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Scene on the Web Weekly: April 1-7, 2013


Adobe will be at SDCC, Jason David Frank is headed for Boston Comic Con, and convention news and reports are here.

Scene on the Web Weekly: April 1-7, 2013

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Ka-pow! Subterfuge threatens Denver Comic Con’s beer-naming contest, the earth itselfThere are evil villains on the loose, trying to twist a naming contest for the special beer that is being brewed in honor of Denver Comic Con, coming up at the end of May.
Will #Adobe be at #SDCC? Yes, but what that means, remains to be determined! Suggest what you would like to see as I organize the fun…Daniel Presedo
Marvel Cinematic Universe: Phase 2 Previewmarvel
First time shown in public: One of my concept illustrations for Albert Hughes’ live-action AKIRA film: http://pic.twitter.com/A7q8R9qympTommy Lee Edwards
Boston comic Con. April 20,21JDFOfficialVideoPage
St. Louis Comic Con Review: A First Timer’s Wizard World ExperienceMaybe you know a "geek." Maybe you know several "geeks." Ladies and gentlemen who dig stuff like science fiction, fantasy, and most of all, superheroes, comic books, and graphic novels.
The Walking Dead and Nerd HQ take over Petco ParkQFor a second year in a row, Escape The Walking Dead will be at Petco Park during Comic-Con, and joining it for the first time will be Zachary Levi’s Nerd HQ. Pe
DC Entertainment: We Can Be HeroesGet something good. Do something great. Fight side-by-side with Batman and the Justice League to take the hunger crisis head on.
Talking comics’ future at the Asbury Park Comicon What’s next for Batman and the "Clerks"? Will ink-on-paper comic books go the way of the pterodactyl? There were no hard-and-fast answers, only educated guesses from people in the know, at the third Asbury Park Comicon held at Convention Hall in the city on Saturday.
Kleefeld’s ‘Fanthropology’ #3: Invasion Of The Con-SnatchersHow many of you were able to attend Comic-Con in 2008? There’s an interesting story that came out of that particular convention. Well, there’s interesting stories that come out from just about every Comic-Con. Quite a number of them from each, in fact.
MegaCon 2013 – The Inverse Press Report! | Inverse PressInverse Press founders and stalwarts, Kevin LaPorte & Amanda Rachels had a great weekend at MegaCon 2013, sharing the magnificence of com…
On the Scene: Unpacking comics history at the Asbury Park Comicon 2013by Peter Sanderson While WonderCon, one of the nation’s largest comics/multimedia conventions was going on in Anaheim, last Saturday New …
Pop Culture Expo in Hershey collects hobbies of all stripesThe event, held at the Granada Avenue Gymnasium in Hershey, was the brain child of USA Theaters, which hosts outdoor movie events in the …
Under the Dome – First LookSKUnderTheDome
The Donna Troy Fan In Dan DiDio’s Life – Bleeding Cool Comic Book, Movies and TV News and RumorsThose of you wishing for the return of a certain Donna Troy to the DC Universe? Maybe it shouldn’t be Dan DiDio you should be appealing t…