Tampa Bay Comic Con Announces Move to Tampa Convention Center for Fall 2013

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Tampa Bay Comic Con Moves to the Tampa Convention Center

Tampa Bay Comic ConApril 8th, 2013 – Less than 24 hours following astounding and sudden attendance growth and success of the April 6-7, Tampa Bay Comic Con, it was clear to the convention organizers (Action3 Events and Promotions LLC) that the previous venue was simply too small to host the rapidly growing convention. The decision was made to have the fall 2013 and spring 2014, Tampa Bay Comic Con held at the Tampa Convention Center in downtown Tampa.

The April 6-7 convention brought in attendance figures that made it impossible to host the convention in any Tampa venue other than the Tampa Convention Center. There has been much press coverage and social media buzz surrounding the April 6-7 convention, and how the attendance numbers on Sunday, April 7th were impossibly chaotic and frustrating for attendees. Saturday, April 6th brought in roughly 2,500 attendees (a then recording breaking figure for the convention) while Sunday, April 7th brought in an undetermined amount, but estimated at 4,000-5,000 attendees. Sunday’s attendance numbers played an unfortunate role, as the Tampa fire marshal would appear midday and order that ticket sales must be halted due to the venue being at capacity.

To accommodate the convention’s tremendous success and growth, the Tampa Bay Comic Con will encompass over 25,000 sqft. of Tampa Convention Center exhibitor space complete with two large breakout rooms for panels and special events. This more than doubles the size of the previous venue.

Single-day admission will remain at $15.00 for adults and FREE for kids 12 and under and two-day admission will hold at $25.00 for adults and FREE for kids 12 and under.

Please e-mail: inquiries@tampabaycomiccon.com


One Response to “Tampa Bay Comic Con Announces Move to Tampa Convention Center for Fall 2013”
  1. Michael Birchfield says:

    Please do not schedule the TBCC in the same month as other major cons. It’s diffucult to attend 2 such cons in the same month, especially with a friend who attends with me from out-of-town. It’s STUPID for cons in the Tampa Bay area to compete with one another! Please conference with the organizers of other cons in the TB area to stagger your convention dates to allow maximum attendance by fans. Even the Beatles were smart enough to stagger their record releases as to not compete with other major artists.

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