back, Tuchmann partnered up with some fellow collectors and the Retrorama Collectibles Show was born in early 2012. “It’s a different world now than it was close to twenty years ago when we started doing this the first time” said Tuchmann,“the economy is down but people are still looking for affordable entertainment they can take their families to and nostalgia shows are perfect for that.” In addition to being fun for all age groups, collectors are always going to want to collect and no amount of virtual reality on a computer can compare to actually holding an item in your hands before deciding to purchase it or not. Collectibles shows are also great places to make new friends and share information about the hobby of collecting with like-minded people. After all, most dealers are collectors themselves and everyone enjoys talking about their collection. “I consider us very fortunate to have the mix of vendors that we do” says Tuchmann “we have a lot of people who come to the show looking for information on items that they can’t find elsewhere and our dealers are always happy to help them out.” Variety also plays an important part in the Retrorama Collectible Shows so you wouldn’t be surprised to find original twelve inch G.I. Joe figures, movie posters, records, or even vintage clothing and jewelry all in the same room. With so much on display, it’s also easy to find items that fit almost any budget so young and old alike can add to their collections. While it isn’t a hard and fast rule, the Retrorama shows try to put the emphasis on vintage collectibles from before 1990. “We encourage dealers to stock quality and unique items that are least twenty to twenty-five years old or older” said Tuchmann, “we realize that popular culture can be a broad theme so we don’t mind if they have some more recent merchandise but we find that most customers at our shows are looking for the kinds of items that aren’t easily available elsewhere.” As the old saying goes, everything old is new again!